Researchers at The Neuro are world leaders in cellular and molecular neuroscience, brain imaging, cognitive neuroscience and the study and treatment of neurological diseases and disorders. Here are their stories.


Rewarding excellence in Open Science

20 Nov 2020

After examining dozens of impressive submissions from across the globe, a committee of judges has finalized the winning entries for The Neuro Open Science in Action Prizes.

A great time at The Neuro

17 Nov 2020

Dr. Guillermo Delgado-García visited Dr. Birgit Frauscher's lab at The Neuro in the fall of 2019 as a World Federation of Neurology (WFN) Observer.

The Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR) – taking the lead

26 Oct 2020

What ACAR means for people with autism: opportunities to participate in studies, access to clinical specialists, and hope for new interventions through innovative research models.

Journey through the brain: Part 2

5 Oct 2020

A closer look at the brain’s communication cells

Journey through the brain: Part 3

5 Oct 2020

Sense and structures: how the pieces all fit together

Journey through the brain: Part 1

5 Oct 2020

An up-close look at the cells and structures that form this complex organ

On the hunt for white matter diseases

30 Sep 2020

While some neurological patients fit a typical disease profile, others are harder to define. Dr. Roberta La Piana is building a database of patients with genetic leukoencephalopathies.

Remote assessment of brain health during a pandemic

28 Sep 2020

A team of clinicians led has found remote assessment of cognition in cognitively impaired adults has advantages for patients.

Neuro researchers part of major funding announcement

18 Sep 2020

A group of scientists at University of Montreal, The Neuro and McGill University has been awarded a major research grant of over $12.5 million


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