Certificat d'études supérieures (Cert. étu. sup.) planification financière

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Courses & Workshops

Cours préalable
CCTX 511 Taxation 1. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Printemps/Été 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
Basic principles of tax law; residence, meaning and computation of taxable income; computation of personal tax; foreign tax credits; capital gains; partnerships; trusts; administration and enforcement; case decisions; Revenue Department bulletins, circulars and rulings; appeals.
Cours obligatoires
CCLW 511 Law 1. (3 credits)
Automne 2019, Printemps/Été 2020
Sources and administration of law; the Canadian Constitution and the division of powers; the Quebec Civil Code, comprising the law of persons, the law of property, obligations, contracts, sale, lease and hire, mandate, suretyship, hypothecs and prescription.
CCTX 532 Taxation 2. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
Theoretical analysis of federal corporate taxation. Current issues in taxation will also be discussed and analyzed.
CFIN 501 Retirement, Estate and Tax Planning. (3 credits)
The objective of this course is to discuss the various elements in the retirement planning process such as pension planning instruments, public and private pension plans, insurance, income tax, estate planning, and wills.
CPD2 505 Risk Management and Insurance. (3 credits)
Hiver 2020
This course explores the fundamentals of risk management and covers the theory and practices of insurance, policy construction and interpretation for major classes of commercial and personal insurance and emphasizes the importance of decision-making criteria in selecting among various alternatives available.
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