Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Statement Regarding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at The Neuro

Racism and any form of prejudice and/or inequality in 2020 are unacceptable and go against the mission and values of any leading academic and healthcare institution. As part of McGill University and a MUHC hospital, The Neuro takes part in related policies, programmes and initiatives undertaken to promote equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), thus benefiting from valuable perspectives. 

For example, following extensive consultations with staff and students last year, McGill University launched its first strategic EDI plan for 2020-2025. Additionally, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, through its Social Accountability and Community Engagement Office, is developing a Faculty-specific plan to address systemic anti-Black racism in keeping with the University’s Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism.

Similarly, the MUHC’s Board of Directors set in motion in June 2020 the Committee for Action on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (C-AIDE). C-AIDE is committed to listening actively and engaging with a broad range of stakeholders within the MUHC community to capture the current reality of our collective diversity and lived experiences, and recommend changes and/or initiatives that will make a concrete impact on EDI integration at every level of the organization.   

Ultimately, The Neuro employs and trains a very diverse group of people, much like the patients who seek our specialized and ultra-specialized services are diverse. As such, we know that we have a very important role to play in integrating the principles of EDI in administrative and human-resources practices, in our research, our patient care and in our teaching. In doing so, we must strive to build the bridges that will increase our understanding of each other and help define the very best environment for the Neuro’s world-class research, patient care and teaching. 

The Neuro recognizes that this statement is just a beginning. To that end, an EDI officer will be assigned to liaise with McGill University and the MUHC on initiatives that will achieve our goal of a welcoming, respectful, safe and inclusive institution for all.


McGill University embraces equity and inclusion and is firmly committed to these values in carrying out all aspects of its academic mission. | Equity at McGill

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Social Accountability and Community Engagement Office (SACE) https://www.mcgill.ca/med-saceoffice/

Public Meetings of the Board of Directors of the MUHC : https://muhc.ca/corporate-leadership/public-board-meetings-2013

The Neuro is a proud supporter of the ALBA Declaration on Equity and Inclusion. The Declaration represents a commitment to make science more inclusive. 

 The Neuro, and the Lady Davis Institute at the Jewish General Hospital(JGH) are proud to announce the official launch of the Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre (MMHRC)

MUHC Board of Directors’ Committee for Action on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

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