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Gradual reopening continues on downtown campus. See Campus Public Safety website for details.

La réouverture graduelle du campus du centre-ville se poursuit. Complément d'information : Direction de la protection et de la prévention.

The Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship

currently has 470+ active startups that have collectively raised over CA$ 3.7 Billion in funding cumulatively and have created over 10,000+ new jobs.

Meet our startups

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Location | Industry

A social network app transforming the way people organize, discover, and attend events.

3.D.E (3D Engineering)

Montreal, QC | Health

3.D.E is an additive manufacturing company that focuses on applying 3D printing technology to address

8 Bit Cortex

Montreal, QC | Health

We automate the psychiatric assessment process and expand its scope to be more informative for clinician treatment planning. Rather than the current approach of a single long, tedious and boring set of surveys, this information could instead be collected through brief and repeated micro-assessments about momentary experiences over a longer period of time. The gamification of the mental health assessment process would make it more engaging and improve adherence to protocols. We are creating an app that uses gamified micro-tests to measure changes in cognition, mood, and health behaviors over time.


Concord, ON | Information & Communication

2ship is an innovative way to simplify the shipping process for businesses by eliminating the 3PLs and making the process two-party based, while increasing transparency and reducing market inefficiencies.

Acquired by Repliers

Montreal, QC | Real Estate

7Square is a platform that finds undervalued real estate properties primed for high growth.


Abil Design Inc.

Toronto, ON | Information & Communication

Abil Design is a technology company that builds inclusive digital experiences. We strive to build platforms that serve the full range of human diversity with respect to ability and age.

Acesis Biomed Inc.
Formerly IASO, IPO Filed

London, UK | BioMed

Acesis BioMed is a Colorado-based biomedical company focusing on treatment for hypogonadism (low testosterone).

Formerly Q-MOF

Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

ACSYNAM is a McGill University spin-off company, dedicated to the manufacturing and sales of advanced porous materials using a technology that enables low-waste and clean production of a chemically and structurally diverse broad range of products.

Aeroport AI

Location | Industry

Aeroport AI is an AI solutions provider to airlines and airports. Aeroport AI brings automation to improve airside operations management, reduce the cost of delays, limit risks, and decrease CO2 emissions.


Montreal, QC | Artificial Intelligence

Aerial leverages AI and existing wireless infrastructure to create Sensing Intelligence that enables smarter applications.

AfriVate Hub

Location | Industry

AfriVate Hub is a consulting social enterprise that connects young people with entrepreneurship opportunities around Africa and Canada and offers consulting and business development services to businesses with Canada-Africa ties.


Nigeria | Agri-Food

An Agro-tech company focused on using technology to improve food security while creating a significant impact on the welfare and profitability of the agricultural industry.

Aifred Health

Montreal, QC | Health

Clinical decision support in mental healthcare, powered by AI.


Montreal, QC | Agri-Food

Algi creates purpose driven food products centred around the world’s oldest and smallest superfood, spirulina algae.


Location | Industry

Operator of a small and medium business acquisition marketplace connecting buyers and sellers anonymously.


Location | Industry

AIthletic offers the first ever fully automated workout tracking solution for gym goers. Our app leverages novel AI techniques to empower all individuals to optimize their health and fitness.

Ananda Devices

Location | Industry

ANANDA offers unique, custom designed microdevices for cell analysis. We are enhancing biomedical research productivity and diagnostic quality, by using nanotechnology to replicate the cells’ natural environment. Our products have been used to develop new therapies against Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, and much more.

Anne Schaw

Location | Industry

Anne Schaw is the idea of a Saas startup, a platform using AI, to provide a more sustainable way of purchasing clothes. Through technology, we will implement a study of the physical and psychological characteristics of the person to provide more sustainable, harmonic, and assertive choices of purchase, according to your unique profile. This will happen thanks to the technology (AI) used to optimize the choices according to people's body and profile, what will reduce costs and waste of material.

AppConnect Perspective

Location | Industry

AppConnect Perspective is a Startup that uses advanced software engineering technologies to automate business processes. AppConnect aims to eliminate manual system integration while providing consistency and traceability across companies' data.

Arkangel Ai

Colombia | Health

Arkangel is a health guardian design to prevent chronic diseases. It's like Siri for health. We use AI to automate a medical program developed at the US. Center for Disease Control to prevent diabetes.


Montreal, QC | Retail

Artizanko is an e-commerce platform that acts as a middleman in order to solve the mismatch in the supply and demand of artisanal & natural products. Our strategy is to leverage the potential of artisans and cooperatives around the world to sustain a viable business by bringing their products and stories to international customers who are increasingly socially and environmentally conscious. Think of us as the Amazon of natural and artisanal products. We generate revenue by taking a percentage of profit from the sale of products on our platform.


Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

ArtVenture is the first bespoke art market analytic tool that help collectors to make well-informed art investment decisions, bringing real-time auction information, data analytics, market research in one integrated platform.


Location | Industry

Audience aims at democratizing the process of finding and purchasing a physical or digital fitness service while empowering qualified fitness entities to refine their audience through a two-sided fitness marketplace.

Avanta Orthopaedics
Acquired by Small Bone Innovations

Location | Industry

Designer and manufacturer of orthopaedic implants. The company engages in the production of surgeon-innovated implants, enabling surgeons across the globe to treat orthopaedic pathologgies of the hand, wrist and elbow.

Formerly TrustCare

Location | Industry

TrustCare is an AI-driven solution that facilitates real-time information flow through the senior care process.


Montreal, QC | Health

Azimut Medical aims to solve one major issue which seniors face; hip fractures. We are developing an intelligent belt which detects falls and deploys an airbag automatically around the user's hips to prevent fractures.

Académie du Succès

Montreal, QC | Education

Success Academy has made it its lifelong mission to help students get accepted in their dream career. Our program, CareerAccess, is unique in Quebec, and it will put all odds in your favor for that long-awaited “yes”!

Acrylic Robotics

Montreal, QC | Design Technology

Acrylic is a pre-launch hardtech startup helping professional artists sell their artwork at scale by rethinking how paintings are produced.

Aecho Biotech

Markham, ON | Health

Aecho Biotech develops acoustically actuated polymeric patches for the controlled delivery of drugs and supramolecular constructs to target tissues for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.


Location | Industry

For people who want fresh healthy air in their home year-round, AeroY is the most compact air exchanger that delivers filtered fresh outdoor air into your home minimizing energy use.

Affordance Studio

Montreal, QC | Hospitality & Leisure

Play Human Resources is a serious game made by Affordance Studios in partnership with HR experts from HEC Montreal. The game is being sold as a web application at $40 per license to first-year HEC students with a later rollout to new institutional and corporate clients for mobile devices.

AFX Medical

Location | Industry

AfriVate Hub is a consulting social enterprise that connects young people with entrepreneurship opportunities around Africa and Canada and offers consulting and business development services to businesses with Canada-Africa ties.

Ahegel Technologies Ltd.
Formerly HAi-Bridge

Nigeria | Education

HAi-Bridge advances knowledge and innovation by investing in the youth. It accomplishes this by providing a conducive learning and research environment that forge change-makers

AIM Colours

Montreal, QC | Design Technology

Real-time colour changing eNails


Location | Industry

Allez Map is a navigation platform for Montreal hospitals, providing accessible and interactive maps for patients and employees. It simplifies wayfinding and improves the hospital navigation experience.


Location | Industry

Climate change is a growing systemic risk that investors increasingly face. Alter empowers them to price exposure, reduce uncertainty, and improve returns while fulfilling disclosure requirements.


Laval, QC | Education & Research

Through computer vision algorithm, we can improve the childcare safety, protect children's growth and development through detailed observation.


Location | Industry

Our innovative platform uses cutting-edge interactive 3D women’s pelvic models to provide tailored details and resources to educate about women’s health and empower women globally.


Location | Industry

Anomera is an advanced materials sciences company.

Assistive technology

Location | Industry

An assistive technology solution that uses computer vision and AI to enable visually impaired individuals to navigate indoor spaces autonomously, improving their mobility and independence.

Arravon Technologies
Formerly Exploriti

Toronto, ON | Education

Exploriti is an app designed to enhance student life; specifically targeting extra curricular and social activities. It is a digital community hub for university students participating in campus clubs, teams, and organizations of all kinds.


Calgary, AB | Hospitality & Leisure

ArtMatch is bridging the gap between the owners of commercial spaces and local artists unable to afford gallery fees by providing them with a mobile platform to find each other with a few simple taps.

Whether you are a Montreal startup founder with very limited funds who just moved into your first office space and are looking for local art to make your space more inspiring while saying frugal, or a NYC real estate mogul wishing to support local artists, ArtMatch got your artistic match! With ArtMatch, you can buy or rent local art and have it delivered from the artist's studio to your space within the next 24-48 hours.

Audible Reality
Formerly Spatial Mastering

Montreal, QC | Software

At Audible Reality®, we're partnering with streaming services to connect the world through unique and shareable sound experiences. Setting a new standard in sound and music customization, we're altering the music and audio experience forever. Thanks to Audible Reality®, sound quality, file formats and audio devices are no longer gatekeepers to the ultimate, most personalized listening experience that's all about you.

AUM Life

Montreal, QC | Health

AUM LifeTech is an American Biotechnology company focused on using next-generation RNA silencing technology to develop solutions in diverse life science verticals including biomedical research, medicine, agriculture, and aquaculture.


Montreal, QC | Health

Beyond medications, the distressing hallucinations of schizophrenia can be treated with avatar therapy. We are developing an application that transforms a therapist's and patient's electronic devices into an avatar setup.


Location | Industry

A marketplace e-commerce platform, congregating fashion solutions for individuals with disabilities. By providing a more seamless shopping experience, we aim to fill the gap in the fashion and health landscapes.



B3D Performance Inc.

Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

B3D Performance specializes in additive manufacturing (3D printing) using metal powders. We develop instrumentation to monitor the powder quality to reduce production costs and minimize the impact on the environment.

Back To Health

Location | Industry

Chronic back pain diminishes your quality of life and access to treatment is costly or difficult. Our mobile app will coach you through personalized treatment so you can improve your health immediately and affordably.

Biocene Solutions
Formerly Algo

Location | Industry

Algo is a service for collecting harmful, excess algae from bodies of water and transforming the algae into value-added products like biofuel and fertilizer for sustainable consumption.

