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Cours associé
CORG 551 Behaviour in Organizations. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020, Printemps/Été 2020
The implications for management and the essential concepts of social psychology such as motivation, perception, attitude change and organization. Group and organizational dynamics will be the major emphasis of the course. Classroom discussion and student participation is encouraged.
Cours obligatoires
CORG 555 Strategic Human Resources Management. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
Linking HRM and business strategy; role of HR in the organization and alignment with strategic management. Overview of HR functional areas and the competencies required to become a successful HR professional; impact of HR policies, processes and practices on employees, teams and organizations, including legal and ethical implications.
CORG 560 Staffing Organizations. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
HR planning and succession planning; organizational and job analysis; recruitment and selection processes which enhance individual performance and organizational effectiveness; recruitment and selection planning; validation and evaluation measurements. Strategic, legal and ethical implications of staffing practices and decisions will be analyzed.
CORG 561 Developing Human Resources. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
Human performance technology and organizational learning models address individual, team and organizational performance problems: diagnosing workplace situations, identifying causes, selecting appropriate interventions, implementing change, and evaluating results; increasing client capability delivering results while considering internal and external factors affecting performance (competing pressures and resource constraints); strategic, legal and ethical implications.
CORG 562 Total Compensation and Rewards. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
Strategic compensation management within a behavioural framework to understand rewards and motivation, work satisfaction and performance. Use of financial and non-financial rewards to attract, retain and motivate. Legal, economic, ethical and culture-fit issues in the design and implementation of direct and indirect compensation policies and systems.
Cours complémentaire
CGM2 510 Project Management: Tools and Techniques. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Printemps/Été 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020, Printemps/Été 2020
Focus on main concepts and theories of project management from initiation to close-out. Topics include: project life cycle, planning, scheduling, implementing, monitoring, controlling, close-out and ethics. The concepts presented apply to projects of various sizes, types and degrees of complexity.
CORG 553 Employee and Labour Relations. (3 credits)
Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
Industrial relations framework, its legal, political, social, economic, ecological and ethical subsystems. Processes governing union-management relations, collective bargaining and dispute resolution, and the roles of executives, supervisors, employees, employee representatives, HR-IR professionals in effective employee relations in unionized and non-unionized environments.
CORG 554 Managing Occupational Health and Safety. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
How to develop, implement and manage effective health and safety programs; competencies and roles of employees, supervisors, executives and HR; strategic, legal and ethical implications of legislation, risk behaviour; socio-psychological aspects of mental and physical health and safety issues; communications and training strategies.
CORG 557 Talent and Performance Management. (3 credits)
Automne 2019
Talent and Performance Management focuses on succession planning and performance management systems, processes and tools. Topics include: performance management strategies, measurement, indicators and reviews. The goal is to select effective and practical processes, methods, and tools to assess and increase current and future organizational performance.
CORG 565 Human Resources Information Systems: HRIS. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Hiver 2020
How to measure human resources management value and effectiveness; data sources relevant to strategic, operational, legal and ethical HR decisions: acquiring and analyzing data from HRIS, internet, surveys; methods to ensure validity of HR metrics. Survey of specialized computerized HRM applications.
CPL2 510 Communication and Networking Skills. (3 credits)
Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
This course will provide students with leadership skills pertaining to communication and networking in the workplace. Topics covered include influencing, appraising situations, business networking, teamwork and delivering effective presentations.
CPL2 532 Leading Change. (3 credits)
Hiver 2019, Automne 2019, Hiver 2020
Leading and managing change issues, including the leader as a change agent and the change process itself. Various models of change and change leadership will be reviewed, as well as follower reluctance or resistance to change and strategies that leaders can use to gain follower commitment.
CPL2 534 Leading in Diverse and Global Workplaces. (3 credits)
Automne 2019
Exploring leadership within a global and diverse context. A variety of trends that have made managing workforce diversity an essential competency for future leaders are reviewed, as are the emerging skills that managers need to develop to succeed in a global environment.


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