Profiles List

Amanda Abrams

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Accounting; First-Year Coordinator for the GCPA Program

Kwangjun An

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Competitive Strategy, Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory, Social Networks, Strategic Management

Daniel Andrei

Title: Assistant Professor, Finance
Research areas: General Equilibrium Asset Pricing, Macro-Based Asset Pricing, Models of Information & Learning

Animesh Animesh

Title: Associate Professor, Information Systems
Academic title(s): Desautels Faculty Scholar
Research areas: Business Value of IT, Consumer Behaviour, Helping Canadian Business, Helping Quebec Business, IT in Healthcare, Social Media, Technology & Innovation

Patrick Augustin

Title: Assistant Professor, Finance
Research areas: Derivatives, Empirical Asset Pricing, Insider Trading, International Finance, Law & Finance, Sovereign & Corporate Credit Risk

Isabelle G. Bajeux-Besnainou

Title: Dean and Professor of Finance, Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University
Research areas: Behavioural Finance, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, Risk Management

Laurent Barras

Title: Associate Professor and Area Coordinator, Finance
Academic title(s): Desmarais Scholar
Research areas: Empirical Asset Pricing, Mutual & Hedge Funds, Performance Measurement, Return Predictability

Genevieve Bassellier

Title: Associate Professor, Information Systems
Research areas: Leadership & Governance, Social Media, Technology & Innovation

Sebastien Betermier

Title: Associate Professor, Finance
Research areas: Asset Allocation, Asset Pricing, Household Finance, Investment Management, Risk Management

Leslie Breitner

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, IMHL Academic Director, IMPM Academic and Module Director, GROOC Co-Creator, Accounting Area
Research areas: Health Management

Francesca Carrieri

Title: Associate Professor, Finance
Research areas: Asset Pricing, International Finance, Portfolio Management

Ralph Cecere

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, Accounting

Mo Chaudhury

Title: Associate Professor of Finance (Teaching)
Research areas: 2007-2009 Credit Crisis, Capital Markets, Derivatives, Emerging Markets, Risk Management

Lisa Cohen

Title: Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour
Academic title(s): Desautels Scholar
Research areas: Human Resource Management, Labour Issues, Labour Market, Managerial Careers, Organization/Job Structure, Organizational Theory, Recruitment

Maxime Cohen

Title: Associate Professor of Retail Management and Operations Management; Co-Director, McGill Retail Innovation Lab
Academic title(s): Bensadoun Faculty Scholar
Research areas: Data Science, Empirical/Behavioral Operations Management, Field Experiments, Platform for Online Marketplaces, Pricing & Revenue Management, Retail

Matthew Corritore

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Alternative Work Arrangements, Culture & Consumption, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory

Matthew Cote

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Accounting

Benjamin Croitoru

Title: Associate Professor, Finance; Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Research areas: Asset Pricing, Mutual & Hedge Funds, Portfolio Management, Risk Management

Diana Dakhlallah

Title: Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour
Research areas: Behavioural Science, Development, Economic Sociology, Global Health, Health Care, Organizational Theory, Political Economy

Robert J. David

Title: Professor, Strategy & Organization; Academic Director, Research; Adam Smith Visiting Professor, U. of Glasgow
Academic title(s): Peter Brojde Faculty Scholar
Research areas: Emergence of New Industries & Transformation of Mature Industries, Evolution of Management Practices, Institutions & Entrepreneurship, Organizational Response to Institutional Pressure

Adolfo De Motta

Title: Associate Professor, Finance
Academic title(s): Desmarais Faculty Scholar
Research areas: Financial Crises, Leadership & Governance, Risk Management

Daphne Demetry

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Culture & Consumption, Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory

Vadim di Pietro

Title: Associate Professor (Teaching), Finance; Chief Investment Officer, Desautels Capital Management

Yichuan (Daniel) Ding

Title: Assistant Professor, Health Analytics, Operations Management
Research areas: Big Data & Machine Learning, Health Care, Optimization Under Uncertainty

Laurette Dubé

Title: Professor, Marketing; James McGill Chair of Consumer and Lifestyle Psychology and Marketing; Chair and Scientific Director, McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics
Research areas: Consumer Behaviour, Health Management, Healthcare Collaboration, International Collaboration, IT in Healthcare, Retail Marketing, Technology & Innovation


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: 2020/03/26

In accordance with the Quebec government’s latest directive, McGill University will remain closed until further notice, except for necessary activities. Your program office is still available to support you during this time. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may email your program office directly.

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