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Neuro Audio Visual Services offers technical support and resources for users of the multimedia equipment facilities at The Neuro. Whether you are using the equipment in the various rooms and amphitheaters to conduct clinical or research meetings, conferences, classes, symposiums or special events - we are here to facilitate your needs. 

In addition to monitoring and maintaining meeting spaces with permanently installed multimedia systems, we supply and set-up portable AV technology, as well as provide video and audio conferencing capabilities. 

Contact us  

In person: Room 638: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm 

reservations.neuro [at] mcgill.ca (Email)

Telephone : 514-398-3193

Rooms at The Neuro

Meeting Facilities

There are six meeting facilities available that have permanently installed audio visual equipment in them. Please navigate through the various links at the left of this page to review the specific equipment available, room capacities, support and rental fees for each. 

AV Equipment Activation

If requested in the room reservation system, AV equipment is turned on automatically 10 minutes prior to the time of the reservation. Users will find a control panel installed either on a wall or in the podium, from which they can control equipment including changing input sources, room lighting, audio volume, etc. 

The control panels remain inactive at all other times unless you have reserved the room and you have requested Av to be activated. Training on the use of these panels is available upon request. 

AV Technical support

If you require the presence of an AV Technician on-site to help set up or to stay for the duration of the meeting, please be sure to select this from the options on the Meeting Facilities Request Form when you make your room reservation. Note: For all external users there will be a minimum of 1/2 hour technical support charge for this installation service. 

Video Conferencing  

Available in the de Grandpré Communications Centre, and the Jeanne Timmins Amphitheatre 

IP video conferencing:   

  •  integrate PowerPoint slideshows, HTML-based presentations, animation and other media into a videoconferencing environment  
  • sound and video quality may fluctuate due to network traffic 
  • no fees

Multi-point conferencing: 

  • offers the capability of connecting several video conferencing sites simultaneously - whether using IP or ISDN platforms.  
  • High quality, reliable functionality through the use of private, dedicated, worldwide call centers 
  • requiresa third-party bridging agent arranged by user 
  • Please contact your local bridging agent or long-distance telephone company to arrange for multipoint video-conferences. 
  • additional connectivity fees 


All video conferences require at least one pre-test to confirm the connection capability. A minimum of 5 business days advance notice is required to schedule a video conference pre-test. 


Video conferencing using TéléSanté IRiS is available in the de Grandpré Communications Centre, the Jeanne Timmins Amphitheatre and rooms 124 and 188. 

  1. Reserve a video conferencing site.  
  2. Contact Telesante to reserve  After you have made the room reservation, call the Audio Visual Coordinator, Antonio Rizzuto at local 3193 to discuss the details. 


There is no fee if a cancellation notice is sent within 5 working days of the reservation date. If no notice was submitted, then a fee of $50.00 and a $45.00 labour charge will be applied. PRE-TEST All video conferences require at least one pre-test to confirm the connection capability. A minimum of 5 business days advance notice is required 


reservations.neuro [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Room%20rates) (Contact us) for more information

Neuro room booking

Video Consent Form

Consent is required to video record 
and produce a video(s) for public viewing. 

Click here to access the English form. 

Fill out the form and have it signed by the person being videotaped. 
Please use one form per person and submit the signed original to Neuro Neuro Audio Visual room 638 

Neuro Events Request Form



Neuro Facilities Reservations Services:

Tony Rizzuto
(514) 398-3193
tony.rizzuto [at] mcgill.ca (Email)

Neuro Audio Visual Technicians

Anthony Revoy
(514) 398-5767
anthony.revoy [at] mcgill.ca (Email)

General inquiries

reservations.neuro [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Room%20rates) (Contact us)

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