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Webform: Closed Course Request

If you need assistance with your registration, please contact the BCom office or book an appointment with an advisor.

This form is intended for BCom degree students, BA Joint Honours Economics/Finance or Accounting and Minors in Management, wishing to take courses in the Desautels Faculty of Management ONLY.

VALID REASONS (with no guarantee that a space will be made available to you):

  • Delay of graduation in the current or next term.

    • Priority will be given to students who are graduating, however graduation does not guarantee entry into a course.

  • Priority will be given to students who had to cancel or had an incomplete exchange term.


  • Requests for Complementary courses in your Major/Concentration/Honours program will be REJECTED if there are spaces available in other courses in either Fall or Winter terms. Requests for preferred complementary courses will not be approved.
  • Please check both terms and the full list of complementary course before submitting a request.
  • Switching sections because of preferred days and/or times.
  • Switching sections because of preference of one instructor over another.
  • Switching sections because registered in one taught too early, or too late in the day.
  • Getting into a section that a friend is in.
  • Instructor permission.
  • Wanting more than 2 courses in the same Area in the same term (i.e. ACCT, FINE, MRKT, etc) when it’s not absolutely necessary.

This form will NOT be processed if you are already registered in a different section as the course(s) requested, or if there is an open section of the course that does not create a conflict in your schedule.

Please submit ONE form with all of the courses you want. 

Requests will be answered throughout the Summer, by late July.

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