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Addressing UN SDGs

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Delivering Tangible Results

With an unwavering commitment and a profound dedication to global betterment, the Dobson Centre has nurtured a diverse array of startups that are emerging as leaders directly impacting each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This year marks a significant milestone as we systematically evaluate our contributions to the SDGs in line with our mission to innovate with a purpose. This reflection strengthens our resolve to advance and adapt, ensuring that our startups not only address the SDGs but also generate a lasting positive influence.

#1 No poverty

#1 No poverty

are dedicated to fostering opportunities for those who have been marginalized or excluded to reduce the number of people living in poverty.

#2 Zero Hunger

#2 Zero Hunger

are pioneering innovative approaches in sustainable food systems, transforming the entire journey from farms to plates.

#3 Good health & well-being

#3 Good health
& well-being

are developing ground breaking technologies, products, and services to address complex health challenges and risks.

#4 Quality Education

#4 Quality

are passionately committed to enhancing global education quality while concurrently broadening opportunities for marginalized individuals.

#5 Gender Equality

#5 Gender

are dedicated to achieve gender equality globally by creating products and services that reduce barriers for women.

#6 Clean water & sanitation

#6 Clean water
& sanitation

are committed to preserving and redistributing clean water and ameliorating sanitation conditions.

#7 Affordable & clean energy

#7 Affordable & clean energy

are making significant strides toward the transition to a sustainable energy infrastructure.

#8 Decent work & economic growth

#8 Decent work & economic growth

are improving quality of work and creating quality work opportunities, ultimately improving economies and employment statistics globally.

#9 Industry, innovation & infrastructure

#9 Industry, innovation & infrastructure

are innovating in resilient infrastructure and are making traditional industrial practices less environmentally damaging.

#10 Reduced inequalities

#10 Reduced inequalities

are breaking barriers to reduce inequalities within and among countries.

#11 Sustainable cities & communities

#11 Sustainable cities & communities

are improving quality of life in cities and human settlements by improving accessibility, resilience, and sustainability.


#12 Responsible consumption & production

#12 Responsible consumption & production

are transforming the way we produce and consume to preserve our environment and our health.

#13 Climate action

#13 Climate action

are leading local and global climate action with real expeditions, engaging apps, and solutions to cut pollution.

#14 Life below water

#14 Life below water

are dedicated to preserving bodies of water and their underwater ecosystems.

#15 Life on land

#15 Life on land

are working to improve the quality of our life on land by cleaning up the environment and reducing pollution and deforestation in communities globally.


#16 Peace, justice & strong institutions

#16 Peace, justice
& strong

are leading the charge for peace, justice, and strong institutions by bolstering security for organizations and communities and championing accountability.

#17 Partnerships for the goals#17 Partnerships for the goals

The McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship guides these startups to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.



Addressing all 17 UN SDGs, one Startup at a Time

#1 No Poverty

Credit Jambo

Credit Jambo is a digital platform that provides affordable and convenient micro-loans to low-income earners and SMEs in Rwanda while promoting financial inclusion and supporting economic development of the community.

In 2023, Credit Jambo:
  • provided 450 loans to low-income earners and 5 loans to SMEs
  • spanning all 5 provincial regions of Rwanda
  • and changing the lives of over 600 family members
  • they raised $85K in capital
  • and launched their loan management system

- Phocas Maniraghua, co-founder & COO

SDG Goal #1: No Poverty

#2 Zero Hunger


MealCare is a non-profit organization dedicated to diverting surplus food from going to waste and delivering the rescued food to community members facing food insecurity.

In 2023, MealCare:
  • diverted +26,900 pounds of food going to waste
  • and delivered +29,590 meals
  • in 12 Canadian cities
  • preventing +67,200 pounds of CO2 emissions with their food rescue efforts

- Milton Calderon Donefer, co-founder & cheffer

SDG Goal #2: Zero Hunger

#3 Good health & well-being

Ozone Technologies

Ozone Technologies leverages advances in 3D printing and robotics to sustainably provide affordable bionic prosthetics to people living in low to middle-income economies.

