The McGill Dobson Cup

What is the McGill Dobson Cup?

McGill’s flagship startup competition brings emerging McGill entrepreneurs together to compete for over $200,000 in prize money.

Have an idea, build a team, and launch a company.

There are 4 Tracks in the McGill Dobson Cup:

  • Health Sciences Enterprise (HSE)
  • Innovation or Technology Driven Enterprise (ITDE)
  • Social Impact Enterprise (SIE)
  • Environmental Enterprise (EE)

Meet the 2021 winners


The Program

During a period of four months, your team will benefit from:

  • A series of targeted workshops and learning resources such as how to create a pitch how to make it more engaging, startup financials 101, marketing, and more!
  • Multiple pitch sessions practice
  • Networking opportunities with McGill’s vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Seed funding opportunities.

Be notified when applications open in December 2021.

Meet the winners

2021 Finalists

We had 58 semi-finalists this year across four different tracks, making the final selection process extremely difficult for the judges. After thoughtful consideration, 26 finalists were selected to move on to the Finals. On March 29th and 30th, these visionaries will deliver their final pitches and compete for the Dobson Cup prizes and recognition.


Health Sciences Enterprise Track 2021 Finalists

BioTech Square

Uncovering the hidden lessons in drug development using artificial intelligence, so that we can fail less, innovate more, and address patients’ needs sooner.


Healthybud is a pet wellness company helping animals thrive through research-backed nutrition, education and community. Working alongside universities, vets and nutritionists, healthybud empowers pet-parents to best care for their pets

Heka Health

Heka is a web platform that connects people to the most appropriate physiotherapists to shorten their length of care for their pain or injury.

Hepius Medical

Hepius Medical is developing smart cardiac catheter technology to assist surgeons in delivering safer and more effective ablation therapy to patients with cardiac arrhythmia.

Journey of Surgery

JoS is an AI-powered communication application that facilitates informed and shared decision-making between patients, families, and surgical teams. The initial focus is to improve the experience and outcomes for children undergoing surgery.

Remote Optical

Remote Optical provides medical devices that allow ophthalmologists and optometrists to remotely examine, diagnose and track optical diseases, disorders, and damage.

Simmunome Inc.

Simmunome Inc. builds AI-driven disease simulations to predict outcomes of clinical trials in the drug discovery process. Using our approach, researchers can avoid costly late-stage failures before stepping into the lab.


Social Impact Enterprise Track 2021 Finalists


CourseLnk is a platform that connects students in the same classes, faculties and extracurriculars. Thousands of premade chats allow students to coordinate studies and social life on one, centralized platform.

Gualtieri Inventions

The Universal Seating Apparatus conforms to the needs of people with various disabilities, alleviating their discomfort on an airplane. Gualtieri Inventions' aim is to include and promote the well-being of people with disabilities in air travel. They are continuously striving to improve and provide solutions and support for this community.

Keen to Help

A social network whereby users build their volunteer profiles to enable seamless volunteer onboarding with the goal of encouraging volunteerism amongst University students.

LeadEd Foundation

The LeapEd Foundation facilitates creative thinking, practical learning and skills development through the provision of entrepreneurship training, technological skills training and mentorship programs for Zambian High school students.

My Place du Marche

TheMcGill Food Analytics mission is to develop IT infrastructure to improve food nonprofits’ operations by creating a digital marketplace through a centralized network of volunteers and organizations.

My Media Creative

My Media Creative is a youth-run non-profit creative agency serving social impact organizations across Canada. They also run skills-development programs where young people are connected to creative mentorship and meaningful experiential learning projects with under-resourced non-profits.

Toujours en Groupe

Toujours en Groupe Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims at reaching vulnerable people, in order to empower them economically, mentally, and socially. They aim at changing lives today for a better tomorrow.


Innovation or Technology Driven Enterprise 2021 Finalists

Acrylic Designs

Acrylic is a pre-launch hardtech startup helping professional artists sell their artwork at scale by rethinking how paintings are produced.


Flowbo specializes in financing creators and influencers to monetize and grow their value.

