Interdisciplinary Studies; Ph.D. (including Applied Performance Sciences)

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Interdisciplinary Studies; Ph.D.

Deadline to apply for Fall 2024: December 1, 2023

The Ph.D. program in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to combine the methods and research questions practiced by separate areas of research within the Schulich School of Music in a single program of study.

  • Candidates identify a program that will be their primary focus and communicate with the Area Coordinator of that program to discuss the additional disciplinary expertise that they want to develop.
  • Explore the faculty profiles to find a supervisor before applying. Once you've found someone with whom you are interested in working, contact them to discuss your research interests. Then submit your application for admission.

The application for admission dossier is evaluated. If admission is offered, a special committee will be set up to reflect the interdisciplinary focus of the project and retain a principal advisor. At admission, this committee will lay out a program of study—in principle, ten seminars or courses for students entering in PhD 1 and five seminars or courses for those entering in PhD 2. The selection of seminars must reflect the interdisciplinary character of the project, including opportunities to acquire skills related to it. Additional course work may be required in order to obtain those skills.

By the end of the first semester of study, the committee will also establish the format, content, and procedures of the Comprehensive Examination to reflect the particular interdisciplinary scope of the candidate. The committee will serve as examiner for the Comprehensive Exam.

At this time, expectations for the thesis proposal will be developed in coordination with the committee.

Expectations for the thesis itself, including its defense and final submission, will follow the norms and regulations of the Department of Music Research and the University.

Applied Performance Sciences; Ph.D.

For additional details, please contact liliana.araujo [at] (subject: Applied%20Performance%20Sciences%20inquiry) (Prof. Liliana Araujo).

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