CNBC looks to Dobson Centre for advice on annual disruptor list

Even in a year that venture capitalists’ go-to bank collapsed, and venture capital funding slowed to a trickle, the disruptive power of startups has never been clearer. The 2023 CNBC Disruptor 50 list was the eleventh iteration of the list, and the top spot should come as no surprise. The generative artificial intelligence company OpenAI is the maker of ChatGPT, and no new technological application has created more buzz since the dawn of social media – or even the web itself.

Published: 17 May 2023

McGill’s Dobson Centre ranks as World Top 5 University Business Incubator

UBI Global announced that McGill University’s Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship ranked as a World Top 5 University Business Incubator. 

Published: 24 Jan 2023

Weston Family Foundation funds new program at Dobson

The McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship is launching a new hands-on program for entrepreneurs wanting to launch sustainability-driven businesses.

Published: 23 Jan 2023

McGill Dobson Centre and MIF support innovation and entrepreneurship

The McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship helps startups launch their innovative ideas and, along with the Office of Innovation and Partnerships (I+P)'s McGill Innovation Fund (MIF), supports the McGill community in ideation, validation, acceleration and fundraising.

Published: 21 Nov 2022

Montreal EdTech company Paper aims to address educational inequities

When a parent pays a tutor directly, they are helping their own child succeed. But not every parent can afford to do that, and Montreal-based EdTech company Paper has a vision to address this inequity. The academic support platform, a finalist in the 2014 Dobson Cup, sells its services directly to school boards, so that all students in a district are able to access them.

Published: 20 Oct 2022

FemTherapeutics applies AI to an unmet need in women’s health

Vaginal prosthetics known as pessaries are a critical tool for the maintenance of pelvic health in women. They are used as a first-line treatment for pelvic organ prolapse, a common condition that occurs when the muscles of the pelvis weaken, causing organs to drop into the vagina. But these devices are badly in need of an upgrade. Their failure rate is high, and the designs have changed little in the last 70 years.

Published: 4 Oct 2022

impact200 finalists pitch their start-ups on NYC networking tour

McGill’s impact200 asked students to develop innovative solutions to address society’s most pressing challenges.

Published: 21 Jun 2022

Dobson Cup prize winners prepare to pilot colour-changing artificial nails

Alejandra Huerta and Isabela Dominguez envision a future where the shade of your nails can change with a tap of your phone. During Huerta’s PhD in chemistry, she considered how organic materials could be used to change the colour of cosmetics. But by brainstorming with her sister Dominguez, a computer engineer, they determined that wearable electronics could be a better approach.

Published: 16 Jun 2022

Dobson Cup finalist attracts investment from leading venture capital fund

Many service-oriented businesses suffered during the pandemic, but it was a boon for Paper, an online tutoring company. Led by Philip Cutler (BEd’13) and Roberto Cipriani (BSc’08), the company was a finalist in the 2014 Dobson Cup, an annual start-up competition that fosters entrepreneurship and gives cash awards to the best budding businesses. Today, Paper counts more than 450 staff, and over 2,200 tutors.

Published: 16 Jun 2022

Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship announces 2022 Dobson Bootcamp and Cup Winners

On March 28th and 29th, 24 startups competed in the final round of the Dobson Bootcamp and Cup Program for over $200,000 in funding across 18 prizes. The winners were announced at the Dobson Cup Awards Ceremony on March 30th, presided by McGill University Principal, Suzanne Fortier, Dean of the Desautels Faculty of Management, Yolande E. Chan, as well as the program’s contributors, donors, and sponsors.

Published: 22 Apr 2022

Dobson Founder Series launch with Francis Davidson, Co-Founder, and CEO of Sonder

On March 22nd, the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship held the inaugural Dobson Founders Series event, with special guest Francis Davidson, co-founder, and CEO of Sonder Inc.

Published: 22 Apr 2022

Celebrating accomplishments of women within the Desautels community

On International Women’s Day we highlighted some of the outstanding and accomplished women within the Desautels community, who positively impact our students through their teaching, research, guidance, or mentorship. 

Published: 10 Mar 2022

Alumni transform milestone investment into impact

McGill alumni Philip Cutler (BEd’13) and Roberto Cipriani (BSc’08) recently raised $270 million in Series D funding to combat academic inequity across the U.S. In 2014, their K-12 tutoring company, Paper, made it to the final round of the McGill Dobson Cup, and their reach has only grown since then.

Published: 4 Mar 2022

McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship unveils program dedicated to women entrepreneurs

On November 19, the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship announced the creation of the Entrepreneurial Women Lean Startup Program, slated to launch in the Fall of 2022. The reveal was a grand finale to a two-week-long celebration of International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. The eight-week program will lead rising women entrepreneurs through the early stages of conceptualizing and implementing viable ventures.

Published: 19 Nov 2021

Reimagining tutoring models in public schools

McGill alumni Philip Cutler (BEd’13) and Roberto Cipriani (BSc’08) are combatting academic inequity in over 110 United States public schools and counting. In 2014, their tutoring company, Paper, made it to the final round of the McGill Dobson Bootcamp and Cup Competition, and their reach has only grown since then.

Published: 22 Sep 2021


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