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International collaborations driving neurodevelopmental research

19 Jul 2022

Researchers called to join forces to advance research and training through joint pilot project grant competitions.

The time has come for living systematic reviews in autism research

7 Jul 2022

While the inclusion of more recent estimates can improve accuracy and utility of systematic reviews, there is a key challenge: how can evidence influence policy if it cannot be updated in real time?

Training professionals to diagnose autism – key to improving access to care

1 Jun 2022

ACAR Clinic’s ECHO-Autism telementoring programme – the first in Quebec – aims to standardize best practices and increase knowledge about autism and related conditions among healthcare providers.

A day in the life of a neuropsychologist

4 Mar 2022

Julie Scorah gives us a look into her work at the ACAR Clinic and how the pandemic has changed autism care

“I love that I have a job that brings good into the world”

21 Feb 2022

Dr. Mandy Steiman, clinical psychologist and diagnostician, talks about what drives her work, misconceptions about standardized autism assessments and why empathy is key to her practice

ACAR announces recipients of international collaboration funding program

29 Nov 2021

The Neuroscience Centre Zurich-McGill University Neurodevelopmental Disorder Research Collaboration supports international partnerships and fosters scientific excellence

Clinic fills critical gap in autism care

17 Nov 2021

The interdisciplinary ACAR Clinic provides continuity of care to patients of all ages

Gold-standard training for a gold-standard tool

3 Nov 2021

The ACAR Clinic at The Neuro offers its first Introductory Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised workshop to improve skills of diagnosing practitioners


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