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Success stories

We've interviewed our MBA students about the program, student life and their experience being at McGill Desautels. Learn what they have to say by accessing the videos on Youtube below, also visit our FAQ page to learn more about Admissions, Tuitions, student resources and the program.


MBA Success stories

Why choose a McGill MBA?

"I feel like I'm not just having a program and just studying courses, it's also like a two-year experience to better emerge into the Canadian environment and to better equip myself with a future career", says Bingquan Roger Wu, BBA, MBA.

MBA People

What is the best part of a McGill MBA?

"The people come from all kinds of backgrounds professionally and culturally speaking. And that has inspired me a lot. They're all like minded and they're driven, and not only that, but I also see myself working with them and building professional relationships as well after the MBA", says Christos Lycos, MBA.


MBA People

What advice would you give someone considering a McGill MBA?

"Immerse yourself in the experience because it really is one of those things where the more of yourself you put into it the more you get out", says Megan Norland, JD, BCL and MBA

MBA student clubs

What are some of the benefits of the McGill Desautels student clubs?

"These clubs have been doing a lot for us, they have been conducting networking sessions, they've been conducting events, competitions, and all of this has given us an opportunity to network with people", says Vritti Munjal, MBA.


MBA Resources

What are some of the resources available in the McGill MBA?

"Career management services was the most valuable resource during the McGill MBA. We had a lot of career management services, a lot of events, we had workshops and we got to meet other people from the industry. That was beneficial to connect us and at the same time, give us an overview of what the industry is like", says Husham Hajhamid, MBA.

MBA Inclusive

How inclusive is the McGill MBA community?

"I think the MBA program enables me to acquire more soft skills such as communication and project management skills which could benefit me a lot in my long-term career. As a gay man, I really appreciate the inclusivity of McGill and the whole Canadian environment. I think going for MBA really helped me get an idea about Canada and made me more equipped to tackle down issues and have a better career", says Bingquan Roger Wu, BBA, MBA.


How does a McGill MBA benefit a lawyer?

How does a McGill MBA benefit a lawyer?

"In running a firm, you need business development skills, client management skills, all that sort of business acumen that we develop here in the MBA. Also, from the law perspective, if you're serving a business client, you're going to be able to be a much better lawyer if you can understand what the client's business is as well", says Megan Norland, JD, BCL and MBA.

 Why a McGill MBA can benefit someone from an engineering background?

Why a McGill MBA can benefit someone from an engineering background?

"The benefit of the MBA program, especially for someone like me, who's an engineer with a nonbusiness background, is getting familiarized with business concepts through the high intensity and diversity of the information that we had to process", says Husham Hajhamid, MsC, MBA.

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