Five pillars that make up SGI

An integrated ecosystem across 5 pillars

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Pillar 1:
Research-to-action projects

Research-to-action projects are focused on actionable solutions to problems defined by the industry and requiring academic expertise to help form viable outcomes. An annual roundtable will be hosted at the SGI to articulate the key issues faced by businesses. Following the roundtable, the Initiative will launch a call for Research-to-Action proposals and provide funding for research projects addressing these issues. Research projects will take place over 2-3 years. The SGI will also bring together McGill students from multiple Faculties to conduct summer research projects.

Sustainable Growth Institute (SGI) Dialogue

Pillar 2:

Working in silos between and within professions is the established norm that has effectively led to disconnected solutions for complex issues surrounding sustainable growth. The SGI will build a series of workshops that pushes interdisciplinary efforts aligned with priorities and objectives on SGI topics. The Max Bell School of Public Policy’s “innovative policy dialogues” will provide the framework for the SGI workshops. These workshops’ outcomes will help bridge the industry, academia and policy interaction gaps, and present a rich resource for research ideas, potential Annual Grand Challenge topics and Thought Leadership collaborations.

Sustainable Growth Institute (SGI) MIPC

Pillar 3:
Global student competitions

Mobilizing students is a priority for the SGI. Younger generations are keenly aware of and have been fiercely involved in pushing for change toward social and environmental responsibility. The SGI’s Annual Grand Challenge (AGC) will launch global student case competitions and build from the success of the McGill International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC). In Fall 2021, the fifth edition of MIPC brought together 115 student teams from 26 countries and more than 50 professionals from 20 institutional managers to find innovative finance solutions to complex ESG issues like the rise of social inequalities and climate change. The SGI will build on and grow this success by ushering in large-scale competitions focused on the business, law, economics, and public policy aspects of the AGC.


Sustainable Growth Institute (SGI) Delve

Pillar 4:
Thought leadership

The SGI thought leadership pillar is vital for maintaining relevance and consistent momentum. It makes certain that the SGI will remain within the scope of social and media interest and actively share concrete solutions that businesses can apply. The Initiative will use the Delve media platform and produce and distribute media that includes research-to-action projects and solutions, student case competition solutions, workshop insights, and community education. Through articles, podcasts, and symposia, the SGI will disseminate coherent and clear narratives throughout the stakeholder communities.

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Pillar 5:

The Initiative will provide a central platform for ESG education. Building on the successful McGill Personal Finance Essentials program at Desautels, supported by RBC, the platform will include a free online course on the ESG ecosystem, executive education programs, interactive and digital cases on ESG and the Grand Challenge, and podcasts on ESG best practices from industry leaders. The Initiative will also play a central role in integrating ESG topics into management education and providing access to ESG data.



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