In 2023, Ozone Technologies:
  • customized prosthetics to individuals with limb loss
  • acquired a metal 3D printing system
  • increased their staffing capacity
  • have a pipeline order of prosthetics

- Kojo Owusu-Koranteg, co-founder & CEO

SDG Goal #3: Good health & well-being

#4 Quality Education


Paper is the Educational Support System that makes high-dosage tutoring accessible to every student.

In 2023, Paper:
  • grew from 60,000 to 3 million learners across 40 US states
  • conducted 14 collaborative studies
  • with students showing an 8% uptick in Math percentiles and a 5% enhancement in English percentiles by year-end
  • introduced a round-the-clock service encompassing tools for reading, vocabulary, math, and career and college preparedness
  • and won 20 industry awards

- Phil Cutler, co-founder & CEO

SDG Goal #4: Quality Education

#5 Gender Equality

Smart Innovation Hub

Smart Innovation Hub is a non-governmental organization established to educate youth, especially young girls on entrepreneurial skills and promote learning opportunities through quality education.

In 2023, Smart Innovation Hub:
  • saw a 30% surge in female students’ participation using SMART PAD
  • 5,000 female students benefitted across Nigeria from SMART PAD

- Oluwabunmi Amosu, co-founder & CEO

SDG Goal #5: Gender Equality

#6 Clean water & sanitation

Biocene Solutions

Biocene Solutions developed Algo as an innovative device that clears harmful algal blooms, using waste resources to create cleaner water bodies across the globe.

“We work on delivering circular solutions that activate green markets through the restoration of natural environments.”

- Kimia Shafighi, co-founder & CEO

SDG Goal #6: Clean water & sanitation

#7 Affordable & clean energy


SWTCH is a fully-managed end-to-end solution that plans, installs, and manages electric vehicle charging infrastructure for multi-unit residential, commercial, and retail buildings. By implementing innovative EV charging solutions in high-density multi-tenant settings, SWTCH is accelerating the electrification of transportation.

By 2023, SWTCH has:
  • deployed 8,500+ charging ports across North America
  • entered agreements to make charging stations and apps interoperable with over 600,00 charging ports in North America including Hydro Québec, Electric Circuit, and BC Hydro EV networks
  • more than 1,200 real estate clients and 100,00 drivers have used SWTCH

- Carter Li, founder & CEO

SDG Goal #7: Affordable & clean energy

#8 Decent work & economic growth


Ecova’s mission is to make conscious shopping second nature. Through storytelling, they offer consumers real sustainable treasures, one fabric at a time.

In 2023, Ecova:
  • released its seed-to-sew completely traceable supply chain
  • launched a cashmere collection with 65% recycled cashmere and 35% virgin cashmere
  • designed an Honor Tees collection with fair living wages to artisans in India
  • diverted +67,200 pounds of CO2 emissions

- Stephanie Beaulieu, founder & CEO

SDG Goal #8: Decent work & economic growth

#9 Industry, innovation & infrastructure


Carbicrete produces cement-free, verified carbon-negative construction blocks. Their blocks are as durable as current commercial blocks, less expensive to make, and each block permanently sequesters 1 kg of CO2.

In 2023, Carbicrete:
  • manufactured 2,400 CarbiCrete blocks
  • is expanding its activities internationally
  • added 6 new patents for a total of 17 patents
  • is made in Québec

- Chris Stern, co-founder & CEO

SDG Goal #9: Industry, innovation & infrastructure

#10 Reduced inequalities


AbleFly is committed to improving the quality of air travel for the millions of people with mobility limitations who currently face significant obstacles to this mode of transportation.
It is an immediate solution that empowers air passengers with mobility disabilities to fly comfortably, safely, and independently and will be the first and only product of its kind to support the needs of adult passengers.

