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The Neuro relies on hundreds of volunteers each year to provide specialized volunteer programs to our patients and family members, such as friendly visits, handcare, humour, physiotherapy and wayfinding, just to name a few. We are often looking for new volunteers … please join us.

To become a volunteer, contact Volunteer Services, or call 514 934 1934 ext. 34300, and mention you want to volunteer with us at The Neuro.

People volunteer at the Montreal Neurological Hospital for a variety of reasons.

  1. You may want to do something good for people you have never met before
  2. As a former patient or family member, you might want to give something back
  3. As a student you might decide it’s a positive, eye-opening experience
  4. Former employees of The Neuro who want to keep playing a role with us, do so by volunteering.

Below are some stories that may inspire you to become a Neuro volunteer, and give you an idea of the ways you can help.

Jiselle Pinheiro-Dallaire and Audrey Zaari

Jiselle Pinheiro-Dallaire and Audrey Zaari teamed up for the arts and crafts program as well as the book cart. They visit patients and family members, inviting them to create crafts such as painting picture frames, making a decorative pens, or greeting cards. The trained volunteer has an important role as a listener more than anything. With the book cart they always make sure that they have an interesting book or magazine to offer and share.


Nick Gavrielatos

After undergoing brain surgery at The Neuro for a non-malignant tumour four years ago, then Midget AAA Lac St-Louis Lions goalie, Nick Gavrielatos realized how lucky he was compared to some of his fellow patients. After his experience, he knew that he wanted to give back so he began volunteering at the hospital – bringing the humour program to patients' bedsides and stopping in to chat with them.




Joan Chippindale

As co-founder and co-chair of The Neuro’s Planned Giving Committee, Joan Chippindale helps to raise awareness and funds for vital neuroscience research and clinical care. In this role, she makes personal contacts with new and existing donors to let them know about the many creative planned giving options which can be financially beneficial in one’s lifetime and as a lasting legacy, while at the same time supporting a truly meaningful cause.

Joan has organized many information sessions bringing together potential prospects with planned giving experts. In addition, she has recruited – and manages – numerous planned giving volunteers who have not only made provisions to make legacy gifts to The Neuro, but are also giving back to The Neuro in a volunteer capacity like she does.


Anne-Josée Côté

In memory of her father who lost his battle against brain cancer, Anne-Josée Côté climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in August of 2015, accompanied by friends. They collected funds that helped support research to improve treatment and care of patients at The Neuro. In the end, they raised $3,500, a very successful campaign. Now Anne-Josée is a member of the organizing committee for A Brilliant Night, the biggest fundraising event for research into glioblastoma.


Philip Leger

Philip Leger is a former patient of The Neuro who decided he wanted to help current patients have a comfortable stay at the hospital. He volunteered for friendly visiting, which is going around the rooms, knocking on doors, talking to people, and giving them some company. The soon-to-be medical school student saw it as a good opportunity to improve patients' experience, and to get to know the hospital and the health care system.

“I’d absolutely recommend volunteering,” he says. “It’s a great way to meet people. You meet people dealing with struggles in their lives. It’s really inspiring to see so much resilience in others.”


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