Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR): Transforming autism research, training and care -- improving lives via Open Science

ACAR showcases its work on NDDs

3 Nov 2023

The Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR) held a Symposium on Neurodevelopment and Neurodevelopmental Disorders during The Neuro’s annual retreat on Friday, June 2, 2023....

A conversation with WHO Caregiver Skills Training Program Master Trainers

16 Nov 2022

Marla Cable and Rebecca Fenton share what motivates them to empower Canadian caregivers and service providers to better support children with neurodevelopmental conditions

Equitable healthcare for autistic individuals

14 Nov 2022

Recipients of the Transforming Autism Care Consortium Partners for Change funding program aim to improve healthcare services for autistic minority-language speakers across Canada

Four burning questions with ACAR's newest member, Adrien Peyrache

4 Nov 2022

Peyrache joined the Azrieli Centre for Autism Research in 2022, committing to advancing discovery and mentoring future leaders in the science of neurodevelopment

ACAR announces recipients of 2022 McGill-ZNZ Neuroscience Partnership Grant

2 Nov 2022

The pilot projects foster international collaboration and scientific excellence in neurodevelopmental conditions

Meet Noémie Hébert-Lalonde

12 Sep 2022

Neuropsychologist and trainer in autism diagnosis, Noémie shares her motivations and why collaboration and knowledge transfer are so important to autism research and care

Open science in autism research: A chat with Amy Pearson and Daniel Poole

31 Aug 2022

For more than a decade, open research has garnered broad support from the scientific community, including autism researchers

Novel protocol captures autism voices across the spectrum

17 Aug 2022

Visual aids and other strategies make it possible to interview young autistic people with communication challenges and to draw out valuable responses for research purposes

Christine Tardif: advancing medical imaging

3 Aug 2022

Christine Tardif uses her computer engineering education to investigate the brain.


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