Certificat (Cert.) leadership pédagogique pour les Premières nations et les Inuits

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Courses & Workshops

Cours obligatoires
EDEC 203 Communication in Education. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
Written and oral communication in Education (in English): emphasis on strategies for identifying, analyzing and solving writing and speaking problems. Course work based on academic and professional communication in education, with a particular focus on classroom communication.
EDEC 222 Personnel Management and Group Skills. (3 credits)
Management, effective team leadership, group dynamics, and communications skills crucial to First Nations and Inuit community-based educational leaders. Techniques of developing staff members' potential through staff development and quality performance.
EDEC 311 Resource Management. (6 credits)
A problem-solving approach (needs assessment, projections, creative solutions, and proposals) will establish a procedure for proactive management of the First Nations and Inuit educational environment (human, financial, and physical resources). Topics include staffing, finance, budgeting, payroll, interviewing techniques, health and safety management, and building and equipment maintenance.
EDEC 312 Practicum in Educational Leadership. (3 credits)
A work-study course within a First Nations and Inuit educational milieu. Supervised practice and application of communication and group skills; staff development and evaluation; human, fiscal, and physical resource management; and community outreach.
EDEM 502 Indigenous Family Dynamics and Supporting Institutions. (3 credits)
Examination of Indigenous family dynamics and educational, social and administrative institutions that support families in the learning process. A study of the interdependency of the various institutions affecting the education of Indigenous children. Relationships of non-educational to educational services.
Cours complémentaires
EDEC 230 Conflict Resolution. (3 credits)
Methods and techniques for preventing and resolving conflicts in the workplace. Emphasis on culturally relevant strategies.
EDEC 233 Indigenous Education. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
An exploration of Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy, primarily in Canada but also world-wide. Consideration of the diverse social, cultural, linguistic, political, and pedagogical histories of Indigenous communities. Examines how a teacher's professional identity and practice can be influenced by an understanding of Indigenous knowledge and worldviews.
EDEC 244 Issues in Aboriginal Education. (3 credits)
The content of this course changes depending on the needs and interests of the students and the educational communities participating in programs administered by First Nations and Inuit Education. It always addresses issues related to Aboriginal education, e.g., local control, development of linguistic and cultural policies.
EDEC 262 Media, Technology and Education. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
Orientation to the equipment and systems of educational technology. Examination of theories of educational technology, media education and technology education and the exploration and development of possible applications in school settings.
EDEE 245 Orientation to Education. (3 credits)
Automne 2019, Printemps/Été 2020
Introduction to planning and maintaining a learning environment in Indigenous classroom as a unique pedagogical setting. Study and application of differential learning styles.
EDEE 340 Special Topics: Cultural Issues. (3 credits)
Seminars on Inuit culture or on selected aspects of the culture of First Nations peoples. Topics will include historical cultural contacts, native oral tradition, religious beliefs and cultural change. Preparation of a project on an aspect of First Nations or Inuit life will be required.
EDES 365 Experiences in Communications. (3 credits)
Personal development of students as communicators; involvement of the imagination in individual and group projects in language and in another chosen medium of communication: analysis of experiences in projects in relation to general problems of communication.
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