Brazil Study Abroad Program

Brazil Study Abroad Program

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Earn credits from McGill University while experiencing life and learning about business in Latin America.

The four-week schedule in May 2024 will allow you to earn credit in two courses in a varied international environment and to share your culture with Brazilian students while experiencing their culture in return. The program provides ample time to get the most out of your time abroad.

About the Program 

The courses offered relate international business concepts directly to the Brazilian context and to the more general Latin American business environment. The formal program will include regular lectures, guest speakers, and visits to businesses in Montréal, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Beyond the formal program, you will learn informally by spending four weeks working and living with Brazilian students and professors. By the end of the program, you will have made many new friends and you will have lived and worked in an exciting foreign environment. 

McGill International Expertise 

The Summer School Abroad Program is part of the McGill Faculty of Management's overall international orientation. The Faculty has developed extensive student exchange programs on all levels.

International management education is one of the Faculty's highest priorities.

McGill is a long-standing member of the Partnership in International Management (PIM), a consortium of leading business schools in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


The Desautels Faculty of Management will offer two intensive courses.

ORGB 380: Cross Cultural Management (3 credits)

Instructor: alfred.jaeger [at] (subject: Brazil%20Study%20Abroad%20-%20ORGB%20380) (Alfred Jaeger)

This course addresses the dilemmas and opportunities that managers experience in international, multicultural environments – especially those related to Brazil and Latin markets. 

BUSA 356: Management in Global Context (3 credits)

Instructor: TBC

Note: An independent study may be arranged for students who have already taken either of these courses.


For further information, please contact:

Prof. Alfred Jaeger
alfred.jaeger [at]
Tel/WhatsApp: 514-424-5893

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