What you need to know as a patient or visitor of The Neuro

As the virus called coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, we are making more changes to prevent the virus spreading in our hospital. We have made a number of changes to our patient services and know that you may have questions and concerns.

We have put together some answers to frequently asked questions below. If you have other questions or concerns, please send an email to us at communications.neuro [at] mcgill.ca

Guidance for visits

How do I enter The Neuro?

You can enter the hospital at the main entrance (3801 University Street) or through the entrance near the Molson Stadium Parking lot. 

Note: the main entrance for people with mobility issues or trouble walking and wheelchairs is still open.

My family member needs assistance getting to an appointment at The Neuro. Can I still accompany them?

Yes. You can accompany a patient for a visit.

Can I visit my family member staying at the hospital?

How can I contact family who are staying at The Neuro?

Patient’s rooms have a telephone. Call front desk at 514-398-6644, if you do not know the number.

Helping loved ones stay connected with our patients during the COVID-19

As we all know, family and friend support is important to the health and well-being of our patients. Due to Covid-19 and visiting restrictions, it is more difficult for patients to stay in touch with their loved ones.

For this reason, the MUHC is currently implementing an initiative to allow our patients to talk with their loved ones via the online communication platforms WhatsApp and Google Duo.

These applications, which are now installed on electronic tablets in units across MUHC sites, allow patients to make voice and video calls. Since it is likely that many patients will require assistance to use them, nursing and multidisciplinary staff, such as social workers, speech-language pathologists and recreation therapists, will assist them as needed.  Staff have also received instructions on how to help a patient who wishes to virtually connect with a family member or friend and on infection control measures to follow. 

Do patients and visitors need to wear a mask?

Can I keep my mask?

Yes you can keep your mask. You might also be asked to change it for another one that we will give you.


You will be called up to 24 hours before your appointment time. During the call, you will be told if your appointment will stay the same or if I t will be postponed. You will also be told whether your appointment will be in person or over the phone.

If your appointment is by phone, your doctor will call you on the day of your appointment, unless the hospital or your doctor has told you otherwise

I have an appointment at my clinic. How will I know if I come in for the appointment in person or if the appointment will take place over the phone?

You will get a call telling you if your appointment has been changed to a telephone call.

  • If you have an appointment scheduled and are having symptoms, please call your contact at The Neuro in advance, before coming in. They will tell you what to do.

Should I cancel my appointment?

If you have an appointment scheduled and are having symptoms, please call your contact at The Neuro in advance, before coming in. They will tell you what to do.

If you think that your appointment is not urgent and can be cancelled or postponed, please call your clinic to ask what to do.

I have an MRI/CT/X-ray scheduled, is it still going to happen?

You will get a call from the neuroradiology department if your test has been cancelled or changed.

Can I still come to The Neuro for blood tests? Is the blood technician there to do blood tests?

Call front desk security at 514-398-6644 to find out.

Is the Neuro Day Centre still open for infusion treatments?

The Day Centre is open for treatments. Please arrive for your scheduled time. The Day Centre will call you if there are changes to the infusion schedule.

The Day Centre is following social and physical distancing guidelines.

Is The Neuro still doing surgeries?

Yes. You will be called if there is a need to re-schedule.

COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Are you treating patients with COVID at The Neuro?

The Neuro is treating patients for their neurological conditions. COVID positive patients whose main problem is neurological will be isolated in a negative pressure room.

I have a fever, cold symptoms. Can I still come in for an appointment?

If you have an appointment scheduled and are showing symptoms, please call your contact at The Neuro in advance, before coming in. They will tell you what to do.

I have have a fever, cold symptoms. Can I go with someone to their appointment or visit someone who is hospitalized?

No. You should not visit if:

  • You have a respiratory illness with symptoms such as fever, cough, nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, sneezing, sore throat.
  • You have an acute gastrointestinal illness with symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting.
  • You have a new rash.
  • You are known to have COVID-19 or have recently been in contact (less than 10 days) with someone who has COVID-19.


As a precaution, people with a fever or a cough are asked to avoid patient visits and unnecessary travel to The Neuro.

Protect yourself!

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The Neuro Cares Fund: We are here to help

The Neuro Cares Fund provides financial support for those in need by helping cover the unexpected expenses of being diagnosed with a neurological illness. Open to all hospitalized patients. Please contact your social worker to see if you qualify.

For more information, call 514-934-1934 x44194.

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