Bridging the gap between business acumen and analytical thinking, the McGill Desautels MMA program provides the rigorous training on data science to solve critical business challenges.

Academic Director

David SaundersDavid Saunders

Professor (Administration), Organizational Behaviour; Director, International



Professors at the Desautels Faculty of Management are renowned for their research excellence and innovations in teaching, receiving recognition from international peers, such as Poets & Quants’ Top 40 Under 40 Professors.

Animesh AnimeshAnimesh Animesh

Associate Professor and Area Coordinator, Information Systems



Maxime CohenMaxime Cohen

Professor of Retail and Operations Management; Co-Director, Retail Innovation Lab

Daniel DingDaniel Ding

Associate Professor, Operations Management

Mehmet GumusMehmet Gumus

Professor, Operations Management



Ernan HaruvyErnan Haruvy

Professor of Marketing



Shoeb HosainShoeb Hosain

Faculty Lecturer, Operations Management; Program Director, MMA Program



Warut Khern-am-nuaiWarut Khern-am-nuai

Associate Professor, Information Systems



Jiro KondoJiro Kondo

Assistant Professor (Teaching) and Area Coordinator, Finance



Javad NasiryJavad Nasiry

Professor, Operations Management; Director, Sustainable Growth Initiative (SGI)


Saibal RaySaibal Ray

James McGill Professor, Operations Management; Academic Director, Bensadoun School of Retail Management

Juan SerpaJuan Serpa

Associate Professor and Area Coordinator, Operations Management



Melissa SonbergMelissa Sonberg

Professor of Practice, Organizational Behaviour



Hongping TanHongping Tan

Associate Professor, Accounting area coordinator



Changseung (Chang) YooChangseung Yoo

Assistant Professor, Bensadoun School of Retail Management; With affiliation to Information Systems Area, Desautels Faculty of Management


Roman GalperinRoman Galperin

Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour



Elizabeth HanElizabeth Han

Assistant Professor, Information Systems



Hyunji SoHyunji So

Assistant Professor, Information Systems



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