Researchers at The Neuro are world leaders in cellular and molecular neuroscience, brain imaging, cognitive neuroscience and the study and treatment of neurological diseases and disorders. Here are their stories.


Uncovering the relationship between lifestyle, personality and brain structure

17 Aug 2021

“The most defining characteristic of humans is, in my opinion, the complexity of our social systems”

Renowned neurosurgeon celebrates 97 years

5 Aug 2021

Dr. Gilles Bertrand made substantial contributions to surgery for spinal disorders pituitary tumour

Hanna Pappius turns 96

26 Jul 2021

One of The Neuro’s most distinguished scientists, Hanna Pappius, celebrates her 96th birthday today.

Brenda Milner turns 103

15 Jul 2021

Today is a special day for The Neuro and the world of neuroscience, as Brenda Milner is celebrating her 103rd birthday.

Autistic children’s sleep problems linked to behavioral regulation issues

8 Jul 2021

Sleep problems in young children with autism are associated with behavioral regulation difficulties later in childhood, according to a new longitudinal study

Mentoring the next generation of autism researchers

7 Jul 2021

The Neuro’s Azrieli Centre for Autism Research is pleased to announce that it will be mentoring five new QART trainees

The brain’s gardeners

1 Jun 2021

Microglia “prune” synapses to refine and improve neural networks during development

New frontiers in MS research

7 May 2021

Patients are the key to the success of new projects at The Neuro that could greatly help in treating multiple sclerosis and understanding its cause.

Thin insulation may explain atypical cortical thickness seen in autism

3 May 2021

A dearth of insulation around neuronal projections may explain why some parts of the cerebral cortex can appear thicker in brain scans of autistic people, according to a new study by ACAR member...


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