Profiles List

Amanda Abrams

Title: Director, GCPA Program; Faculty Lecturer, Accounting

Kwangjun An

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Competitive Strategy, Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory, Social Networks, Strategic Management

Daniel Andrei

Title: Assistant Professor, Finance
Research areas: General Equilibrium Asset Pricing, Macro-Based Asset Pricing, Models of Information & Learning

Animesh Animesh

Title: Associate Professor, Information Systems
Academic title(s): Desautels Faculty Scholar
Research areas: Business Value of IT, Consumer Behaviour, Helping Canadian Business, Helping Quebec Business, IT in Healthcare, Social Media, Technology & Innovation

Patrick Augustin

Title: Associate Professor, Finance
Academic title(s): Canada Research Chair in Macrofinance and Derivatives, SSHRC (T2) Associate Fellow, Canadian Derivatives Institute
Research areas: Derivatives, Empirical Asset Pricing, Insider Trading, International Finance, Law & Finance, Sovereign & Corporate Credit Risk

Laurent Barras

Title: Associate Professor, Finance
Academic title(s): Desmarais Scholar
Research areas: Empirical Asset Pricing, Mutual & Hedge Funds, Performance Measurement, Return Predictability

Genevieve Bassellier

Title: Associate Professor and Area Coordinator, Information Systems
Research areas: Leadership & Governance, Social Media, Technology & Innovation

Paul Beaumont

Title: Assistant Professor, Finance
Research areas: Corporate Finance, Growth & Acquisitions Strategy

Sebastien Betermier

Title: Associate Professor and Area Coordinator, Finance
Research areas: Asset Allocation, Asset Pricing, Household Finance, Investment Management, Risk Management

Leslie Breitner

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, IMHL Academic Director, IMPM Academic and Module Director, GROOC Co-Creator, Accounting Area
Research areas: Health Management

Francesca Carrieri

Title: Associate Professor, Finance
Research areas: Asset Pricing, International Finance, Portfolio Management

Ralph Cecere

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, Accounting

Mo Chaudhury

Title: Associate Professor of Finance (Teaching)
Research areas: 2007-2009 Credit Crisis, Capital Markets, Derivatives, Emerging Markets, Risk Management

Lisa Cohen

Title: Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour; Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Academic title(s): Desautels Scholar
Research areas: Human Resource Management, Labour Issues, Labour Market, Managerial Careers, Organization/Job Structure, Organizational Theory, Recruitment

Maxime Cohen

Title: Associate Professor, Bensadoun School of Retail Management; With affiliation to Operations Management Area, Desautels Faculty of Management; Co-Director, Retail Innovation Lab (RIL)
Academic title(s): Bensadoun Faculty Scholar
Research areas: Data Science, Empirical/Behavioral Operations Management, Field Experiments, Platform for Online Marketplaces, Pricing & Revenue Management, Retail

Matthew Corritore

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Alternative Work Arrangements, Culture & Consumption, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory

Matthew Cote

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Accounting; First-Year Coordinator for the GCPA Program

Benjamin Croitoru

Title: Associate Professor, Finance; Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Research areas: Asset Pricing, Mutual & Hedge Funds, Portfolio Management, Risk Management

Diana Dakhlallah

Title: Assistant Professor, Organisational Behaviour
Research areas: Behavioural Science, Development, Economic Sociology, Global Health, Health Care, Organizational Theory, Political Economy

Robert J. David

Title: Professor, Strategy & Organization; Brojde Faculty Scholar; Academic Director, Research; Vice-Dean, Faculty.
Academic title(s): Professor and Academic Director (Research); Peter Brojde Faculty Scholar
Research areas: Emergence of New Industries & Transformation of Mature Industries, Evolution of Management Practices, Institutions & Entrepreneurship

Adolfo De Motta

Title: Associate Professor, Finance
Academic title(s): Desmarais Faculty Scholar
Research areas: Financial Crises, Leadership & Governance, Risk Management

Daphne Demetry

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Culture & Consumption, Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory

Vadim di Pietro

Title: Associate Professor (Teaching), Finance; Chief Investment Officer, Desautels Capital Management

Yichuan (Daniel) Ding

Title: Assistant Professor, Health Analytics, Operations Management
Research areas: Big Data & Machine Learning, Health Care, Optimization Under Uncertainty

Bruce Doré

Title: Assistant Professor, Marketing
Research areas: Consumer Neuroscience, Emotions, Marketing Communications, Social Influence


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