Montreal EdTech company Paper aims to address educational inequities

Philip Cutler (BEd’13) and Roberto Cipriani (BSc’08) who lead Paper, an online tutoring company
Published: 20 October 2022

When a parent pays a tutor directly, they are helping their own child succeed. But not every parent can afford to do that, and Montreal-based EdTech company Paper has a vision to address this inequity. The academic support platform, a finalist in the 2014 Dobson Cup, sells its services directly to school boards, so that all students in a district are able to access them. “Charging students’ families doesn't align well with our values,” said Paper co-founder Philip Cutler (BEd’13) in a story by Prof. Karl Moore in wouldn't explore that model because it increases the opportunity gaps facing students from low-income families and only provide resources to the families that can afford it.



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