Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR): Transforming autism research, training and care -- improving lives via Open Science

ACAR Research: Specializing in research innovation and integrated care that includes patients and their allies in the path to advancing discovery

ACAR is made up of top-level scientists with an interest and expertise in autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions, as well as experts in related fields who bring their specialized knowledge and range of perspectives from genetics, to brain-imaging and psychiatry. 

More than thirty-five researchers are contributing their expertise and data to ACAR’s fundamental and clinical research program, which draws on the most advanced scientific techniques, equipment, and approaches.

This includes: stem-cell technology, genome sequencing, brain-imaging technology, network neuroscience, statistical learning, single-cell electrophysiology, identification of disease-causing genes, gene-dosage imbalance models, proteomic array and mapping technology, virus-mediated neural circuity tracing, next-generation sequencing, single-cell electrophysiology, and two-photon imaging.



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