Profiles List

Nancy J Adler

Research areas: Cross-cultural/Multicultural Management, Global Leadership, International Management, Leadership Artistry and Arts-based Leadership, Women as Global Leaders and Managers

Kwangjun An

Research areas: Competitive Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory, Social Networks, Strategic Management

Daniel Andrei

Research areas: General Equilibrium Asset Pricing, Macro-Based Asset Pricing, Models of Information and Learning

Animesh Animesh

Research areas: Business Value of IT, Consumer Behaviour, Helping Canadian Business, Helping Quebec Business, IT in Healthcare, Social Media, Technology & Innovation

Patrick Augustin

Research areas: Derivatives, Empirical Asset Pricing, Insider Trading, International Finance, Law and Finance, Sovereign and Corporate Credit Risk

Isabelle G. Bajeux-Besnainou

Research areas: Behavioural Finance, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, Risk Management
Mallika Banerjee

Mallika Banerjee

Laurent Barras

Research areas: Empirical Asset Pricing, Mutual & Hedge Funds, Performance Measurement, Return Predictability

Genevieve Bassellier

Research areas: Leadership & Governance, Social Media, Technology & Innovation

Sebastien Betermier

Research areas: Asset Allocation, Asset Pricing, Household Finance, Investment Management, Risk Management

Matthieu Bouvard

Research areas: Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation

Reuven Brenner

Francesca Carrieri

Research areas: Asset Pricing, International Finance, Portfolio Management

Lisa Cohen

Research areas: Human Resource Management, Managerial Careers, Organization/Job Structure, Organizational Theory

Benjamin Croitoru

Research areas: Asset Pricing, Mutual & Hedge Funds, Portfolio Management, Risk Management