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Changing how we value research

The Neuro joins two other McGill-affiliated organizations in signing The Declaration on Research Assessment

The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) has joined the Douglas Research Centre (DRC) and the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform (CONP) in signing the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), an agreement that seeks to change how scholarly research contributions are valued in hiring, promotion, and funding decisions.

Published: 10 Aug 2022

Boris Bernhardt wins CAN's 2022 New Investigator Award

Together with Dr. Birgit Frauscher, Bernhardt co-directs The Neuro’s new Centre of Excellence in Epilepsy

Since joining The Neuro in 2016, Boris Bernhardt, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery, has published pioneering research on the organization and development of the healthy brain. His achievements have been recognized this week by the Canadian Association for Neuroscience, who have awarded him the 2022 New Investigator Award.

Published: 12 Apr 2022

Douglas Research Centre joins The Neuro in Open Science

Five-point strategy will maximize the impact of research and maintain leadership in mental health research and care

Today the Douglas Research Centre (DRC) joins The Neuro’s Tanenbaum Open Science Institute (TOSI) as a partner in research data sharing and collaboration through the adoption of a set of institutional Open Science principles.

Published: 29 Mar 2022

Largest ever psychedelics study maps changes of conscious awareness to neurotransmitter systems

Applying machine learning to a database of testimonials uncovers how drug-induced changes in subjective awareness are mechanistically rooted in the human brain

Psychedelics are now a rapidly growing area of neuroscience and clinical research, one that may produce much-needed new therapies for disorders such as depression and schizophrenia. Yet there is still a lot to know about how these drug agents alter states of consciousness.

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Published: 16 Mar 2022

Open Science antibody characterization project receives $4-million grant

YCharOS is an independent quality assessment initiative to improve research results 

An antibody characterization project with partners at The Neuro will be able to expand thanks to funding from Génome Québec.  

Published: 14 Mar 2022

Artificial intelligence tutoring outperforms expert instructors in neurosurgical training

Machine learning algorithms enhanced technical performance and learning outcomes during simulated brain tumor removal

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented both challenges and opportunities for medical training. Remote learning technology has become increasingly important in several fields. A new study finds that in a remote environment, an artificial intelligence (AI) tutoring system can outperform expert human instructors.

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Published: 22 Feb 2022

Neuro Genomics Partnership aims to drive neurological disease research

Academia and industry collaborate to find new targets for neurological disease treatment

A new research collaboration between The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital), Takeda Development Center Americas, Inc. and Roche will enable large-scale analysis of patient data to potentially find promising targets for drug development in neurological diseases.

Published: 3 Feb 2022

New Quebec neuroscience partnership awarded $7M

The Neuro and the CERVO Brain Research Centre join forces to pave the way for much needed biomarker discovery in brain diseases

The Neuro-CERVO Alliance for Drug Discovery (NCADD), a new partnership between The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) at McGill University and the CERVO Brain Research Centre of the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale, affilitated with l’Université Laval, was awarded $7M CAD in funding over three years from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation

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Published: 13 Dec 2021

Saving patients an unnecessary procedure

The “5-SENSE” score can predict who will not benefit from stereo-electroencephalography

A new study from The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) and eight collaborating international epilepsy centers has developed a simple web-based application clinicians can use to predict which patients will not benefit from an invasive diagnostic work-up, preventing unnecessary, invasive procedures, saving time for patients and the clinical team, and freeing up overburdened

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Published: 6 Dec 2021

Pandemic worriers shown to have impaired general cognitive abilities

The impairments observed may explain poor decisions about COVID-prevention measures

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our psychological limits. Some have been more affected than others by the stress of potential illness and the confusion of constantly changing health information and new restrictions.

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Published: 1 Dec 2021

La Fondation Pour l’Audition awards Robert Zatorre its Grand Prix Scientifique

Honour recognizes his research into asymmetric functioning of the brain for speech and music processing

Professor Robert Zatorre has been recognized for his work by La Fondation Pour l’Audition, a research institute and hearing advocacy organization based in Paris, France. He is this year’s recipient of the Grand Prix Scientifique, which recognizes leading research into the human auditory system.

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Published: 16 Nov 2021

Dr. Guy Rouleau elected WFN first vice-president

Federation represents 122 neurological societies around the world

The Neuro’s director, Dr. Guy Rouleau, has been elected first vice-president of the World Federation of Neurology. The first vice-president and other WFN officers are elected by delegates from its 122 neurological societies around the world.

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Published: 16 Nov 2021

Fueled by philanthropy and institutional partnerships, Open Science grows stronger in Canada

The Tanenbaum Open Science Institute (TOSI) at The Neuro welcomes the Hotchkiss Brain Institute as a new partner to transform brain research through Open Science

Diseases of the brain are among the most complex to understand and difficult to treat. Traditional research practices aren’t always sufficient to produce truly effective and novel treatments for most neurological diseases.

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Published: 28 Oct 2021

Sleep disorder linked to neurodegeneration is focus of $35 million USD grant

International team seeks hidden signs of brain damage in REM behavior disorder

People with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder act out their dreams. While sleeping safely in bed, for example, they might throw up their arms to catch an imaginary ball, or try to run from an illusory assailant. Such actions are more than just a nuisance.

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Published: 5 Oct 2021

Brain connectivity can build better AI

Artificial neural networks modeled on real brains can perform cognitive tasks

A new study shows that artificial intelligence networks based on human brain connectivity can perform cognitive tasks efficiently.

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Published: 9 Aug 2021


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