Peer Mentorship

Schulich’s new peer mentorship program connects music undergraduates with upper-year students for support, community, and friendship.

Click here to sign up for a peer mentor!  All undergraduates are welcome, particularly first-years 😊

Meet your peer mentors!

Peer mentors are student staff who can help with advising and support needs. Contact them at [at] (confidential - only mentors have access) or come to drop-in hours.
For Winter 2023, drop-in hours are Thursday 2:30pm - 4pm and Friday 12:00pm - 3pm, on the seventh floor of Wirth Building.
Privacy is available and you can make appointments over email if you can't make drop-in hours. 

Interested in being paired with a mentor? Just fill out this form!

If you have questions or concerns, you can reach out to the Manager of Student Services, Nancy Czemmel (nancy.czemmel [at] or the peer mentors themselves ( [at]

Hey, I’m Charlotte! I’m a third year undergraduate in violin performance, with a minor in Psychology. I grew up on a farm in Ottawa, Ontario, but I love it here in Montreal! Some things that make me happy are rollerskating around Montreal’s super smooth sidewalks, crocheting in my apartment and fiddling. I came to Schulich because the environment is so welcoming, and because of the world-class faculty. Ask me about anything (or if you want to learn how to crochet), I can’t wait to meet all of you! Hello everyone! Salut à tous! My name is Marian and I’m a third-year francophone student in Voice Performance here. I have decided to become a peer mentor because I know how confusing and frustrating it can be to navigate through student life at McGill, and without the advice from one of my closest friends I could not have done it! Feel free to come chat with me anytime, I love meeting new people :D. I’m a book nerd, I love doing embroidery and gaming. I also LOVE finding new places to go out and eat delicious food (especially poutine) !
Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I am in my 4th and final year of my BMus in percussion performance. I originally started in the faculty program, but I transferred to performance in my second year. I’m from Newfoundland but Montreal has started to feel like home to me. When I’m not practicing percussion, I love hiking, camping, snowboarding, and reading. I also love exploring the city and surrounding areas. I look forward to meeting everyone and answering your questions about life at Schulich!  Hey everyone! My name is Teddy, I’m a second year bass trombonist at McGill this year. I originally started in classical performance, but I’m working on moving to the jazz program. Other than trombone, I'm enjoying working on my composition skills and rock climbing (im always looking for more climbing buddies!) Looking forward to helping anyone in need with navigating McGill and University life, I know it can be super stressful!
Hi friends, this is Tony! I’m from Vancouver and this is my last year of undergraduate degree in Jazz Performance majoring in jazz drums. I came to Schulich because many of my mentors back in Vancouver also graduated from here. I’m a big foodie and I make tea in the drum rooms from time to time. I’m looking forward to help you explore the city and university life😊 Hello friends. My name is Will and I am a composition student here at the Schulich School of Music. I started here in the fall of 2018 in the faculty program with a main instrument of classical guitar. In the fall of 2020 I transferred to composition and earned my bachelors degree in the spring of 2022. I am now in the first year of my masters. I am originally from Colorado, but I am a big fan of Montreal. I think Montreal smoked meat is the best thing since sliced bread, which is what I eat my Montreal smoked meat on. Also that is my sister’s dog Duke in the photo, he is a good boy.

More information

Mentees can register during the Fall 2022 term and will be paired with mentors for Winter 2023.

Whether you’re an incoming student or you’ve been at McGill for a while, peer mentors can help you navigate life at Schulich.

You can contact the mentors for appointments or advice at [at] (only mentors see this inbox) or come see them at drop-in hours, Wednesday 12:30 - 2:30 and Friday 3:00 - 5:00, on the seventh floor of Wirth.

Mentors can provide a fellow student’s opinion on courses, clubs, and important resources that you might not already know. They receive training in active listening and referral, which means they can help you connect with the support you need when you need it. They’re also there to talk about things like gigging, working, studying, practicing, making friends, exploring Montreal…

Other great reasons to come see mentors or sign up for a one-on-one pairing:

  • Easing the transition into university life
  • Learning about opportunities and resources that can help you throughout your degree
  • Talking through your academic and career plans
  • Meeting someone new

To sign up, fill out this form with a bit of information about yourself. We’ll match you with one of our student mentors at the end of the Fall term. Once you’ve been paired, you’ll meet with your mentor at least once a month in the winter. There will also be opportunities to meet and socialize with other mentors and mentees!

Even if you’re not paired with a peer mentor, you can still ask them questions about courses, deadlines, student services and more at tabling or drop-in hours, or via their email address (only peer mentors can see this email). Stay tuned for dates and times.

Applications for this year's mentors are now closed.

Interested in a paid opportunity to support your fellow undergraduates?

As a peer mentor, you’ll be paired with one or more mentees and meet with them throughout the winter semester. The mentor team will also support the student body year-round by answering emails and holding tabling and drop-in hours. All mentors will receive in-depth training on mentorship and McGill’s various resources and policies.

We encourage all interested returning students to apply! We are actively seeking applications from students who have faced systemic barriers to education as well as from Francophones. 

Why become a peer mentor?

  • Meet people and build long-lasting connections
  • Develop skills such as active listening, leadership and healthy boundaries
  • Learn more about equity, advising and support structures at McGill
  • Help build a welcoming student community at Schulich
  • Eat lots of provided snacks

To be a peer mentor, you need to…

  • Be a returning Schulich School of Music undergraduate (or graduate student who completed their undergrad here)
  • Be able to commit 1-5 hours per week, even during high-stress periods
  • Be passionate about providing support, encouragement and resources to your fellow students
  • Be committed to promoting justice and equity at McGill



nancy.czemmel2 [at] (Nancy Czemmel,) Manager of Student Services [at] (Peer mentor team) (confidential)

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