BIOS Santé

Location | Industry

Developer of prosthetic connectors designed to standardize the connection between bionic devices and neural and soft-tissue systems within the body. The company's connectors are implanted medical devices that insert into the end of an amputated limb, crossing through the skin barrier to provide a permanent attachment site for any prosthetic, enabling patients to have neural control and feedback from prosthetic connectors easily.

BioTech Square
Formerly Cedience

Montreal, QC | Health

Uncovering the hidden lessons in drug development using artificial intelligence, so that we can fail less, innovate more, and address patients’ needs sooner.

Boundary AI

Location | Industry

Boundary AI simplifies life aby using artificial intelligence to improve dating, job searches, and social interactions, creating smooth and tailored experiences for everyone. Our goal is to leverage AI's power to understand and improve human relations and interactions.

Bounty Hunter

Location | Industry

Social media that works as a public square. It consists of a common public guild, and guilds built by individuals. Users can get paid by independent tasks instead of a fixed job. Also a responsible platform to make arguments without viewable interactions.


Location | Industry

BrainScores is a platform for multimodal, automated, and collaborative MRI analysis, filling a critical gap in translating neuroimaging research into clinical settings.


Location | Industry

Brighten is a new tech start-up focused on providing Canadians with personalized, accessible, and comprehensive solutions for developing routines that support mental wellness and facilitate the management of winter depression.

Buddha Brands

Montreal, QC | Retail

Owned by Temple Lifestyle (broker and distributor) we currently offer food and beverage products made with our favourite “superfood”, the beloved coconut! Our coconuts are sourced from Thailand - offering a sweet, clean and refreshing taste. Thirsty Buddha all natural coconut water was the first of our products to launch shortly after the inception of Temple Lifestyle in early 2008.


Montreal, QC | Retail

BYLOCL is a Social Media-based Cross-border E-commerce Platform; With the help of BYLOCL’s personal shoppers, money-smart fashionistas can conveniently get European fashion at a local price.


Location | Industry

B.Ease is a platform linking aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa to all of the resources, tangible and intangible, they need to ensure their success.

Beeta Biomed

Location | Industry

The development of medical technologies, including but not limited to the SALIVERA device, which is targeted for molecular diagnosis of respiratory infections in the saliva in an automated multiplex fashion.

Formerly The STAMP Device

Montreal, QC | Health

The STAMP is a necessary tool in rehabilitation globally for its ability to non-invasively characterize the abdominal compartment for improved and targeted treatment plans addressing a host of related complications.


Montreal, QC | Agriculture

Develop a bioreactor fully automated that will reduce the use of employees and reduce the waste of materials. The only thing that you need to do is fill the bioreactor with the callus/plantlets and at the end of the process collect then for acclimation.

BlueCity AI
Acquired by Velodyne Lidar

Location | Industry

BlueCiTech has developed a smart city platform to collect real-time data on the city's environment, infrastructure, and activity to provide solutions that will improve quality of life.

Bound - Fashion Library

Location | Industry

Bound is a fashion library and p2p marketplace. Our business model advocates for Circular Economy & Sustainability in fashion, connecting conscious consumers in a space where users can rent/buy items.

BoldStep Initiative

Location | Industry

BoldStep Initiative is a non-governmental organization established to create employment and earning opportunities through innovative economic empowerment programs for improved livelihoods among women and youth in rural Kenya.


Location | Industry

BreathR revolutionizes cardiovascular health with an innovative, evidence-based approach. Our innovative breathing maneuver assesses heart rate responses, empowering individuals to proactively monitor and maintain their heart health.

Brique par brique / Brick by Brick

Montreal, QC | Real Estate, Social Impact

Brick by Brick is a social enterprise whose mission is to create affordable and dynamic living spaces for marginalized people. Brick by Brick achieves this ambitious objective by providing more privileged members our communities with secure and competitive investment products that transfer capital from those that have to those that don't.

Butterfly Effect App

Location | Industry

An ecosystem where like minded people can bond anonymously and help one another get through life's challenging moments. To create a butterfly effect from one anonymous act of kindness.

Buy Your Own Bulk

Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC | Environment & Utilities

Buy Your Own Bulk (BYOB) is a non-profit organization which goal is to provide affordable organic or fair trade dry foods to the McGill University community while reducing waste production.


C-BIG Repository

Montreal, QC | BioTech

I am the scientific director of an open-science neuroscience bio-repository. One of the functions of this project is to generate novel iPSC cell lines from patients with human disease with known genetic alterations for use in industry and academic research.

Cactus Mama Telemental Services

Location | Industry

Cactus Mama uses telemental health technology to avail person-centered mental health care that is affordable, accessible and acceptable to Kenyan youth and women, addressing their mental health treatment gap.

Canadian Peer Support Network

Ottawa, ON | Wellness

The CPSN is a non-profit organization aiming to implement Peer Support Centres across Canada to improve the mental health services available on university campuses by empowering students to help their fellow peers.


Location | Industry

CapmAI is a leading provider of AI-based diagnostic solutions for capsule endoscopy. Our goal is to minimize diagnostic errors, increase efficiency for gastroenterologists, and accurately identify the location of disease.

Formerly Persitone

Lachine, QC | Construction

Carbicrete produces cement-free, carbon-negative construction blocks. Our blocks are as durable as current commercial blocks, less expensive to make, and each block permanently sequesters 1 kg of CO2.


Location | Industry

CataLum aims to develop a green chemistry adaptive photocatalysis platform to convert greenhouse gases and hazardous waste into valuable chemicals and hydrocarbon fuels for a more sustainable future.

Champion's Advantage

Location | Industry

Our team of sport experts and scouts will employ a venture capital model to identify, develop and secure the success of professional athletes, receiving a share of their future earnings.

Chatler Technologies Inc.
Acquired by Stingray

Montreal, QC | Software

Chatler is on a mission to innovate the way we interact and buy from businesses on mobile devices. Using chatbot technology, Chatler brings the conversation into mobile commerce.


Montreal, QC | Environment & Utilities

Chitostan-based nanofragrance for sustained scent release. My proposed technique involves the use of a biomaterial, chitosan, to encapsulate scent molecules in fragrant products to prolong their scent release.

Circulus Agtech

Montreal, QC | Agri-Food

Cannafish?? aims to work with fish farmers, valorizing their waste using a unique bioreactor technology and worms to produce a biological hydroponic solution to grow a wide variety of crops.


Location | Industry

A second-hand trade platform that provides one-stop services to make international students' lives simpler, greener, and more efficient.

CoCommunauté Inc.

Location | Industry

CoCommunauté Inc. is an Indigenous African E-Commerce that specializes in the sale of Indigenous African products with the aim of promoting made-in-Africa goods, thus creating economic prosperity, and satisfying Diaspora-Africans.


Location | Industry

Streamlining municipal construction approval and increasing sustainability incentives by digitizing and centralizing permit processing in a web-based application.

Community Health Volunteers

Montreal, QC | Public Sector

Our cadre of trained community health volunteers work in partnership with community organizations and the health system to extend health services to the community and help community members access needed services.

Formerly CoolHealth

Location | Industry

CoolBox presents a portable, solar-powered vaccine refrigerator. Our solution enables mobile clinics worldwide to transport vital medical equipment across greater distances in unreliably electrified arid, rural, and sparsely populated regions.


Location | Industry

Corral strives to solve the tedious event discovery process by facilitating socializing through automating the process from keeping guest lists and tickets to eventually even creating the event itself.


Montreal, QC | Education

CourseLnk is a platform that connects students in the same classes, faculties and extracurriculars. Thousands of premade chats allow students to coordinate studies and social life on one, centralized platform.

CS Nanotech

Location | Industry

CS Nanotech is delivering cheap, high-quality nano-sized spinels for various applications like fuel cells, electronic industry, etc.

CURA Therapeutics

USA | Health

Developing innovative immunotherapies to cure pancreatic cancer and other solid tumors.
Our patented technology inserted into viral vectors specific for cancer cells, targets and activates the immune system against cancer.

Curious Neuron

Montreal, QC | Wellness

Curious Neuron is developing an evidence-based resource for parents to help fill the gap in our health system


Location | Industry

We are developing versatile technologies to make plastics, metals, and other materials more cell-friendly. Our stable surface coatings can be used for various applications - from growing up stem cells in bioreactors to engineering better vascular implants.


Location | Industry

Caffinated is a web-site that provides a marketplace for people to offer their time for profit and for users who look for paying mentors/someone for a customized chat.


Location | Industry

CAOACAB is a social enterprise aim to help people in their path to decent life through ensue fair and equal opportunity for education, employment, personal growth and learning.


Montreal, QC | Health

Oral sensors that calculate carbohydrates during meals to help regulate insulin levels for diabetics. We aim to eliminate the need for manual carbohydrate counting, and automating the entire process.

Caring for Girls

Location | Industry

Caring for Girls is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing reproductive health education and services for adolescent girls and women in Sierra Leone through sexuality education, awareness-raising, and service delivery.


Location | Industry

Cell-E-Dish uses a combination of deep learning algorithms and a user-friendly interface to quickly and accurately count and label cells. To use the Cell-E-Dish, simply place the petri dish on the device, select the desired settings, and let the deep learning algorithms do the rest. The Cell-E-Dish will then provide real-time data on cell counts and labels.


Toronto, ON | Environment & Utilities

Meo Electric provides personalised, all-inclusive electric vehicle charging solutions to businesses and individuals. We offer Canada's first turnkey EV infrastructure solution including consultation, sales, installation, and monitoring.

ChemSense Technologies

Montreal, QC | Retail

We have developed an biosensor capable of detecting in-situ specific bacterial infections in under 15 minutes. This rapid detection tool is compatible with hard live tissue as well as liquid culture.

Acquired by Sunday

Montreal, QC | Software

CHK PLZ is a mobile payment application that streamlines the billing process at bars and restaurants, allowing customers to split items and pay the bill directly from their smartphone.
Formerly TIDY app

Montreal, QC | Hospitality & Leisure

TIDY app is a technology provider that matches homeowners, offices and Short-term rentals with cleaners on demand.

Cloud. FE

Location | Industry

A cloud-based, finite element software suite designed to integrate into a full-stack solution for additive manufacturing.