In 2023, AbleFly:
  • developed and tested a working prototype
  • designed robust testing protocols
  • protected their intellectual property through provisional patent and trademark applications
  • assembled a world-class executive team
  • received a $440,000 Experimentation Fund grant from Transport Canada
  • liaised with international airlines to get their initial feedback and support

- Sandra Gualtieri, co-founder & CEO

SDG GOal #10: Reduced inequalities

#11 Sustainable cities & communities

Brique par brique

Brique par brique is a social enterprise whose mission is to create affordable and dynamic living spaces for marginalized people. They achieve this ambitious objective by providing more privileged members of communities with secure and competitive invest- ment products that transfer capital from those that have to those that don’t. To support their mission, they conduct research on market determinants of unaffordable housing.

In 2023, Brique par brique:
  • collaborated with close to 20 organizations across Montreal
  • opened 31 social housing units
  • hosted 60 public community activities, reaching close to 500 people

- Faiz Abhuani, director

SDG Goal #11: Sustainable cities & communities

#12 Responsible consumption & production


GUSH’s mission is to provide the community with locally grown, pesticide-free, gourmet strawberries, 365 days a year.

In 2023, GUSH produced berries that:
  • require 97% less land
  • 90% less water
  • generate 95% less transport emissions
  • and reduce waste along the supply chain by 50%

- Phil Rosenbaum, co-founder & CTO

SDG Goal #12: Responsible consumption & production

#13 Climate action

Safe Environment Hub - Kenya

Safe Environment Hub - Kenya is a non-governmental community-based organisation aiming at influencing positive mindset and actions towards interaction with the environment through climate action.

In 2023, Safe Environment Hub - Kenya:
  • won a $12,566 grant
  • planted over 160 tree seedlings in Kenya
  • participated with 15 other entities in river clean-ups
  • semi-finalist in the Global Food System Challenge Seed Grant amongst more than 2,000 delegates and hundreds of exhibitors

- Ascarnancy Bako, founder

SDG Goal #13: Climate action

#14 Life below water

Life Out Of Plastic - L.O.O.P.

Life Out Of Plastic - L.O.O.P. is a social enterprise that raises awareness about plastic pollution and its impacts on the marine environment.

In 2023, L.O.O.P:
  • produced reusable bags and fleeces made from 100% rPET fiber
  • 100% Peruvian value chain
  • organized a nation-wide beach clean-up, trash-diving competitions and an online information hub

- Irene Hofmeijer, co-founder and board chair

SDG Goal #14: Life below water

#15 Life on land


Dispersa transforms food waste into sustainable, circular biosurfactants for the first time on the global market. The biosurfactants are not only palm and petroleum-free, but also crafted using food waste instead of food-grade sources used in existing biosurfactants.

In 2023, Dispersa’s products:
  • are completely biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • prioritize performance and create economical value
  • offer higher value and are 100% sourced naturally from our non-toxic organisms

SDG Goal #15: Life on land

#16 Peace, justice & strong institutions

Compass Startup Legal Clinic

The Compass Startup Legal Clinic was created to empower Canadian entrepreneurs by providing free legal information and fostering networks within the startup ecosystem.

In 2023, Compass has:
  • expanded its efforts into the world of investment, equipping investors with the knowledge needed to protect their interests effectively.
  • has developed accessible and comprehensive resources in the field of business law, offering support for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

- Keira Chadwick, Director of Legal Affairs

SDG Goal #16: Peace, justice & strong institutions

#17 Partnerships for the goals

McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship

As the #1 global university innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurial innovation (ACEEU) , the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship guides its startups to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

These startups impact 38 countries and benefit from Dobson’s partnerships across Canada and internationally.

Moreover, many of these startups have their own set of partners in their specific communities that help them leverage their impact.

SDG Goal #17: Partnerships for the goals

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