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Directed Experiential Learning Practicum


We are excited to announce a new course offering entitled “Increasing Impact and Performance: Directed Experiential Learning Practicum”. This Experiential course offers you the chance to earn academic credit for part-time activities such as internships, work or volunteer experience, or extracurriculars. The course focuses on bridging the gap between theory and your own hands-on experiences, developing transferable skills, and making the most of your experience.

This is a three-credit course with reduced contact hours to accommodate students' part-time activities. This page will be updated with more information when the 2024 - 2025 course schedule is finalized.

Course Requirements

All students enrolled in this course must be in their U2 or U3 year. Students must apply to the course and receive instructor approval. Applications must be submitted by the first day of class and approvals will be finalized prior to the add/drop deadline.

Application requirements include:

  • A description of the proposed internship, extracurricular, or work experience;
  • High level description of the organization;
  • Estimated weekly schedule, amounting to at least 65 hours over the course of the semester;
  • Student’s roles and responsibilities; and
  • Outside Confirmation of the activity.
don.melville [at] (subject: Directed%20Experiential%20Learning%20Practicum) (Apply here or contact to learn more)

What exactly does “part-time activity” mean?”

What types of activities count for this course?

  • Internships
  • Part-time work
  • Volunteer work
  • Extra-curricular activities in a substantial, leadership role
    • E.g. MUS, Varsity sports, or other recognized undergraduate club leadership roles would count
  • Working at an established start-up would count IF:
    • The start-up has a working business plan and demonstrated clients AND
    • There are at least 5 people involved in the start-up.

What types of activities do not count?

  • Case competitions (students should consider BUSA 399 for developing skills for case competitions)
  • An independent project
  • A new start up that does not have a working business plan or demonstrated clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in this class?
Students who have finished their U1 year may apply

What is the ideal type of activity for this course?

  • The ideal activity is one where students have some degree of familiarity with the activity and are confident they will be able to do the activity while also completing regular coursework.

  • The ideal activity is spread out over the course of the semester and allows students some flexibility in scheduling.

Where can students find more resources or help finding internships and work opportunities?
Career Management offers a number of resources for helping students find and apply for jobs, and be successful in those jobs. 

Can the activity take place during only one month of the semester, rather than spread out?
No, this is not recommended. The weekly average does not have to be exact, students may have some weeks where they spend more than 8 or fewer than 5 hours on their activity, but they should plan to be engaged in the activity throughout the entire semester.

Can the activity be more than 100 hours?
Yes, though students should be mindful of workload and must be able to attend class sessions.

Can a student be involved with two activities that together add up to the hour requirement?

  • This is handled on a case by case basis and is up to the discretion of the professor.

  • Students should not apply if they are planning on counting more than two activities.

Can a student switch activities halfway through the semester, while still meeting the hour requirement?
Yes, with approval.

Can an activity extend beyond the length of the course?
Yes, with approval that the course deliverables can still be met.

Why is there a 65 hour minimum requirement?
This is to ensure that the student is regularly and meaningfully involved in the activity.

Does the activity need to take place in Montreal?
In exceptional cases, students may attend remotely. If you have an activity that takes place outside of Montreal, contact don.melville [at] (subject: Directed%20Experiential%20Learning%20Practicum) (Don Melville).

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