Cocoa Ase Fertilizer Inc.

Location | Industry

Cocoa Ase Fertilizer Inc is a startup company that converts agricultural waste from cocoa farms (i.e. pod/husks) into organic fertilizers at competitive prices for farmers across the West African subregions who are the largest producers (70%) of global cocoa beans.


Montreal, QC | FinTech

Coinverse aims to be a mobile platform that facilitates the purchase, sale, and storage of cryptocurrency for anyone in Canada.

Colorful Zone

Montreal, QC | Wellness

First Mark creates software for film sets to run digitally, safely, and with less effort, so that production teams focus on what matters - making great films, series, commercials, and shows.

Colorful Zone


Location | Industry

Connect - Santé recruit, train and coordinate peer health coaches to help vulnerable patients access recommended services and self-care resources.

Corbin Therapeutics

Montreal, QC | BioTech

Corbin Therapeutics is a biotechnology platform develops drugs from ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase.


Montreal, QC | Education

CoTeacher is an Ai-Powered content generation engine for the E-Learning industry

Credit Jambo Ltd.

Location | Industry

Credit Jambo is a digital platform that provides affordable and convenient micro-loans to low-income earners and SMEs in Rwanda while promoting financial inclusion and supporting economic development of the community.

Formerly Thinkwire,
Acquired by Doka

Toronto, ON | Information & Communication

Cupp is an AI powered question & answer platform for retaining company knowledge and accelerating employee onboarding. Ask a question, we send it to the right people in your organization. Answer a question, we reward you.

Curator Hub

Location | Industry

Curator Hub Inc. is an influencer marketing platform that aims to connect African social media influencers/creatives to brands and businesses both on the continent and in the diaspora looking to reach new audiences.



Location | Industry

Dan-A-Nou aims for equity in the prevention of dental caries for children and youth aged 6 to 18 from low-income families in the Sud and Grand-Anse departments of Haiti.


Location | Industry

Datallite- data where it's needed most. Utilizing satellite imagery, we can extract and measure different socioeconomic and infrastructural indicators to fuel impactful interventions to elevate developing countries with data gaps.

DawaSwift Technologies Inc.
Acquired by HealthBank

Toronto, ON | Health

DawaSwift is a web and mobile-app based software platform that offers real-time, on-demand and pre-scheduled pharmaceutical product delivery to customers whenever they need them from wherever they are by connecting them to local pharmacies and local drive

Decap Research & Development Inc.

Location | Industry

DECAP’s first product, the DECAP device, is a single-handed, all-in-one needle uncapper, recapper, and disposal unit designed to prevent needle-stick injuries before they happen.

Denchero Tech

Location | Industry

The development and application of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) is a rapidly growing field with immense potential for science and medicine, yet it is currently a major technical challenge to maintain hiPSC derived neurons for more than a few weeks before the detach from their growth surface and die.


Montreal, QC | Education

Dev4x helps education content providers reach children in under­served communities through self-­directed and peer­-to-­peer learning software.


Montreal, QC | CleanTech

Dispersa focuses on developing novel technology that harnesses the power of oil-degrading bacteria to present an efficient, 100% biodegradable, and low-cost solution to address oil contamination.


Location | Industry

DOMixpert a job search engine for people with disabilities. That offers job posting, job search, job application, tailored training, and legal assistance services. Other than marketing and business solution services.


Location | Industry

Dapper is a frictionless two-way platform connecting people who want affordable and convenient salon services with professionals who have the skills to provide them.


Location | Industry

The main objective is to help facilitate access of critical medical prescriptions to those facing unforeseen circumstances.


Location | Industry

The Health Currency?? is a program that help patients and peer support engage in preventative activities and health promotion.

Demeter AI

Montreal, QC | Agri-Food

Universal, cloud-based, machine learning powered platform that enables true smart farming by optimizing resource consumption, increasing yield, and facilitating the orchestration and scaling of a network of greenhouses.


Location | Industry

DeStore aims to make fast shipping, order fulfillment, and easy returns accessible to all retailers through a decentralized peer to peer warehousing network.

Development of high quality spinel

Location | Industry

The idea is to deliver cheap, high quality nano-sized spinels for various applications like fuel cells, electronic industry, etc.

Formerly Ma MobiClinique

Montreal, QC | Health

DocTocToc (fwa Ma MobiClinique) will be the first mobile and smart pediatric care unit in Montreal, Quebec, offering primary and secondary care to children.


Location | Industry

A screening test for the early detection of ovarian and endometrial cancer in women aged 45 to 75 using a genomic pap-test, analyzed by next-generation-sequencing and AI algorithm.



Location | Industry

Easy+ is a company focused on providing technologies that enable sexual autonomy intending to reduce stigma, promote sexual literacy, and improve health outcomes.

Formerly Sustainable Feels

Montreal, QC | Clothing & Apparel

Our mission is to make conscious shopping second nature. Through storytelling, we offer consumers real sustainable treasures, one fabric at a time.


Location | Industry

EduWise: a catalyst for academic achievements through personalized and science based educational support that teaches students to learn how to learn.


Montreal, QC | Software

Élance designs safe spaces at work for all, regardless of their identity.


Location | Industry

Empowering patients with a centralized platform for screening and monitoring of endometriosis via symptom tracking and detection of urinary biomarkers.

Evolufy Africa

Location | Industry

Evolufy Africa is a non-governmental organization committed to empowering children through education, training, and programs to improve their general well-being and standard of living.


Location | Industry

Express Hub is an innovation-based hub created for micro and small-scale businesses nurtured through technology to drive economic expansion of the and poverty reduction.



Montreal, QC | Health

EBHnow is a Website that offers easy, instant and free access to evidence-based healthcare information, through a catalogue of nine fully developed applications addressed clinical decisions. EbHnow making evidence-based healthcare a reality.

eeva solutions

Location | Industry

Through powerful integrations, artificial intelligence, and data-driven insights, eeva is an all-in-one easy-to-use application that is going to revolutionize the way people manage and interact with their homes.

Élite Neurokinetix Inc.

Montreal, QC | Software

Elite NeuroKinetix prides itself on its commitment to using scientific methods and a data-driven approach as a vehicle to enhance football coaching practices and promote safety through better athletic performance.

ePRS Cluster

Montreal, QC | Research & Development

The decreasing costs of technologies involving the use of genetic information have expanded the use of this technology by many scientists in different studies. However, the use of this technology imposes challenges and requires highly specialized personnel. We propose to create a specialized cluster that could accommodate this service and provide a faster solution to different needs, by means of immediate access to processing pipelines, designing and deriving polygenic scores, and/or interpreting and communicating results. Such facility could accelerate the process of scientific discovery and optimize the use of valuable data from small scale studies. Ultimately, this service will contribute for improving individuals’ health and Canadian human capital.


Location | Industry

Optimizing how rehabilitation is delivered. Empowering professionals to improve the lives of those with chronic lung disease.



Location | Industry

Fanstories is a platform that allows content creators to monetize using exclusive contents & paid messages. We use AI to automate the monetization workflow.

FemTherapeutics Inc.

Montreal, QC | Health

FemTherapeutics is a leading innovator in medical diagnostics and treatment methods for women's health. We personalize medicine for women.


Montreal, QC | Financial Services

Flowbo specializes in financing creators and influencers to monetize and grow their value.


Rwanda | Social Impact

Food Bundles is a digital platform designed to optimize the distribution of fresh food to consumers living in cities. Digitizing the supply chain, it creates a sustainable market for smallholder farmers.


Montreal, QC | Health

FoodMap is a non-profit digital platform connecting food banks with the community in an effort to reduce food waste, fight food insecurity, and promote sustainability.


Montreal, QC | Retail

With foodscout, users can discover a wealth of culinary experiences and order and pay ahead for pickup or from their table for sit down meals


Location | Industry

FORUFEDA creates opportunities for rural African females to develop themselves and impact society optimally through capacity-building initiatives that aim to eradicate poverty with access to quality education and economic empowerment.


Location | Industry

Frontal is an innovative advertising channel that maximizes the potential in every space. Frontal transforms vacant storefront windows into unique advertising spaces in neighbourhoods across the city. Essentially monetizing storefront windows during their downtime.

Future Lawyers International

Location | Industry

Future Lawyers is a registered not-for-profit organization reimagining the way to help youth discover their unique passions; we host events and leverage digital technology to bring opportunities to them.

Acquired by RenoRun

Montreal, QC | Software & Storage

Transforming not only the storage industry, but also the way we manage our things entirely.


Montreal, QC | CleanTech

The metal fuel heat and power system - powered by a green, emission-free fuel, regenerated with renewables - used as a superior energy storage solution for industrial processes and power generation.

FluoID Inc.

Montreal, QC | Research & Development

FluoID Inc. is dedicated to developing non-ionizing molecular imaging methods (without radioactivity) reducing the time and costs associated with advancing potential clinical candidates to studies in man.


Location | Industry

Foodcycle produces an upcycled plant-based protein powder to meet the increasing demand in alternative protein sources. The circular economy startup uses beer spent grains as primary entrants in its products.


Montreal, QC | Wellness

A C2C telehealth platform that connects Canadian dietitians with clients throughout the world.

For Road Safety

Location | Industry

Based on WHO's statistics data, more than 1.2 million people die each year on the world's roads, and one of the causes is occupants' negligence. This project focuses on reducing the road accidents rate by integrating human behavioural design concepts and IoV Devices to call the attention of occupants in different regions & countries.


Location | Industry

Freely is on a mission to make sexual wellness more accessible than ever. They leverage machine learning and additive manufacturing to offer custom sex toys.

FunFruits des Tropiques

Location | Industry

FunFruits des Tropiques est la source du goût ideal aux saveurs des fruits tropicaux.





Gamified STEM Education

Location | Industry

A fresh approach to STEM education using stimulating games and workshops designed by students to foster problem-solving and collaboration skills to train the next generation of researchers.


Montreal, QC | Retail

GEEK-IT! is a free post-convention e-commerce platform that allow merchants and artists to create their online shop and sell their goods.

GeoWatt Solutions

Location | Industry

Our company provides an innovative solution to generate clean electricity from abandoned oil wells as geothermal energy source. Our mission is to create a sustainable future through innovation and social impact.

