Certificat en formation de conseillers pédagogiques et des Premières nations

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Courses & Workshops

Cours obligatoires
EDPC 201 Introduction to Student Advising. (3 credits)
Automne 2019
Introduction to student advising and guidance including personal, vocational, and educational aspects of services normally found in Aboriginal school settings. Role of the student personnel advisor at both the elementary and secondary levels.
EDPC 202 Helping Skills Practicum 1. (3 credits)
Basic interviewing and helping skills relevant to the helping profession in Aboriginal settings. Interpersonal skills which facilitate the prevention and amelioration of problems.
EDPC 203 Helping Skills Practicum 2. (3 credits)
Parent and student interviews. Practicing interviewing techniques within the context of the student's own community and culture.
EDPC 205 Career/Occupational Development. (3 credits)
Career patterns development, occupational choice relevant to native and northern careers. Basic studies of career development and career/educational planning in northern communities. Employment trends, occupational classification and information.
EDPC 208 Native Families' Dynamics. (3 credits)
Adolescent sexuality and concurrent problems, substance addictions, physical abuse and violence, and suicide within the milieu of the native family, with a review of possible basic interventions for remediation. The roles of teachers, counsellors, social workers, physicians and legal authorities.
EDPC 209 Basic Crisis Intervention Skills. (3 credits)
Models and methods of crisis intervention as well as the development of skills in working with individuals experiencing emotional trauma, and identifying referral sources for individuals who require medical or psychiatric consultation.
EDPC 210 Field Experience. (3 credits)
An extended practicum experience which commences at the beginning of formal academic training. On-going development of student personnel services training experience at the individual and group level, "progress file" and evaluation of performance over the course of training, organization and administration of student personnel services. This comprises site visits, workshops and seminars interwoven with the other courses.
Cours complémentaires
EDEM 502 Indigenous Family Dynamics and Supporting Institutions. (3 credits)
Examination of Indigenous family dynamics and educational, social and administrative institutions that support families in the learning process. A study of the interdependency of the various institutions affecting the education of Indigenous children. Relationships of non-educational to educational services.
EDKP 204 Health Education. (3 credits)
Automne 2019
A study of the teacher's role in the total school health program at both elementary and high school levels; current issues in contemporary health education.
EDPI 211 Social and Emotional Development. (3 credits)
Intensive training in observation of the development and behaviour of children as individuals and as members of modern First Nations or Inuit society. Study of educational implications of both common and divergent behaviour. Development of relevant teaching practices.
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