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ACAR's strength comes from the diversity of clinical and research expertise - working together to advance our understanding of autism and improve care for our patients and the global autism community.

- Guy Rouleau
Director of The Neuro and ACAR

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The future of our world is in our children. Understanding how the brain develops is key to finding breakthroughs in neurodevelopmental research and care, and key to our future, society and world.

- Naomi Azrieli
CEO and Chair, Azrieli Foundation

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ACAR is fast becoming the pinnacle of autism research, certainly in Canada. The people at the Centre, besides being top-notch scientists, are also wonderful human beings. Watching them interact with our son is quite special and important.

- Nicholas Katalifos
ACAR parent representative

ACAR Clinic

More than 35 researchers are contributing their expertise to ACAR’s fundamental and clinical research program, which draws on the most advanced scientific techniques, equipment, and approaches.

- Stefano Stifani
Associate Director, Fundamental Research, ACAR

ACAR Research

The Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR)
transforms research, training and care to improve quality of life for autistic people and their families


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Meet the team, members and partners bringing ACAR's mission to life

About us

ACAR Research

Research innovation and integrated care with families at the centre


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The latest on autism research and care at ACAR, The Neuro and beyond

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