GKL Audio

Montreal, QC | Retail

GKL builds audio signal processors of the highest sound quality and build quality - specifically designed to integrate into the contemporary studio workflow while maintaining the look, feel, and tone of classic equipment.

Global Custodians Academy

Ghana | Education

African Educational startup

Golden Water

Taiwan | Research & Development

Nanogold Plasmon Activating Water is a newly invented solvent that can reduce oxidative stress when consumed. It is the future of disease prevention and long-term health maintenance.

Gray Oncology Solutions Inc.

Montreal, QC | Health

Gray is a software suite that optimizes the usage of an oncology clinic’s resources. Gray will interface with existing healthcare technologies to account for multi-disciplinary workflows thus reducing patient wait times, increasing patient throughput and ultimately improving patient care.

GroBikes Inc.

Location | Industry

GroBikes is a children’s bicycle subscription service, committed to making it easier and more affordable for parents to help their children thrive, sustainably.


Congo | Agri-food

Quebecers are increasingly asking for organic products and coffee shops want a greener image. Our innovative solution: Groundit! In other words, redirect coffee grounds from landfills and put them back into the ground. Our affordable premium compost will boost local agricultural economy and decrease the carbon footprint of Montreal’s coffee market.


Location | Industry

GSE Red is a Artificially Intelligent cause-based shopping platform offering great deals and great service while giving 6% back to the cause you love, without costing anything extra.

GymBros Inc.

Location | Industry

We created a social media fitness app which is made to motivate our users to be more physically active by having many fun features and industry standard workout tracking.


Colombia | Hospitality & Leisure

Colombia Tailored Travel founded by Alexis Pradié MBA’13. Galavanta is a boutique travel operator focused on experiential luxury travel in Colombia. We design bespoke itineraries for high net-worth travellers, who are interested in culture, gastronomy, art, nature and adventure.

Genius Arena

Location | Industry

Genius Arena Academy is a school that aims to revolutionize secondary education from a subject-centric and theory focused to a system where technological life skills are prioritized for students’ development.

Ghoul RIP Inc.

Montreal, QC | Hospitality & Leisure

Ghoul RIP is a streetwear clothing company seeking to invert the industry’s current culture regarding mental health through our change-oriented design, media, and community.

Glee Factor

Montreal, QC | Hospitality & Leisure

We create a safe context where employees connect on a human level, play and collaborate over a creative experience and grow into teams that push the boundaries of conventional thinking and practice innovation

Going Out

Montreal, QC | Software & Communications

Going out allows people to conveniently meet people online and form close friendships in a fast and safe way through fun in-person group environments.


Montreal, QC | Public Sector

Tech social start-up help people GET money from businesses to GIVE to charity. GET 2 GIVE!


Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

We generate sustainable "green" straws and alternatives to single-use plastics to promote an eco-future for earth’s living creatures.


Location | Industry

Grolow aims to help price-conscious individuals cut down on their grocery expenses by enabling users to easily compare prices across various online grocers through our website and mobile app.

Groupe Yeman

Congo | Agriculture

The Water Management Application Creation Project is part of Yeman Group's multiple initiatives, chaired by YEMAN NKOY PETER. This project is also part of the straight line of the vision: "The Road of Development, the Path of Progress".

Gualtieri Inventions

Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

The Universal Seating Apparatus conforms to the needs of people with various disabilities, alleviating their discomfort on an airplane. Gualtieri Inventions' aim is to include and promote the well-being of people with disabilities in air travel. They are continuously striving to improve and provide solutions and support for this community.


Montreal, QC | Health

GynAware aims to improve the quality of life for women with uterine fibroids by offering an integrated and cost-effective biopsy solution, enabling gynaecologists to streamline decisions based on a pre-surgical diagnosis and reducing patients’ anxiety.


Haply Labs / Haply Robotics

Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

Developer of sensor devices designed to incorporate the sense of touch to computers, smartphones, tablets, and the new emerging virtual reality and augmented reality platforms. The company's devices use state-of-the-art rapid manufacturing principles to offer a unique value proposition for surgical simulation, enabling users to perform a wide variety of procedures using forced feedback systems in the market.


Montreal, QC | Health

Healthybud is a pet wellness company helping animals thrive through research-backed nutrition, education and community. Working alongside universities, vets and nutritionists, healthybud empowers pet-parents to best care for their pets

Hilfa 2.0

Montreal, QC | Hospitality & Leisure

Our team provides a professional online hotel front desk platform to manage short-term rental operations for home-sharing hosts. So that guests can enjoy reliability and authenticity at the same time.

Hivelighter Inc.

Location | Industry

Hivelighter is a Pinterest-like, highlight-based platform for everything important that we read – optimized for business, education and knowledge-leadership. Hivelighter builds dynamic knowledge-archives, delivering next-gen collaboration, speed-learning, communications & social tools.


Location | Industry

VR holograms of surgical fields


Location | Industry

HomePeace is a tech company based in Montreal, Canada and in the field of health care and smart homes which incorporate cutting edge deep learning science to detect abnormalities leading to health risk of humans living alone and specifically, elders.

Horizon 360 solutions

Location | Industry

Horizon 360 Solutions (H360) is a company in development that matches physicians and professionals from outside life sciences to collaborate on initiatives that would not progress within the constructs of a hospital or non-profit.

Hotline 25

Location | Industry

Hotline 25 aims to protect minority students from all forms of mental abuse and micro-aggressions. We provide a safe space for students to voice their concerns and receive immediate assistance.


Montreal, QC | CleanTech

Hydrolux is a green hydrogen production company distributing to warehouses looking to transition towards fuel cell powered forklifts that will save them money, increase productivity and have a smaller impact on the planet.

Healthy Legal Minds

Montreal, QC | Health

Developer of sensor devices designed to incorporate the sense of touch to computers, smartphones, tablets, and the new emerging virtual reality and augmented reality platforms. The company's devices use state-of-the-art rapid manufacturing principles to offer a unique value proposition for surgical simulation, enabling users to perform a wide variety of procedures using forced feedback systems in the market.

Hepius Medical

Montreal, QC | Health

Hepius Medical is developing smart cardiac catheter technology to assist surgeons in delivering safer and more effective ablation therapy to patients with cardiac arrhythmia.


Montreal, QC | Health

HisTurn will provide on-site or mail-in fertility testing based on the best technologies available to allow for in-depth assessment of current fertility status.

Hobby Hob

Location | Industry

Hobby Hob is a peer-to-peer hobby rental platform that connects hobbyists with the tools and equipment they need. Hobby Hob is poised to disrupt the hobby industry by connecting enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community, and making hobbies more affordable, enjoyable and sustainable.

Homnics Inc.

Location | Industry

Homnics is an AI-powered telemedicine platform that offers quality and convenient access to healthcare through telemedicine and on-demand home care.


USA | Information & Communication

HookMotion is a computer vision company specialised in casinos. We provide software that leverages existing security cameras to track a table games in real-time to maximize transparency with minimal setup.

Host a Pet

USA | Retail

Host A Pet is a marketplace that connects pet owners with certified Hosts that can offer up to six services. Our goal is to generate trust in our clients and good relationships to nourish a community and create a second family for these pets.


Location | Industry

Innovating solutions utilizing electrostatics and engineering physics to increase water efficiency in thermoelectric power plants, enabling reallocation of pure water.



Pakistan | Health

IncuberIO is about incubator with vital sign monitoring system the idea behind this technology was story of founder's niece who was in N.I.C.U they suffer alot to access her that time she decided to create such kind of technology which can minimize the distance of baby and mother.


Kahnawake, QC | Education

Indigirecruit, an Indigenous student enterprise helps Indigenous community members be college application ready. Low Indigenous enrollment countered by timely and complete school applications will change the face of Indigenous education.


Location | Industry

At Ikei we aim to provide a win-win waste reduction solution for next generation farming through robust, high-precision nutrient monitoring systems.


Location | Industry

Inspire is a for-profit startup with a prototype robotic arm that diagnoses respiratory diseases with >92% accuracy and a target operating cost of 10 cents per patient.

Interius Farms

Montreal, QC | Agri-Food

Offering a solution to stabilize volatile Canadian produce prices and make the Canadian food system more sustainable, Interius Farms uses novel vertical farming techniques to grow on-site with clients year-round.


Location | Industry

Revolutionizing trademark management with AI, we offer lightning-fast, cost-effective responses to refusals. Serving legal pros and the public, we're redefining trademark protection.

Independent Robotics

Westmount, QC | Robotics

Independent Robotics provides designs, fabricates and sells underwater and amphibious robots and related technologies.


Location | Industry

Infāque is bringing giving into the digital era. Making it frictionless, transparent, and democratized. Frictionless means automated monthly subscriptions to causes. Transparent means impact reports. Democratized means that people can reclaim philanthropy from big institutions.


Uganda | Education

InoGen is a Social Enterprise that resolves the gender disparity in science subjects among Ugandan high schools by creating practical workshops and mentorship programs for girls.

Intensive Care Unit Bridge Program

Montreal, QC | Health

We help the therapeutic alliance develop between hospital staff, patients, and their families in the Intensive Care Unit through university students that volunteer and shadow weekly within the unit.


Mississauga, ON | Health

Our patented 2-D crystalline hydrogel technology, fabricated using FDA-approved materials, has evolved by seven years of collaborative research.



Montreal, QC | Health

Our goal is to develop a comprehensive upper extremity rehabilitation unit utilizing virtual reality technology. Our system is targeted towards patients suffering from motor, cognitive, and sensory disorders. This system is unique in that it is low-cost, fully automated and self-adapting to the needs of the patients.

Journal Prep

Montreal, QC | Education

​Journal Prep provides English editing and peer reviewing services to academics in myriad disciplines. The business aims to help authors of academic documents improve the content and written quality of their work prior to initial submission for publication.


Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

JoatU is an online marketplace that rewards community projects, promotes altruism, and helps build local communities.

Joyn Technologies

Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

Joyn is a mobile app that streamlines sports organization by finding overlapping availability amongst sports players, then shows you nearby locations with the same availability, that can be booked straight from the app



Kanyr Pharma

Montreal, QC | Health

Tapping the Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Gene Family to Treat Human Diseases

Keen to Help

Montreal, QC | Social Impact

A social network whereby users build their volunteer profiles to enable seamless volunteer onboarding with the goal of encouraging volunteerism amongst University students.


