Certificat d'études supérieures (Cert. étu. sup.) orientation appliquée à l'enseignement

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Courses & Workshops

Cours obligatoires
EDPC 542 Leadership and Support Roles of the Teacher. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019
Theory and practice in inclusive teacher leadership and support for all members of the school community. Leading and supporting interpersonal communication, group dynamics, self-care and resilience, and classroom management in diverse educational and community settings.
EDPC 562 Career as a Lifelong Process. (3 credits)
Hiver 2020
Career exploration for teachers, students and others across the lifespan. Creating inclusive and safe working environments, valuing diversity, career awareness, career growth and development, career decision-making, transferable skills, and school-to-work transitions for all.
Cours complémentaires
EDPC 501 Facilitating Relationships . (3 credits)
Automne 2019
Components of effective interpersonal relationships and how to facilitate them in a variety of contexts.
EDPC 502 Group Processes and Diversity. (3 credits)
Automne 2019
Theories and exploration of group development and processes, including an examination of research, and how intersectional and universal design have implications for group work.
EDPC 504 Communication and Critical Conflict Resolution . (3 credits)
Hiver 2020
Applying a social justice framework this course will give students the opportunity to develop the critical communication skills necessary when addressing difficult dialogues and conflict.
EDPC 505 Crisis Intervention Processes. (3 credits)
Automne 2019
General overview of symptoms for different crises and how different professionals can intervene and refer, including ethical and professional issues.
EDPC 507 Advocacy, Outreach and Leadership. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Hiver 2020
Exploration of the roles of advocacy, outreach and leadership in developing inclusive and accessible environments, including the complex interactions between individuals and the diversity of systems in which they live.
EDPI 543 Family, School and Community. (3 credits)
Automne 2019
Focus on the examination of three important systems in a child’s life; namely family, school and community, as well as societal influences on student growth, development, and adjustment. Emphasis will be on evidence-based practices in collaborating with families and community organizations to form partnerships, classroom interventions and school-based initiatives to enhance well-being.
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