Lenders API

Lenders API is a challenger credit bureau that provides real time data to Canadian lenders.

Otto Optical Systems Inc.

Otto develops technologies that drive growth and bring operational efficiencies to independent eyecare practices, empowering them to remain competitive in an evolving industry.


The Rydersafely platform validates that autonomous systems can perceive unforeseen dangers - or edge cases - around them. This unblocks automotives to mandated assisted driving in 2021 and the $2.5trillion self-driving future. is a no-code platform that allows anyone to build dynamic websites and apps. optimizes the revenue of a new residential development project by offering automated market research, automated initial price list generation and a demand driven dynamic price optimization.


Environmental Enterprise Track 2021 Finalists



An Agro-tech company focused on using technology to improve food security while creating a significant impact on the welfare and profitability of the agricultural industry.


Algi creates purpose driven food products centred around the world’s oldest and smallest superfood, spirulina algae.

Demeter AI

Universal, cloud-based, machine learning powered platform that enables true smart farming by optimizing resource consumption, increasing yield, and facilitating the orchestration and scaling of a network of greenhouses.


Transforming not only the storage industry, but also the way we manage our things entirely.

Food Bundles

Food Bundles is a digital platform designed to optimize the distribution of fresh food to consumers living in cities. Digitizing the supply chain, it creates a sustainable market for smallholder farmers.

Prizes to be Won

The McGill Dobson Cup Powered by National Bank is an experiential learning opportunity that offers a once in a  lifetime networking experience with world-class entrepreneurs and mentors. More than just a pitch session, finalists across all tracks are competing for just over $200,000 in funding.

Powered by National Bank, $160,000 in prizes distributed across all four tracks:

  •  1st Place  - Four (4) prizes of $20,000 
  •  2nd Place -Four (4) prizes of $12,000
  • 3rd Place -  Four (4) prizes of $8,000


Mastercard Foundation-Dobson Startup Award

Established under the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill University the MCF-Dobson Startup Awards supports ventures competing in the Social Impact Enterprise track of the McGill Dobson Cup. The awards will be offered to viable, sustainable, and scalable social ventures and community projects that create economic opportunities for others. Valued at a total of $17,000, this award will be given to two deserving teams competing in this year’s startup competition, who demonstrate innovative ideas in the areas of social entrepreneurship. The award will be divided as follows:

  • 1st Place MCF-Dobson - $10,000
  • 2nd Place MCF-Dobson - $7,000

Amount: $17,000

Murdoch Family Initiative Award

Established by Neil Murdoch (BCom‘81) and Gisele Murdoch to help support undergraduate students in the Desautels Faculty of Management to take the initiative to gain practical experience during their studies and to encourage students to be creative and entrepreneurial. The award will be for a student, in good academic standing, who has demonstrated entrepreneurial talent and initiative and is involved in an entrepreneurial venture. Students apply through the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship. Preference for the award will be given to students entering U2 or U3. Students will apply for the award by submitting business plans to the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship. The award will be given to the student whose plan is judged worthy of support as determined by the Director of the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship. It is understood that the process and method for selection is currently the McGill Dobson Cup Startup competition, which already has a committee of independent judges.

Amount: $6,000

Avmor Prize for Social Responsibility

Established in 2003 through the generosity of Mr. Avrum Morrow for an outstanding undergraduate student, or group of students, who focus(es) their efforts on social responsibility. Awarded to (a) winning team(s), composed of students, of the McGill Dobson Cup Start-UP Competition or similar McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship initiatives. Awarded by the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

Amount: $1,900

The Steven Pal Family Award

Established in 2020 by Steven Pal, BSc 1979, MBA 1981, to encourage students enrolled in the Desautels Faculty of Management’s Dobson Cup Program to be creative and entrepreneurial. The Award will be for an undergraduate or graduate student who has demonstrated entrepreneurial talent and initiative, and is involved in an entrepreneurial venture. Students apply through the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Amount: $5,000

Have questions about the program? Contact us for more information: dobsoncup.mgmt [at] 

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