Master of Business Administration (MBA Program)

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McGill MBA Full-Time International study trip

Unique to the McGill Desautels MBA Program!

About this trip

  • Participate in an organized study trip outside of Canada
  • Visit significant international business destinations
  • Explore the issues to be considered when an organization enters a new, foreign market

This course will find you and your entire cohort visiting an international city renowned as a significant business destination. You will have the opportunity to visit multiple companies, meet with senior executives, and truly experience business in that country.

During this course, you will be exposed to the fundamental issues an organization needs to consider when entering a new, foreign market and the challenges involved in operating an international business. These encompass the strategic issues as to “why” and “where,” as well as more tactical issues that address the “how” to enter and operate in a foreign market.

Leading foreign cities and countries are chosen based on delivering an opportune and real-life learning experience for our students. As a built-in component to the curriculum, this unique course and the international settings afford exploration of all the learning covered in the first year of the program.

How it works

  • Learning through on-site company visits, meetings with senior executives, classroom settings, workshops and seminars
  • Experiential learning takes place in classes located in foreign destinations and includes presentations, group projects and field surveys
  • Close interaction with company representatives abroad
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