Accompanist Funding Program

The Accompanist Funding Program is available for students registered for Practical Instruction.
Every year after add drop period the department of Performance notifies all students when Funding Request Forms are ready to be requested via email from the [at] (subject: Accompanist%20Program) (Performance Office).

It is the student’s responsibility to read and follow the guidelines and procedures outlined on each accompanist funding form.

The allotted hours may only be used if working with accompanists on the “2023-2024 Accompanist List” for your Area. There are List A “professional” or List B “student” accompanists on this list and the hours vary depending on the accompanist chosen and on the lesson registration level:

Registration levels

  • CONCENTRATION/ELECTIVE LESSONS: 3 hrs if working with a List A Accompanist or 5 hrs with a List B
  • B.MUS. PERF./L.MUS: 4 hrs if working with a List A or 6 hrs with a List B
  • GRADUATE STUDENTS: 6 hrs if working with a List A or 9 hrs with a List B

Eligible instruments:

Voice, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass & all Early Music Instruments.

Before you request your “Accompanist Form”, make sure you contact the selected accompanist to:

  1. Determine if they are available to work with you. (This includes ascertaining the accompanist’s availability to accompany for examinations and/or concerts since it cannot be assumed that they will be available at that time.)
  2. Inform them of your allotted number of hours. (Note: No accompanist can be requested to provide less than one hour per service without their permission. Also, examinations normally count as one hour of service and concerts (including exam recitals) count as two hours unless otherwise agreed upon in advance by the accompanist.
  3. Clarify with the accompanist if you wish to use more hours than those allocated under this plan, you must make private arrangements with the accompanist and assume the extra cost in full. It is important that you clarify in advance the accompanist’s terms of payment for those post-quota hours (e.g., different hourly-rate? desired method of payment?).

For more information, contact [at] (subject: Accompanist%20Fund%20Program)

A small discretionary fund is available to offer the plan on an ad hoc basis for other instruments (e.g. guitar, piano, jazz instruments, etc.) as required. For these instruments a written request must be sent to [at] for approval by the Chair of the Department of Performance.

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