BCom100: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

The Commercial Society

Left to right: J. E. Kennedy, G. Herring, C. Cressy, C. Stewart, H. Savage

President: John E. Kennedy
Vice-President: George Herring
Secretary: Hugh Savage
Treasurer: Carleton Cressy
Manager of Athletics: Charles Stewart

The first meeting took the form of a luncheon and was held in November at the Union. It was very well attended as Principal Morgan and Dr. Leacock were the speakers. The Principal gave an extremely interesting talk on the place of commercial studies in a University and seemed to be in favour of having a definite and an important place for them. Dr. Leacock also stated that he had been converted from the opposition to the supporters of Commerce at McGill. His one regret was that students of Commerce, not having learned Latin since matriculation, could never succeed completely in this world.

The second luncheon meeting featured George McDonald, C.A., a Governor of this University. He spoke on “Private and Public Enterprise.” He was very well received and the Montreal Gazette wrote an editorial on his speech. The final luncheon had as its guest, Col. George Drew, the writer and well-known business authority. Unfortunately George Herring was hurt in a motor accident, so Gerald Gardiner was appointed in his place for the second term. The annual banquet was, as usual, a big success. There was good food and drink, fine entertainment and an atmosphere of good-fellowship.

In the field of sport, we did well. The mighty “Commerce Crushers” were a big threat for the rugby crown. Coach Savage and Manager Stewart had a good team which undoubtedly should have won even if it did not. The hockey team won the league after a supreme effort. The basketball and baseball teams put up a good battle in their respective leagues. So the School of Commerce has no small measure of spirit and enthusiasm. Each class has had its own dinners and ‘get-togethers.’ In spite of the fact that the large body of Commerce students are not yet represented in the University Senate, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are more active in sports and campus activities than any other group at McGill.

McGill Yearbook: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

Class History of Commerce ‘36

By C. H. Stewart

This, the history of Commerce ’36, is dedicated to one, whom we regard as one of our members, one who has striven continually for the advancement of learning and the betterment of Commerce, Dr. Paul Villard. He, we welcome into our midst, and do hereby unanimously elect permanent Honorary President of Commerce ’36.

Men have done great deeds and

bards have sung them well,

While we in our unskilled words,

The story of Commerce ’36 do tell.

As another College year draws to a close, the class of thirty-six is about to leave these buildings which we entered as freshmen four short years ago. This, our class, has been noted for the spirit of its members; our class activities have been great successes, which was due to the wholehearted co-operation of men and officers. The ladies of the class have done their share in upholding the fair name of Commerce, each and every one supporting one or other of the College activities. Amon the members of the so-called stronger sex, it is difficult to find one who has not supported his College in some manner.

The following have served McGill and Commerce in the activities shown.


Senior: Wigle (captain), Savage and Walker.
Intermediate and Freshman: Savage, Walker and Stewart.
Inter-Faculty: Byers, Howard, Gordon, Laing, Lewis, MacDuff, Murray, Turner, Stewart and Kennedy.


Senior: Wigle.
Intermediate: MacDuff. Junior: Jones.
Inter-Faculty: Laing, Stewart, McMorran and Brodie.
Inter-mural Manager: Stewart.

B. W. AND F.:

Boxing: Savage, McGill champion.
Wrestling: Stewart and Ellyett, McGill champions, Walker and Tildesley.
Fencing: Van Reet, Inter-collegiate and Provincial champion.


Murray and McMorran, Senior Managers. Intermediate: McMorran.
Inter-Faculty: McMorran, Laing, Lewis, Walker, Buckwold and Doubilet.


Savage, Captain.




MacDuff, Senior Manager.


Intermediate: Denton (captain) and Lewis.
Inter-Faculty: Stewart.


B. N. Jones.
Inter-Faculty: Denton, Byers and Stewart.


Kennedy (3), Turner (2), MacDuff, Wigle.


Class A—E. L. Jones, Kennedy. Class B—MacDuff, McMorran.


Wigle, Vice-Pres. MacDuff, Sec.-Treas.


Producers—Kennedy and O’Connor.
Business Managers—Turner and Gordon.
Production Manager—O’Connor.
Stage Managers—Argue and MacDowell.
Programmes—Gordon and Lewis.
Participants—Miss Dumfries, Savage, Walker, Wigle, Lewis, Murray, Stewart, Byers, MacDuff, Turner.


Treasurer: O’Connor, Wakefield, Denton, Fisher and Brodie.


Bisson. Société Français: Miss Royer, Pres.


Miss Moncaster, Turner.


Denton, Pres.


Miss Moncaster.


O’Connor, Pres. and Sec. Tickets: Argue.


Turner, Bisson, Kennedy and Scott.



Thus it can be seen that we have done our part in extra-curricular activities and departing, we pass on the torch to be carried high by subsequent classes, to the glorification of the Faculty of Commerce.


McGill Yearbook: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

McGill Yearbook: 1936

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