Ottawa, ON | Software

Key2Access is revolutionizing pedestrian mobility with cutting edge wireless technology to create more inclusive communities. We believe in equal access to services for all members of the community and make it our mission to assist municipalities by introducing viable solutions that are designed with the user in mind. Our hand held solutions are customized for the visually and mobility impaired but also support the needs of the elderly, parents with strollers and those with an active lifestyle such as runners or cyclists.`


Location | Industry

Kinx is an app that helps users discover, explore and express their desires in a safe, guided and interactive manner. It helps users navigate uncharted territory and promotes consent and sexual education.


Ghana | Education

Kaya ChildCare was set up to provide the hardworking Kayayoo mother with the option to get the needed development for her infant in the critical formative years of a child's life; from age 0 to 5.


Montreal, QC | Wellness

Keenoa is an intelligent food diary that gives dietitians a 360° on their clients eating habits.


Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

At Khaos, we are dedicated to helping companies and creators tell stories. To start, we are building fully functional turnkey rentable studio spaces for podcasting, video recording and livestreams.


Location | Industry

Krypto monitors and analyzes blockchain transaction to help financial institutions and other businesses protect the integrity of their funds



Location | Industry

Facilitating the digestion of academic knowledge by transforming large academic articles into a video format to be presented on our website


Montreal, QC | Artificial Intelligence

Provider of an instant online audio mastering software designed to refine and polish finished stereo mixes. The company's software uses machine learning technologies which are applied to sound engineering and delivered as a platform, enabling musicians to mix tracks for the studio without an engineer and the freedom to create, learn, collaborate, master and release music online.


Location | Industry

LBN-Guardzone makes multipurpose mosquito repellant candles that are convenient, reliable, and affordable, as one of the preventive measures to Mosquitoes and/or other insects in Malaria infested regions.


Location | Industry

We've revolutionized agriculture with a unique system: organic veggies grown in sand, nourished by fish waste. Our closed-loop model offers towns and resorts reliable, cost-effective access to top-tier, sustainable food.

Les fermes du marché

Location | Industry

Le projet se veut un site web permettant l’interaction et la vente de produits directement entre
les consommateurs, les petites entreprises agro-alimentaire et agricole québécoise. Le site
web prend alors une redevance de 20% sur la vente hebdomadaire des produits.

Libro Technologies

Location | Industry

Libro is a venture started by students who promote the idea of a safeguarded workspace for studying. Our mission is to guard unattended electronics in public study spaces, and we aim to reinvent the way students interact with their belongings.

Live Cell Technologies Canada

Montreal, QC | Health

Biological cells exert a broad range of forces, dysfunction of which is associated with a myriad of diseases from asthma to cardiovascular disease and cancer metastasis. While cell biophysics is an emerging target of diagnostics and therapeutics in human disease, there are no clinical or industrial methods for characterizing the forces exerted by cells. To bridge this gap, we have translated a bench technology, Traction Force Microscopy (TFM), to a high-throughput methodology, Contractile Force Screening (CFS). To test novel pharmaceuticals for effectiveness and cardiac safety, we offer CFS as a new drug screening technology. CFS bypasses molecular intermediates and other indirect endpoints used in current screening technologies and instead jumps directly to the key physiological endpoint – cellular contractility. The value proposition for CFS is clear: identifying therapeutic leads while eliminating false positives early in the discovery process, and identifying cardiac muscle dysfunction that may cause drug recall, leading to more economical, faster, and safer pharmaceutical development.


Australia | Retail

LocalThreads, is a B2B web service that strives to provide a streamlined medium for connecting five main stakeholders of the creative process in fashion: designers, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers.


Peru | Environment & Utilities

Life Out Of Plastic - L.O.O.P. cares for the ocean. It is a Peruvian social enterprise that inspires consumers to take actions that have positive environmental impacts through sustainable consumption and citizen campaigns. It focuses on the impacts of plastic pollution on the marine ecosystem, promoting the use of alternative products to disposable plastics.

Lotus Centre for Special Music Education

Kanata, ON | Education

We are a not-for-profit organization with a mission to provide specialized music education for children with developmental disorders and learning disabilities. Our goal is to provide music lessons by teachers who understand and can adapt to the students’ needs and to use music education to improve functioning in non-musical areas.

Luna Top Advertising

USA | Information & Communication

Luna Top Advertising is a mobile LED micro billboard company. Digital LED taxi tops are installed on taxies and partners. These units advertise for our clients throughout their respective cities.

Lachine Institute

Location | Industry

An online education non-profit, offering language test preparation and writing mentorship, to help students apply to postgraduate degrees in top-tier schools.

Laurent Pharmaceuticals

Montreal, QC | Health

Laurent Pharmaceuticals is a private biopharmaceutical company developing a clinical stage, orally-active drug candidate.

LeapEd Foundation

Location | Industry

The LeapEd Foundation facilitates creative thinking, practical learning and skills development through the provision of entrepreneurship training, technological skills training and mentorship programs for Zambian High school students.

Lenders API

Location | Industry

Most Recent Financing Status


Montreal, QC | Health

LFANT is a company dedicated to the development of safe, reliable, and readily available commercial kits for the self-administered detection of STIs in the interest of public health and awareness.

Lightbeans Technologies Inc.

Quebec, QC | Design Technology

Lightbeans Technologies Inc. ("Lightbeans") is a Quebec City-based tech startup specialized in the field of 3D product visualization. Through its advanced technologies, Lightbeans allows manufacturers, distributors, retailers, designers, and architects.

Local Logic

Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

Co-founded in 2014 by urban planners turned data scientists, Local Logic focuses on collecting, cleaning and combining data to help travellers, home buyers and consumers make better, more informed decisions when it comes to location. Location in a city determines your experience. The location of your hotel determines what you can do on your vacation. The location of your restaurant determines the ambiance of your night out. And the location of your home determines how you will commute every single day. We want to enable people to harness the power of location to live great experiences.


Location | Industry

Lodavo encourages Canadians to save more money by making saving fun and exciting through the possibility of winning large prizes.


Location | Industry

B2B software solution leveraging blockchain infrastructure to issue tokenized lottery tickets, enhancing transparency of RNG, security via cryptography, and efficiency through automated validation.

Ludo Ludo

Location | Industry

LudoLudo is a digital circular toy library that promotes toy reuse by providing a wide range of toys for borrowing and returning, thereby reducing the need for new toy purchases, minimizing waste, and lowering resource demand.


Montreal, QC | Software

LunchBox is the smart way to grab lunch. We allow consumers to save time and money by ordering food in advance from restaurants around them.



Montreal, QC | Retail

Mache is a catering logistics company that provides restaurants with the tools they need to deliver successful catering orders, while providing clients with a unique food offer.

Made in Montreal

Montreal, QC | Social Impact

To promote and support the local manufacturing community of Montreal, to make it easier to make, buy, and sell locally.


Location | Industry

Mahsi is a language-learning app for the indigenous languages of the Northwest Territories.


Location | Industry

Maneico is a natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly mosquito repellent using mangrove leaf extract to target disease-carrying mosquitoes.


Location | Industry

Marketplace for teachers that help them grade

Maxime Black

UK | Retail

Maxime Black is a creation studio for ready-to-wear menswear clothing. It aims to create technical, practical and comfortable clothing embellished by our craftmanship and use of exclusive fabrics.


Montreal, QC | Health

Mitral valve Regurgitation (MR) is a common valvular disease with a prevalence of 2% in North America. Given the growing population of elderly patients with multiple comorbidities, the risk for conventional surgery is elevated. There are efforts to develop novel, minimally invasive approaches that would reduce risks and trauma associated with conventional surgery and offer the possibility to treat a larger pool of patients while significantly cutting recovery times from weeks to days. However, most of these approaches do not reproduce the benefits of the conventional open-heart treatment.

Meal Guru

Location | Industry

Meal Guru is a service offering curated meal plans, grocery lists and recipes directly to your inbox! These plans are nutritionally balanced with the aim of simplifying healthy nutrition.


Location | Industry

MedSafer is an electronic decision support system that guides clinicians through the process of deprescribing (safely stopping or reducing medications that are harmful or no longer beneficial) for older adults.


Location | Industry

Melorous allows music artists to share their unfinished projects, receive feedback & connect with fans.


Location | Industry

Are you looking for ways to better cope with stress and anxiety in this time of uncertainty? Learn how to improve your emotional intelligence with this team’s gamified, scientifically backed EdTech tool. The platform helps you gain actionable insights in self-awareness, empathy, self-regulation, social skills, and motivation using the latest research in behavioural science.


Location | Industry


Location | Industry

For “citizen data scientists” with limited resources, Mia turns machine learning models into full-stack applications in minutes, enabling businesses to realise the value of machine learning.


Location | Industry

Microgigs aims to redefine freelancing for software development by providing fully managed remote software teams to entrepreneurs - therefore eliminating the need for hiring, documentation, project management and requirements analysis for the entrepreneur - all with flexibility and cost of hiring freelancers.

In parallel, Microgigs makes freelancing more accessible to developers who cannot commit to longer term contracts. Our aim is to be able to use AI to automate the requirements analysis process so we can break up tasks into smaller chunks (1-2 days) for any developer on the network to commit to.

Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals
Acquired by Allergan

Montreal, QC | BioTech

Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage ophthalmology drug development company.

MinuteBox Inc.

Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

MinuteBox is an end-to-end cloud-based corporate minute book management service for law firms and their clients, combining physical minute book scanning, artificial intelligence based parsing, document automation and government filing.


Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

Mixonset is a personal DJ app that lets you create seamless music mixes from your Spotify playlist with just one tap.


Location | Industry

ModPeanut involves an improved treatment and diagnosis to peanut allergy through the development of a modified, alternatively processed peanut. This peanut will be used to increase the amount of peanut that allergic individuals can tolerate through an oral immunotherapy (OIT) treatment, where individuals consume consistent increasing amounts of their allergen over time to induce tolerance. With this technology, we aim to use this modified peanut to provide a safer and more efficacious OIT treatment for peanut-allergic individuals, greatly improving their quality of life.

