Entrepreneurship minors for non-management students

The McGill Faculties of Agricultural and Environmental Science, Arts, Education (Kinesiology and Physical Education), Engineering, Music and Science collaborate with the Desautels Faculty of Management in offering 18 credit Minors in Entrepreneurship for McGill undergraduate students enrolled in those faculties.

These Minors are designed to provide students with an understanding of how to conceptualize, develop, and manage successful new ventures - including for-profit companies, social enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and cooperatives, as well as how to successfully champion intrapreneurship projects in larger organizations. 

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  • Management courses cover management essentials and the key concepts of entrepreneurship including basic accounting, financing, organizational behavior, marketing, operations management, information technology, strategy, plus the basic processes involved in starting and managing a new venture.  
  • Faculty-specific courses allow students to further their knowledge in specific types of entrepreneurship, such as social, technological, music or agribusiness entrepreneurship.
  • Students gain hands-on experience through an entrepreneurial project or internship.
  • The programs are interdisciplinary and integrative. Many courses will include a diverse set of students from multiple McGill faculties.

Students register in the Minor associated with their faculty

For further information, visit the following web pages or consult with your faculty’s student advising office.

Important Course Registration Notes

Most Management courses listed in the Entrepreneurship Minors have priority registration for students in the Minors in Entrepreneurship and reserved seating allocations by faculty. When the faculty’s allocation is full, students from that faculty will not be able to register until a place becomes available.

  • Entrepreneurship Minor students who are having registration difficulties in listed Management courses, should contact their home faculty student adviser. The adviser will then contact Management’s advising office if they cannot resolve the issue.
  • The applicable Minor in Entrepreneurship program must appear on the student record to permit registration in the listed Management entrepreneurship courses. For students in Minors that require an application, the Minor’s student adviser will complete this action after admission.
  • Most of the listed Management courses have priority registration for students in the Minors in Entrepreneurship until mid-August.
  • Some of the listed Management courses have reserved seating by faculty and this is indicated on MINERVA. If course capacity appears as available, but students are unable to register, this indicates their faculty’s reserved seats are currently full. A seat will only become available if and when a registered student in the same faculty drops the course. Students should keep trying to register on MINERVA.
  • Should space permit, Management courses listed in the Entrepreneurship Minors may be made available to non-Minor students during each term’s add/drop period.


Students in these Minors are not permitted to take the Desautels Minors in Management, Marketing, Finance or Operations Management (for Non-Management Students).

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