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YCIT 028 YCIT 028 - Introduction to ReactJS (5 CEUs)
Relationship between the virtual Document Object Model (DOM), actual DOM, state, props and code. React elements, hooks, Webpack, Babel and functional components.  30 hours class + approximately 20 hours of assignments.
YCIT 029 YCIT 029 - Node.js and APIs (5 CEUs)
TCP/IP, structure of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests and responses, reading Application Programming Interface (API) documentation, making requests to APIs, creating APIs using Node.js.  30 hours class + approximately 20 hours of assignments. Not open to students who have taken YCIT 012.
YCIT 030 YCIT 030 - Advanced ReactJS (5 CEUs)
Using ReactJS to create large web projects containing multiple pages and components. Inter-component communication using Redux. Using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) with ReactJS.   30 hours class + approximately 20 hours of assignments.
YCIT 031 YCIT 031 - Database for the Web (5 CEUs)
Structure and interpretation of SQL. Creating a schema for an SQL database. Running a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Populating a RDBMS with data. Writing a webserver in Node.js connected to an RDBMS. 30 hours class + approximately 20 hours of assignments. Not open to students who have taken YCIT 009.
YCIT 099 Full Stack Capstone Project (6 CEUs)
Participants work in teams to develop a web/mobile application.
YCIT 099 YCIT 099 – Full Stack JavaScript Capstone Project (9 CEUs)
Development and deployment of a full stack JavaScript project incorporating both the back end and front end elements of a web application.  30 hours in class + approximately 60 hours of project work.
YCITR 001 Études en traduction
Live Online
In today’s global economy, a career in translation can set you on an exciting and remunerative path. With a 360-degree approach, not only will you learn to master the exact art of translation, you will graduate prepared to meet new professional challenges. Translation is one of the world’s fastest growing professions. Find out more about McGill's Certificate in Translation (options available in French, English, and/or Spanish) at an upcoming Information Session.
YCLCT 401 Networking Bootcamp and Brunch
Join us at one of our many networking events to meet industry leaders, listen to guest presentations, expand your network, obtain some personalized advice, and engage with the CATS community!
YCLCT 501 MACES Speaker Series- Stepping Stones: Succeeding in your Career
Meet the best and brightest in your field! Join outstanding leaders as they share their stories, industry trends, and offer tips for the next step in your career. Mingle with featured speakers, students and alumni and gain relevant insight into developing strategies to optimize your position in the labour market in your field of choice. Thanks to our sponsor, MACES (McGill Association for Continuing Education Students), students and recent alumni of SCS (18 months or less) may register for each Speaker Series event at the discounted price of 5$ instead of 18$.
YCLCT 504 Recruiter Series: Insights & Job Opportunities for SCS Students
Looking for your next career move? Seeking insight into what local employers are looking for? This is your chance to meet with influential recruiters and gain an insider's knowledge on the hiring process.
YCLCT 601 McGill SCS Job Fair - Employer Registration
13 April 2018
Become an exhibitor at the McGill School of Continuing Studies Job Fair. Put the spotlight on your company through one of the exhibitor and sponsorship options available.
YCLCT 602 McGill SCS Job Fair - Student Registration
13 April 2018
The School of Continuing Studies is hosting its second annual Job Fair, exclusive to current students and recent alumni! This event is uniquely targeted to our students and will include employers who value your experience and drive.
YCLML 001 Drama for Fun
31 July 2019
Presenter: Freda Segal - The purpose of the workshop is to learn social skills through improvisation. Laughter is a key component.
YCLML 001 How to Read a Scientific Paper
24 July 2019
Presenter: April Colosimo - Journal articles are used to communicate experimental results among members of a scientific community, and as such can be intimidating for other readers. This workshop will cover the organization of scientific papers and how to approach reading them. Participants may bring articles to use during the exercises, but sample papers will be provided
YCLML 001 Morning Journaling
17 July 2019
Presenter: Manon Wascher - Journaling is private writing about our thoughts, ideas, emotions, lives, etc.  In this Morning Journaling workshop we will work with journal-writing exercises that help beautifully shape our days.  By the end of this workshop you will know why people world-over have been journaling for centuries.
YCLML 001 Using the McGill Library from your iPad
14 August 2019
Presenter: April Colosimo - This is a hands-on workshop to help you to set up your iPad (and other mobile devices) and to make the most of what the Library has to offer. Applications will include OverDrive (e-books and audiobooks) and PressReader (magazines and newspapers). Your McGill email address and password are required.
YCLML 001 Lecture & Technical Studies
Most lectures are presented on Fridays at 10 a.m.-noon or 1-3 p.m. In the summertime, lectures are presented on Wednesdays only, at the same times.
YCMS 035 The Writers’ Workshop
We are a group of writers who enjoy presenting our works to each other. We value criticism that can improve our writing, and we like hearing others’ work. There are a number of issues that we want to work on, such as control of the writer’s voice, how to edit what we write, and how to write poetry. Each week, please bring two copies of your work, approximately 500-600 words, or a poem, as well as a copy for someone who will act as your critic.
YCMS 037 2Ds: Documentaries and Discussion
Automne 2019
In this study group, participants will view short documentaries on various subjects. A discussion will follow each film. Participants are encouraged to introduce a documentary of their choice with a few discussion questions to follow. A list of documentary sources will be supplied. Home internet access is strongly recommended.
YCMS 043 Global Crises I
Automne 2019
Global crises, international affairs and how they affect us in Canada. World news from mainstream media, BBC, CNN International, The Economist etc. Discussion follows each presentation.


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