Molecular Forecaster

Montreal, QC | BioTech

Molecular Forecaster builds software for drug discovery, metabolism prediction, library design & small molecule asymmetric catalyst design.

Momentum Health
Formerly SeeSpine

Montreal, QC | Health

SeeSpine is a Telehealth application for screening and monitoring scoliosis. Individualized three-dimensional models are acquired via surface topography and artificial intelligence to indirectly measure spinal curvature.

MotionCorrect Inc.

Montreal, QC | Robotics

Create a solution to monitor patient movement during magnetic resonance scans to make it safer for patients, more efficient for clinicians, and save millions of dollars annually for hospitals.

MUL (My University Line)

Location | Industry

My University Line offers a beautiful metal sculpture depicting the most iconic buildings of their university campus skyline. Our art pieces are made by students for students proud of their university.


Location | Industry

Muse is the first idea ecosystem powered by artificial intelligence. We want to allow users to perform ideation/brainstorming, user testing, and get funding, all in one platform.

Mycelium Projet

Location | Industry

Mygnesium Technologies
Merged with Alpha Iota Alloys Inc.

Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

Mygnesium Technologies aims to expand the application of novel ultra-lightweight magnesium (ULMg) alloys in applications where weight reduction is critical by developing eco-friendly and affordable alloys with superior properties.

Acquired by StatSocial

Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

We help brands understand their customers by enriching their CRM database with demographic and psychographic information derived from social media.


Location | Industry

We wish to develop an electromagnetic simulation software for use in the sixth generation of wireless communication systems, and antenna design for various sorts of costumers.


Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

MAKEACHAMP is the leader in crowdfunding for competitive sports. Our global platform aims to level the playing field and ensure every competitive athlete gets the support they need to succeed. Behind every champion, there’s a crowd of supporters, and we’ve got the stats to prove it. Over 10,000 athletes, teams and clubs from 36 countries leverage the power of crowdfunding on MAKEACHAMP to raise funds, share their story and grow their fanbase. Six of these athletes made it to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, and more went on to become local, national and international champions.

MangoGen Pharma

Montreal, QC | BioTech

MangoGen is a biotechnology company that engages in the research and development of gene delivering cardiac stents and wound healing creams.

MarineSci Expedition

Location | Industry

Nous unissons la passion de la plongée sous-marine à la préservation marine en formant des plongeurs éclairés pour collecter des données scientifiques et protéger nos écosystèmes océaniques vulnérables.

Markovian AI
Formerly Rydesafely

Montreal, QC | Software

The Rydersafely platform validates that autonomous systems can perceive unforeseen dangers - or edge cases - around them. This unblocks automotives to mandated assisted driving in 2021 and the $2.5trillion self-driving future.


Montreal, QC | Health

Our aim for MBrainBio is to ameliorate the organoid production process, making it robust, consistent and scalable, to levels where organoids can be provided to users across the life science sectors for testing a given therapeutic related to disorders of the brain.


Montreal, QC | Environment & Utilities

MealCare decreased food waste and food insecurity by diverting surplus food from food vendors, and delivering it community organizations through a volunteer-led, low-cost and sustainable model.


Location | Industry

Our project currently serves 15 women in Aruu North, Pader district in Northern Uganda, all actively engaged in the activities of the self-help groups. The current project is situated in a remote part of pader district, with the highest number of children are afflicted with nodding syndrome. In the near future, we hope to expand the project to a larger community group within the exact location, and then to other parts of northern Uganda affected by nodding syndrome, such as the district of Omoro.

Mems Vision

Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

MEMS VISION provides a range of products and solutions to the sensors’ markets.


Montreal, QC | Education

Mentoria removes the hassle of finding guidance for both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans. Mentoria will service the ever-growing entrepreneur population by creating real connections between entrepreneurs, mentors, and professional services

Methane Barn

Location | Industry

MethaneBarn, an innovative method to reduce agricultural pollution in cow barns using a ceiling collector, freezing of gasses and a Separation Valve to harvest Methane

Merged into Phyla

Montreal, QC | Health

MicroPredictome aims to create licenseable AI algorithms to predict the risk of different gastrointestinal diseases based on sequencing data from the bacterial population of the human gut.

Mini-Cycle Inc.

Montreal, QC | Retail

Mini-Cycle knows the value of durable and ethically made clothing. We sell new and preloved kids clothes and guarantee to buy it all back, thereby creating a closed-loop circular economy.

Mission Barns
Formerly Ohmai Meats

Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

Using cellular agriculture to create completely new meat products.

MLG Global Inc.

Toronto, ON | Financial Services

MLG Global is a global blockchain venture creation and capital markets advisory firm with broker dealer capabilities focused on building next generation decentralized applications with blockchains and smart contract technology.


Location | Industry

Mohana empowers women with at-home testing and personalized health plans that target your worst symptoms now.

Molecules to treat neurological disease

Location | Industry

The first project relates to a re-purposed drug which we have shown has efficacy in the treatment of intellectual disability/autism. Second project relates to a project of developing a technology to better develop small molecule therapy for the treatment of stroke and neurodegenerative disease.


Montreal, QC | Software

MoveMate is an early-stage digital moving company that uses a customized app to create a marketplace where movers are matched to customers.


Location | Industry

muri-L is a company with the goal to provide healthy on-the-go breakfasts. The first product line consists of frozen waffle kits. We are committed to sustainability, by upcycling our oat milk pulp.

Acquired by SSMU

Montreal, QC | Public Sector

A technology-based Transportation Network Company, offering ultra-low-cost and frequent bus service connecting provinces, cities and towns with a highly scalable and low-risk, no-capital-investment, fully-online business model.

My Media Creative

Montreal, QC | Social Impact

My Media Creative is a youth-run non-profit creative agency serving social impact organizations across Canada. They also run skills-development programs where young people are connected to creative mentorship and meaningful experiential learning projects with under-resourced non-profits.

Myriade Inc.

Montreal, QC | Financial Services

Myriade is a software development corporation that is focused on decentralizing mining networks through more profitable mining for small rigs and create incentive for people to achieve financial security.


Nanoacademic Technologies

Montreal, QC | Nanotechnology

Nanoacademic builds simulation tools to predict the properties of next generation electronic devices.

Nathon Kong Tailleur
Formerly Tailor2Go

Montreal, QC | Fashion

The 3D Tailor that comes to you!


Location | Industry

Our B2B training company provides comprehensive and innovative training to bridge the gap between learning and practical application. Our video and game-based approach simulates the job experience, boosting confidence, job satisfaction, and revenue for our clients.

Formerly Saccade Analytics

Montreal, QC | Health

Saccade Analytics leverages eye-tracking in virtual reality to deliver better neurological care.

Nimbus Tutoring Inc.

Montreal, QC | Education

Nimbus Tutoring Inc. is a mobile peer-to-peer tutoring platform that strives to promote education by connecting students to passionate tutors for in-person tutoring lessons.

No name
A knowledge brokering platform

Location | Industry

A knowledge platform for autism and other related conditions

Nomic Bio
Formerly nplex biosciences - Nomix

Montreal, QC | Research & Development

We are developing the next-generation of protein-based blood tests. Our platform promises to unlock unprecedented efficiencies in drug development, biomarker discovery, and ultimately, precision medicine.

Formerly Jardins Koushar Inc.

Montreal, QC | Agri-food

Novagrow designs and manufactures automated indoor gardens that allow the user to grow effortlessly a wide variety of vegetable superfoods all year round, in the comfort of its kitchen.

NURA Medical

Location | Industry

NURA Medical is a medical technology start-up aiming to reduce medication errors and improve clinical efficiency in pediatric emergency medicine. NURA has developed innovative technology which determines the weight of pediatric patents and performs weight-based medication dosage calculations to facilitate medication preparation, ensuring every child receives the correct medication dose every time.

Nurse On Call (NOC)

Montreal, QC | Health

NOC connects certified nurses with people seeking medical assistance in their home. A request for care is submitted using our app and our network of nurses is notified.


Location | Industry

Our startup company is creating a website that aims to revolutionize the job search process. We understand that the current job market can be overwhelming and time-consuming for both employers and job seekers. Our platform will streamline the process by connecting job seekers with relevant job openings, and employers with qualified candidates. We will use a unique algorithm to match job seekers with jobs based on their skills, experience, and preferences. Additionally, our platform will offer resources and tools to help job seekers improve their resumes, interview skills, and more. Our goal is to make the job search process easier, faster and more efficient for everyone involved.


Location | Industry

Nanofacile creates easy-to-use kits for producing nanoparticles that can be used by laboratories and companies to facilitate research, promote discovery, and empower researchers.


Toronto, ON | Information & Comunication

Visualize and control resources from your favourite apps in one place.

Neophyto Foods

Montreal, QC | Agri-food

Fixing the food industry using plants and science. We create delicious plant-based alternatives that mimic the taste and texture of animal-based products so you don’t have to compromise. We're reinventing the food that you eat.

NexPlasmaGen Inc.

Montreal, QC | BioTech

NexPlasmaGen was created to develop and commercialize the patented APGD-t for medical applications such as the treatment of chronic wounds, cancer and skin infections

No name
Clinical development of a novel protein

Location | Industry

Clinical development of a novel anti-fibrotic peptide drug for the treatment of skin and lung fibrosis in scleroderma. The proposed business idea aims at developing a unique peptide drug as an effective anti-fibrotic treatment for scleroderma, a serious medical problem with limited treatment options.


Location | Industry

Modifying the enzymatic activity of RHBDL4 may provide a therapeutic strategy to prevent or stop progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Location | Industry

Make automated trading accessible to everyone. Our user-friendly application is designed so that anyone can create, test, and implement their own trading strategy on a large scale while tracking their performance.


Montreal, QC | Wellness

Nurau is the new version of Neuropresse, the first French-language journal dedicated to mental health in Quebec, which was created in 2017. The mission always remains to inspire, entertain and educate our audience around mental health and wellness, as well as to combat the stigma that surrounds them.

Nurture Posterity International Ltd.

Location | Industry

Aims at improving the overall health of women and children through fostering optimal feeding programmes and nutrition-sensitive agricultural programmes in African communities.

NXTSENS Microsystems Inc.

Montreal, QC | Research & Development

Empowering tailored micro technology by offering customizable sensing solutions on scalable standardized processes; drastically reducing development cost and time to market for our long tail customers enabling a new frontier in sensing technology.



