Researchers at The Neuro are world leaders in cellular and molecular neuroscience, brain imaging, cognitive neuroscience and the study and treatment of neurological diseases and disorders. Here are their stories.

From piano jazz halls to the neuropsychology lab

15 Feb 2024

Patrick Hewan reflects on the importance of Black History Month and building a more inclusive future in neuroscience.

A Neuro student’s drive to improve neuroimaging in Africa

7 Feb 2024

Meet Harrison Aduluwa, a graduate student with a mission that transcends borders.

Tackling the growing burden of neurological disease

24 Jan 2024

Tarun Dua from the WHO says we need to respond to the growing impact of neurological disease on the human population.

Year in review: 2023

21 Dec 2023

2023 was full of exciting developments at The Neuro. Here is a list of our top news stories from the year.

Neurodegenerative gene focus of new Open Science project

15 Dec 2023

A new project led by scientists at The Neuro is zeroing in on a gene important to the study of neurological diseases.

ACAR showcases its work on NDDs

3 Nov 2023

The Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR) held a Symposium on Neurodevelopment and Neurodevelopmental Disorders during The Neuro’s annual retreat on Friday, June 2, 2023....

Four burning questions for Eric Ianson of NASA

2 Nov 2023

Upcoming Wilder Penfield Lecture will explore successes, upcoming missions, and its biggest future challenges.

Tracking Friedreich’s ataxia

24 Aug 2023

People with this rare condition can help accelerate research by contributing to the detection of clear indicators of disease progression.

Michael Petrides receives Glass Brain Award

7 Aug 2023

Michael Petrides, whose decades of research has led to important discoveries in neuroscience, has been awarded the prestigious Glass Brain Award by the Organization for Human Brain Mapping.


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