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We are the first centre for Applied Performance Sciences in the Americas!

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The Applied Performance Sciences Hub (APS Hub) is a cross-departmental initiative based at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University!

Our team is composed of a diverse network of educators, performers, researchers, students, and professionals from various disciplines. Together, we aim to better understand how to enhance performance, educate the next generation of musicians, and support transformative change in music using evidence-based approaches from the best performance science research. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the world of music performance.


Our Priorities

Optimal Performance Wellness & Safe Playing Artistic and Personal Growth Sustainable Careers

We equip musicians with a variety of tools and strategies aimed at developing, enhancing, and optimizing their practice and overall performance.

We believe that happy and healthy musicians are better able to create, perform, and enjoy their art. To help musicians achieve their full potential, we offer health education initiatives and other tools to support the whole person. We are dedicated to cultivating a community of artists and creative professionals who are committed to building their careers and making a positive impact in the world as artist-citizens.

We are committed to supporting performers with the specialized skills and adaptive thinking needed to succeed and build sustainable careers as artistic citizens in today’s rapidly changing world.


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Learning, Exploring and Enhancing Artistic and Academic Practices

Take the LEAP campaign aims to help students feel empowered to take control of their own learning and artistic journey. We are committed to creating a healthy campus culture and promoting positive habits through several applied initiatives.

Research shows:

  • Poor physical preparation and lack of warm-up are some of the main risk factors for injury among musicians;
  • Learning about stress and experiencing simulated performances help with managing stress and anxiety;
  • Fun, enjoyment, and social interactions foster well-being and peak performance.

We offer:

  • Physical Warm-Up Sessions
  • Mind-Body Relaxation Sessions
  • Musician Fitness and Hearing Health Screening
  • Voice Health Screening
  • Sessions in the Performance Simulator
  • Workshops On Resilience and Stress Management (Offered By The Wellness Hub)
  • Feldenkrais
  • Fun Fridays! Opportunities to connect with others through music and movement (Jam sessions; Swing dance classes)

For a full list of LEAP campaign initiatives, and to register for upcoming events, please visit (only open to Schulich School of Music students). Participation in many of these activities is recognised in the Co-Curricular Record.


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The work of the APS Hub is founded on four pillars of action:

Evidence-based Solutions

We offer evidence-based initiatives in response to the identified needs of music students, music instructors, and music administrators. We embed performance science in music instruction, offer sessions in the Performance Simulator, and much more!

Applied Research

We pride ourselves on leading research projects that are musician-centred and context-relevant, with a focus on practical solutions to real-world challenges within and with music education and performance contexts.


We offer the first programs in Applied Performance Sciences in the Americas! See our programs:

We offer a range of courses on topics in performance science, integrating the latest research and active pedagogical practices. Examples include:

  • MUGT 205 Psychology of Music
  • MUGT 350 Introduction to Applied Research in Music (from Fall 2024)
  • MUGT 405 The Musician’s Performing Body (from Fall 2024)
  • MUPG 300 Music Performance Strategies
  • MUPG 474 Voice Pedagogy & Health: Art and Science of Singing
  • MUPP 693 Understanding and Managing Emotions in Performance
  • Special Projects

Our programs and courses are designed with an inquiry-based and experiential learning approach, integrating principles of sustainability education to equip learners to become change-makers in a complex world. We integrate the latest pedagogical practices and research evidence on performance excellence, and healthy practices in our courses, practical instruction, and professional development initiatives.

Knowledge Exchange

We are active advocates of musicians’ optimal performance, healthy practices, and sustainability in music careers. We are committed to offering and participating in a range of opportunities to facilitate the sharing of information, expertise, and insights among individuals or groups with diverse backgrounds and interests in performance and science.

We are active members of:


The APS Hub at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University

  • Embedded in a culture of high calibre professional music training
  • Committed to Research Excellence, Performance and Wellness
  • Situated in a thriving, interdisciplinary research environment
  • Engaged with an active global network of experts in performance sciences including medical sciences, sports sciences, psychology, education, engineering, and creative arts.

Contact us:

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