Location | Industry

OD1N Health is creating a hands-free autonomous urinalysis technology, providing a fast and comprehensive overview of your health, in the comfort of your home.

OfficiallyHis Inc.

New York, NY | Fashion

The go-to makeup brand for everyday men


Montreal, QC | Health

Oncohale innovates lung cancer chemotherapy by providing an inhalable alternative. We will re-formulate proven anticancer drugs to develop chemotherapy that has fewer side effects and greater convenience.


Montreal, QC | Education

Opportutoring provides refugees with free one-to-one online English tutoring to open up their opportunities in their country of relocation.

ORA Graphene Audio Inc.

Montreal, QC | Nanotechnology

Advanced Nanomaterials for High Performance Loudspeakers

Otto Optical Systems

Location | Industry

Otto develops technologies that drive growth and bring operational efficiencies to independent eyecare practices, empowering them to remain competitive in an evolving industry.


Location | Industry

Through information, education, and self-therapy, Ozex aims to help parents rediscover their intimacy post childbirth. Our services include the facilitation of group activities on sexuality issues for new parents.

Off the Grid

Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

Off The Grid specializes in cardio training equipment combined with a web application that turns energy into electricity. The generated electricity is then redistributed directly into the grid.

OM Meditation Hub

Location | Industry

To create a physical space with an optimal environment for users to simulate their awareness. The space offers guided meditations with the convenience and accessibility of your everyday vending machine.

OpAI Innovations

Montreal, QC | Health

OpAI Innovations assists medical practitioners in providing the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing breast surgeries through the use of an intraoperative imaging tool to assess breast symmetry.

Ora-3D Inc.

Location | Industry

Ora-3D is intersecting smart healthcare with product design and AI to make global oral health care intuitive, accessible, and more effective. Our three-dimensional brushing solution is designed to be an upgrade from your regular toothbrush to reach 3x more surface area for plaque removal and simulate dental recommendations with oral diagnostics with just a bite and glide. We are designing a world where you can achieve better oral health with zero habit change.

Oriental Premium Tea

Montreal, QC | Food & Beverages

We introduce time-honoured authentic home-style traditional Chinese tea and herbal beverages to the Canadian markets, where few stores or brands currently serve the trending refreshment.


Location | Industry

OutSmark offers adaptable marketing framework software that aligns strategy with marketing. Combatting wasted funds and disconnected departments, it streamlines planning, implementation, and tracking, ensuring impactful, cost-effective marketing with bottom-line results.

Ozone Technologies

Montreal, QC | Health

Ozone Technologies is in the business of making affordableprosthetics for developing countries.


PalmTree Africa Initiative

Location | Industry

PalmTree Africa Initiative is dedicated to driving advancements in sustainability through soil and voluntary carbon credits for new markets while enhancing the economic prosperity of communities and states across sub–Saharan Africa involved in palm oil production.

PanArt Productions

Montreal, QC | Hospitality & Leisure

PanArt Productions uses the scenario, esthetic and genre of short films to create entertaining and impactful video advertisements for socially responsible companies. Our creations help companies grow through social media.


Montreal, QC | Education

The Educational Support System that makes high-dosage tutoring accessible to every student.

PDT Food Depot

China | Environment & Utilities

PDT Food Depot redistributes surplus food from food producers to communities and organizations in need.

Peko Produce

Location | Industry

Peko Produce delivers imperfect or surplus fruits and vegetables to consumers at up to 40% off grocery prices. They are on a mission to fight food waste and promote access to affordable, healthy food.


Location | Industry

PeTIT VR is a multiplayer trauma course in virtual reality that allows health providers to unlock their technical and cognitive skills in pediatric trauma management.

Physio Biometrics Inc.

Montreal, QC | Retail

Dedicated to the development of practical and accessible innovations for people with movement and posture vulnerabilities that can be marketed directly to those at risk and those who treat them

Pill Pals

Location | Industry

Pill Pals is a health-tech startup on a mission to ensure that customers of all ages are able to access and consume medications safely within its durable life period. We aim to produce colour-changing labels through an existing technology (TTI technology) to place on medication bottles in replacement of the traditional expiration date labels with the goal to reduce medical accidents in consuming expired medications for seniors and those who have visual impairments.


Montreal, QC | Real Estate

Placify is a platform that helps landlords invest, rent and manage their properties. It’s a one-stop-shop solution that ensures that landlords spend less time and generate more revenues with their rentals.


Location | Industry

Plovr seamlessly combines tradition with advancement, allowing people to keep their beloved gas guzzlers while emitting to the same level of carbon as the new electric counterparts.

Ponti Home

Westmount, QC | Retail

Ponti Home, the Home of Sensible Luxury. We offer products curated from over the world such as duvet cover sets and tablecloths at affordable pricing using.

Formerly AdUp,
Acquired by Upland Software

Germany | Information & Communication

PostUp or AdUp is an online marketplace for physical advertisements. AdUp allows small businesses to pick and choose locations that cater to their target demographics and gives venues such as bars and restaurants a platform to monetize unused space.

Formerly Elixir

Location | Industry

Paire (fwa Elixir) is a virtual reality dating platform that empowers users to build real connections without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Panthalida Technologies Limited

Kenya | Agri-food

Panthalida Technologies Limited was established in July 2018 in Kenya with the goal of leveraging Information and Communication Technology to provide services that support businesses and efficient farming practices.

Formerly Heka
aka eRA Rehab / e-Rehabilitation Advancement

Montreal, QC | Wellness

Harnessing the power of smartphones to create a strong ecosystem between customers and clinicians to enhance the recovery process.

Peera Inc.

Location | Industry

Peera is a platform where college students upload their syllabi to receive a custom semester plan. Complete with everything from readings to paper deadlines, Peera takes the stress out of time management.


Montreal, QC | Software

Pelcro is a content subscription platform that provides publishers with tools and data to drive subscription revenue from their audience. Pelcro’s data-driven platform is powerful, affordable and easy to integrate. It empowers content creators to provide subscribers with premium content and the best user experience.


Location | Industry

Petsev is a non-profit mobile application which shows pets for adoption as well as lost pets nearby. Pet-walking and pet-sitting services are thought to be included in the future.


Montreal, QC | Software

Piccles is a collaborative coloring experience that lowers anxiety, relieves boredom, and fosters connection by engaging people in the cathartic act of coloring.


Montreal, QC | Education

Piriko is a platform that enables students to better interact with their university campus. It is a one-stop solution to discover campus activities and meet likeminded individuals.

Formerly Entr

Location | Industry

Space rental platform

PLS Signals

Location | Industry

Scleroderma is a serious medical problem with limited treatment options. The proposed business idea aims at developing a unique peptide drug as an effective anti-fibrotic treatment for scleroderma.


Location | Industry

A fun, environmentally driven twist on everybody’s favorite summer treat. PopShots are alcoholic popsicles made with sustainable ingredients and entirely recycled packaging. Every ten boxes sold removes one pound of the ocean’s plastic.


Location | Industry

Precare is an innovative platform providing up-to-date evidence-based information through animated medical and surgical guides, accessible in 20 languages for free. Precare increases information-retention through audiovisuals, reducing dependency on printed-media.


Location | Industry

QuinteScent Heritage

Montreal, QC | Wellness

QuinteScent Heritage was founded by two sisters from Madagascar to promote the health benefits of the aromatic and medicinal plants of the Indian Ocean region. Our mission is to improve customers wellness by creating unique essential oil based products while supporting the sustainable development of local communities.


Location | Industry

QuickRFit is a retrofit solution for gyms that helps their members achieve their full fitness potential.

Quokka HR Reward Limited

China | Information & Communication

Quokka is an employees recognition and rewards platform tackling high staff turnover, low motivation at job in business by offering perks, recognition badges, loyalty program, milestones and challenges embedded in blockchain-based network


RailVision Analytics

Montreal, QC | Software

RailVision Analytics specializes in advanced analytics and AI for the passenger rail industry, primarily for the purpose of reducing fuel consumption, preventing equipment failure, and increasing locomotive performance.

Ramble Technologies Inc.

Montreal, QC | Hospitality & Leisure

Ramble is an experience-based mobile application. The Ramble ecosystem allows users to instantly discover experiences and offers creators a turn-key solution for event creation.

aka Readable App Software

Zambia | Information & Communication

Readit is a multi-purpose media house that will host all users' reading incentives, likes and needs. The firm is software based and will offer its services by the use of a web and mobile application.


Montreal, QC | Retail

Rebicycle is a social enterprise that sells custom upcycled bicycles. Through the sale of Rebicycles, we provide refugees with affordable transport and sustainability-oriented start-ups a venue for their promotion.

Reference Free

Location | Industry

With this website(app) students or employer do not need to worry about getting references, recommendation letters from former employee or their professors.

Remix Snacks

Montreal, QC | Retail

reMIXed transforms the concept of traditional trail mixes by introducing dehydrated beans and re-purposed fruit, providing an affordable alternative that combats food waste.

RENA Biotech Inc.

Montreal, QC | BioTech

We at RENATECS aim to provide a cost effective solution for fast and accurate detection of contaminants in raw material in food, pharma, cosmetics and natural health products industries.

Rezo Biomedicals
Formerly IVOrg Tech

Montreal, QC | BioTech

We are developing a cell encapsulation device that can protect pancreatic islets from the immune system while regulating blood glucose and insulin level in patient with diabetes.

Rose of Jericho Tours

Location | Industry

"Rose of Jericho Tours" is a pioneering wellness travel enterprise that specializes in curating bespoke, individualized tours for clients who aim to explore and enrich their spiritual and emotional journeys.

Raiv Computers

Location | Industry

Raiv computers is building the next generation of connective tissue for brain-computer interfaces & neural implants.

Rayn Family Farming

Location | Industry

Rayn Family Farming is committed to sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices. We grow high-quality, pesticide-free, locally-grown produce using vertical farming techniques and offer edible insect-based protein.

Ready Education

Montreal, QC | Education

Our product extends to all aspects of student life, and strives to reduce the complexity of campus life into a coherent user experience. As an education technology company, our mission is to provide both a valuable product to students, and insightful data for administrators to improve efficacy. Our vision is shared by 100+ schools we work with across the world, each of whom has worked alongside us and helped us craft the best experience possible for students.

