Health and safety are our top priority

All Neuro staff and trainees need to have the same information and share the same recommendations.

Neuro Principal Investigators are expected to be familiar with, and abide by all university directives and guidelines to plan a safe and gradual return to work.

Below are descriptions of procedures, links to information documents for researchers, followed by an archive of memos with additional information.


Inside The Neuro


Update: April 3, 2023

Easing of measures regarding mask wearing – update from the MUHC’s Comité de direction (CODIR)

In light of the continuing decline in the incidence of COVID-19, as well as increased hybrid immunity, you are now allowed to remove your mask in STRICTLY administrative areas and research laboratories (except areas with patients or study participants) on all MUHC sites.

The easing of measures applies to all Neuro pavilions except the Brain Tumor Research Centre which is already a mask-free zone.


Mask is mandatory 

Mask is optional

 this list is not exhaustive

All areas where patients or study participants may be present such as:  

  • Public spaces: All entrances, cafeteria, library, hospital corridors, elevators that patients use, Healing Garden, etc.


Areas where study participants may be present: eg. Clinical Research Unit, Brain Imaging Centre, Cognitive Neuroscience Unit.

  • Nursing in-patient units including nursing stations, outpatient clinics, medical imaging, registration. 


All areas where patients or study participants are not present such as:  

·       Research laboratories, offices and adjoining corridors.

·       Administrative offices on the 6th floor.

·       Conference rooms when the door is closed.


All employees must put on a mask when entering the hospital and remember to put it back on when leaving administrative areas. For example, in the elevators that patients use, or near the CIinical Research Unit, Healing Garden, etc.

Any healthcare worker with symptoms of a respiratory tract infection should not be working until resolution of symptoms, which may include fever, cough, nasal congestion, sore throat, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, etc., and should be tested for COVID-19 at the COVID-19 Testing Clinic.

Map of the neuro

Current rules continue to apply. Masks need to be worn at all times in all indoor public spaces including elevators, corridors and hallways. All other procedures remain in place. 

  • Masks can be removed while eating and drinking if you can respect the 2-metre distance from others,
  • Masks can be removed for meetings and events in our conference rooms, if you can respect the 2-metre distance from others,
  • Employees with any signs or symptoms of COVID should avoid being present at work and need to go get tested,
  • Respect infection control guidelines on when to isolate and when you should return to work if you are exposed to a COVID positive case, symptomatic or test positive yourself.  
  • NO access to the hospital floors. Researchers are encouraged to use floor B1 for essential movements within the complex. Please avoid use of floors 1 and 2 of main complex.
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in reduced access, exclusion from the building, and/or disciplinary measures.

In the Lab


Hand hygiene is mandatory for all employees


Hands should be washed in the following situations:

  • Upon arrival in the workplace
  • After work in close contact with another employee (less than 2 metres)
  • If hands are soiled/dirty
  • After using the bathroom
  • At the end of the day
  • Upon arrival at home
  • Anyone leaving a lab must take off their gloves and wash their hands again before walking out, to avoid contaminating doorknobs, elevators etc

Hand sanitizer dispensers are located at the entrances.

If you find an empty post or wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser, please submit a request online to have it refilled.

Public Areas

Building Services will increase cleaning and disinfection of public spaces and high touch areas including washrooms, doors and entranceways (door handles, plates and push bars), elevators, drinking fountains, kitchenettes, handrails, and other high touch horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Building Services does not clean any tools or equipment in labs or offices.

*As per McGill directives: please be advised that you must order through MMP. There is a central store for these materials (masks, gloves, cleaning supplies/ethanol) named McGill personal protection stockroom. Procurement may need to ration provisions, as PPE is in limited supply. Supplies can only be ordered for 1 week at a time

For all Facilities requests (including refill of sanitizer dispensers, social distancing signage), please fill out this online form.

Support for Students and Staff



  • Organizational Development and My Healthy Workplace have put together a Care Calendar, which features club discussions, training modules, relaxation capsules, and more. Staff also have access to the Employee and Family Assistance Program, which is available 24/7/365.

McGill’s COVID information page 

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