Certificat de perfectionnement professionnel en direction de la production dans les industries créatives

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Information Session - PDC in Executive Production

Information Session - Executive Production in Creative Industries

Dive in to McGill's Professional Development Certificate in Executive Production in Creative Industries and explore how this unique evening and weekend program can help you advance your career on the business side of entertainment and prepare you for opportunities in this fast-evolving field.

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Courses & Workshops

Cours obligatoires (20 UEC):
YCBS 225 Project Management in Practice. (4 CEUs)
Explores the ten knowledge areas of the PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge®: Scope, Time, Quality, Cost, Human Resources, Communication, Risk, Procurement, Stakeholder and Integration management to demonstrate which traditional and agile project management methodologies can be applied to the realities of creative content environments and which ones need to be adapted.
YCBS 263 Executive Production Fundamentals (4 CEUs)
The complexities of creative and entertainment industries, the role of executive producer, business models of creative content projects; definite vs. creative content environments; para-structural vs. structured organizations; fundamental principles and best practices of initiating, funding, planning and producing creative content projects.
YCBS 264 Intellectual Property and Contract Management (4 CEUs)
* For non-legal professionals.
An overview of the entertainment and intellectual property law, types of contracts and agreements that need to be put into place at different phases of a commercial entertainment project, as well as intellectual property rights and royalties to be agreed upon with all creative project stakeholders. Contracts with cast, crews, suppliers, vendors, licensing of merchandising, food and beverage.
YCBS 265 Financing and Business Models in Creative Industries (3 CEUs)
Introduction to the financial management of various types of creative projects, including business models, sources of financing, revenue streams, business plan development, pitching to investors, risk management, tax credits, production budgets, resource planning, and project portfolio management.
YCBS 266 Marketing and Brand Management in Creative Industries (5 CEUs)
Explores marketing, public relations, sales and brand management strategies and techniques employing both traditional and digital media platforms to generate revenue from commercial entertainment products using real cases. Explores cross-promotion and partnership opportunities with other industries, e.g., hospitality, tourism. The concept of secondary revenues from merchandising, food and beverage, licensing, sponsorship and private events.
Six UEC à choisir parmi les éléments suivants:
YCBS 267 Live Show Creation and Production (6 CEUs)
Using real-life cases and guest speakers, participants will be able to tap into the wealth of more than 30 years of practical experience of some of the most prominent entertainment industry professionals who will share their invaluable insights. Participants will be initiated into all phases of executive production including business plan creation, concept development, pitching to key shareholders, production, contracting of the infrastructure and finally, operating a sustainable show.
YCBS 268 Film Creation and Production (6 CEUs)
Provides a comprehensive overview of the film value chain, as well as the tools and techniques required to develop the concept of a movie or TV series and turn it into a tangible product ready to be viewed by an audience. Focus on all phases that need to be completed and the key deliverables at each phase. Roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders are also reviewed in line with best Hollywood practices.
YCBS 269 Event Concept Development and Production (6 CEUs)
Using real-world cases, this course provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of event development and production including creative concept development, programming, project planning, and execution of the entire production be it a short event or a full-fledged festival. Focus on strategic alignment and delivery of business value, event financing and the art of “pitching” of tangible and intangible event value, managing multiple stakeholders, requirements, resources, timelines, budgets and teams to deliver an engaging audience experience.
YCBS 270 VFX and Video Game Production (6 CEUs)
Provides a comprehensive overview of video game industry and focuses on the business aspects of creation and production of digital interactive entertainment products including all the phases of video game production, from creative concept to delivery of a video game in line with all technology standards, to marketing and distribution. Technology required to develop, test, and run the game on a range of platforms.


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