Reconsolidation Therapy

Montreal, QC | Health

Trains and provides care using Dr. Brunet's reconsolidation therapy.


Location | Industry

Remedy is a medical diagnostic aid software application for healthcare professionals. It uses the latest scientific data to suggest potential diagnosis based on symptoms and tests. It also recommends additional tests when required.

Remote Optical

Montreal, QC | Health

Remote Optical provides medical devices that allow ophthalmologists and optometrists to remotely examine, diagnose and track optical diseases, disorders, and damage.

Reveal Surgical
Formerly ODS Medical

Montreal, QC | Health

Reveal Surgical (fwa ODS Medical) is a medical device company that seeks to commercialize our exclusive Raman spectroscopy system.


Montreal, QC | Software, Health

Rhythm is a decision tree algorithm for ophthalmic triage and referral. Rhythm standardizes care using current best practices, democratizes access to patients, and improves the efficiency and accuracy of referrals.


SAB Medical

Location | Industry

At SAB Medical, we are developing a digital health platform that will improve the quality of life of our seniors by diminishing the risk of falls. We do that by predicting and evaluating the risk and providing an individualized fall prevention plan.

Sama Sama

Location | Industry

Founded by Reina Yuan in 2023, Sama Sama is a floral design brand inspired by femininity and poetry. Sama Sama is a jovial lover of everyday life and relations of all kinds; a self-expressive, well-traveled florist who considers flowers a medium of candid interaction to express affect of all kinds.

Scoop Therapy

Location | Industry

Scoop Therapy is a business that offers homemade and artisanal ice cream. We specialize in Caribbean flavors, as well as traditional and uniquely creative flavors. We offer "comfort in every scoop". Our ice cream is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.


Montreal, QC | BioTech

CLiC​ enables precision single-molecule biochemistry.

Seeing Voices Montreal (SVM)

Montreal, QC | Social Impact

Seeing Voices Montreal (SVM) is a non-profit agency that aims to share and spread the vibrant Deaf culture across Canada by bridging the gap between communities and overcoming language barriers.


Montreal, QC | BioTech

Sensoreal is a diagnostic device and service provider company.


Location | Industry

Designer and developer of helmets for trekkers and bikers. The company develops head protection covers and padded helmets to help cyclists, mountaineers and bikers safeguard their heads and necks from injury in case of an accident.


Location | Industry

Shubber is a software company that helps clients connect with beauty professionals in their city. Our platform allows clients to easily find and book appointments with local braiders, barbers, and nail technicians. Whether you're looking for a new haircut or a fresh set of nails, Shubber can help you find the perfect beauty professional for your needs.

Simmunome Inc.

Montreal, QC | Health

Simmunome Inc. builds AI-driven disease simulations to predict outcomes of clinical trials in the drug discovery process. Using our approach, researchers can avoid costly late-stage failures before stepping into the lab.

Formerly CQ Mineral

Montreal, QC | Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management platform providing logistic visualization, predictive scenarios, and automatically enforced contracts.

Montreal, QC | Software is a no-code platform that allows anyone to build dynamic websites and apps.

Smart Innovation Hub

Location | Industry

Smart Innovation Hub is a non-governmental organization established to educate youth, especially young girls on entrepreneurial skills and promote learning opportunities through quality education.

SMS Nano Tech

Location | Industry

We are focusing on novel early-stage diagnostic platforms for infectious diseases. We developed a rapid PCR-based test SALIVERA 1.0, which enables accurate and rapid COVID-19 clinical testing using saliva.

Solergy Systems

Montreal, QC | Environment & Utilities

Solergy Systems is specialized in the implementation of solar energy projects on remote locations and off-grid sites. We want to use solar power to build and support a better world.

Formerly PLAKK

Montreal, QC | Health

PLAKK will revolutionize the characterization of atherosclerotic plaques to improve the prediction, treatment, and ultimately the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.


Location | Industry

Making clothing more affordable and sustainable by using the waste product from soy factories and manufacturing a soy fabric.


Location | Industry

A food-tech company that harnesses what has been crowned by the UN as “the best food for tomorrow”. Spirufoods grows and offers fresh spirulina (micro-algae) to incorporate in various foods.


Location | Industry

Spotter is a student life application that connects University students to student locations and allows them to create or join events such as bake sales, study sessions, club events and parties.

St-James Drop-In Centre
Formerly Streetsuds-LaBuanderue

Montreal, QC | Social Impact

StreetSuds: a laundry service on a mission. As a social enterprise, Streetsuds provides commercial services to Montreal businesses. We strive to stand out in a competitive marketby offering quality service at competitive prices while promoting community sustainability. The social impact of StreetSuds is tangible; we employ marginalized individuals, empowering them in our supervised transitional employment program. StreetSuds strives to follow ecological business practices throughout the spectrum.


Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

Stocate is building a circular economy with equal opportunity by helping you put your money where your values are.

Student Cell Repair

Location | Industry

My business idea is as simple as it can be: offering cheap, fast, convenient cell repair to university students, right in the heart of our campus.

Sustainable & local hem paper production

Location | Industry

We want to develop a synthetic biology-based approach to develop a hemp plant with improved cellulose content in order to create a more efficient and sustainable paper source.


Location | Industry

Sutton is a peer-hosted cloud offering open Javascript functions hosting. We connect developers to billions of computers holding valuable, unused processing power.


Location | Industry

Driving the evolution of smart homes, we strive to blend human comfort with environmental sustainability, fostering well-being for residents and the planet through proactive home technologies.

Sweater Planet
Formerly The Sweater Guys,
Acquired by Bossy Panda

Montreal, QC | Retail

The Sweater Guys is a custom printing apparel solution centred around the university student market that offers the highest quality products, the fastest speeds and the most customizability.


Location | Industry

SynDerm is a Medical Technology company that specialised in advanced wound management. Synderm’s product (Dermobor) is manufactured using advanced tissue engineering technology to create a unique Xengenic Skin substitute for burn ulcers.

Safe Environment Hub - Kenya (SEHub)

Location | Industry

Safe Environment Hub-Kenya (SEHub) is a non-govermental community-based organisation aiming at influencing positive mindset /paradigm shift and actions towards interaction with the environment through climate action.

Samantha Authentic

Location | Industry

Samantha Authentic is a fashion brand offering timeless pieces for the modern day woman. Driven by the idea of slow fashion to be more sustainable in the fast moving fashion world. Today, medium quality clothing is being offered at high prices. The modern day woman who is looking for timeless pieces has to overspend to get quality pieces and the options are limited. Samantha Authentic offers high quality pieces, in limited quantities for competitive prices so that the client can feel unique and wear our products for years. We are an e-commerce, accessible worldwide and with overseas manufacturing which allow us to have better prices than our competition. Within the next year, we want to establish sales and marketing plan to reach our target audience, achieve low customer aquisition costs and high conversion ratios. After 18 months, we plan on breaking even.


Location | Industry

ScienceReach connects science and local communities. Through ScienceReach, communities can voice their most pressing challenges and needs. Then, researchers can target these challenges with their projects and offer potential solutions.

Second Chance Meals

Location | Industry

Second Chance Meals is a meal kit company for students on a budget and individuals with time-consuming jobs. To make an eco-friendly initiative to reduce food waste, the ingredients will be rescued from products that were supposed to be thrown out by grocery stores.


Montreal, QC | Construction

Sensequake is making cities safer and smarter by combining sensors, AI, and data analysis to perform structural health monitoring and determine the integrity and natural hazard vulnerability of structures


Location | Industry

SevenTM enables the design of innovative new drugs by building the end-to-end quantum machine learning/hpc pipeline. Via our computation/biology feedback loop we are building a SaaS platform as well as new drug candidates.


Montreal, QC | Real Estate

Shohm connects students with landlords through a platform that provides transparency. We then facilitate every step of a landlord-tenant relationship from communication to lease signing to payment.

Formerly Vinctus Technologies

Montreal, QC | Software

ShuttleControl is a Software-as-a-Service designed to revolutionize the way courtesy shuttle services are offered around the world. We offer an all-in-one solution to increase customer satisfaction and make shuttle operations easy.

Simply Voting Inc.

Montreal, QC | Public Sector

Simply Voting Inc. is a full-service provider of secure, hosted online elections.


Location | Industry


Location | Industry

Sleek-Stove is a social enterprise that enables access to cleaner cooking technologies by using locally sourced recyclable materials to produce and distribute stoves for low-resource communities in Nigeria and Ghana.


Montreal, QC | Information & Communication helps employers find qualified workers instantly. This system communicates job offers to those that match specific criterias.

Snowdon Partners

Montreal, QC | Health

Snowdon Partners is a private investment firm dedicated to building great businesses, by partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs and providing the help and capital you need to grow. We put people first, think independently, and invest for the long-term, as we believe that lasting value takes time to create and sustain. To learn more about our investment strategy, please visit our website, or get in touch.


Location | Industry

Next generation of networking for Gen Z

Gone Public in NASDAQ

Montreal, QC | Real Estate

Sonder/Flatbook was founded with one mission: to provide travelers comfortable, culturally-rich accommodations with hotel quality service. Don’t get us wrong: we love the sharing economy. We just think travel is richer when you get the local experience and great service. After all, why choose when you can have both?

Spectra Food

Montreal, QC | Software

Spectra Food is a food app that rewards students and young professionals for dining out regularly by offering discounts and redeemable points.


Montreal, QC | Artificial Intelligence

Sportlogiq is a venture-backed startup that develops sports statistics solutions.
Aquired by CAP Immobilier & Novea

Montreal, QC | Real Estate optimizes the revenue of a new residential development project by offering automated market research, automated initial price list generation and a demand driven dynamic price optimization.

Stay Pro
Formerly Otium

Location | Industry

Otium’s innovative noise-smoke monitor is designed to detect indoor noise level and connects smoke detectors. This product will keep home-sharing safe and sustainable. StayPro is a technology property management platform for short-term rentals, vacation homes & Airbnbs in Canada. StayPro’s hospitality is based on trust and transparency.

Street School Africa

Location | Industry

Street School Africa is a mobile not-for-profit social enterprise school that aims to provide unconventional equal access to quality education for out-of-school children in underserved communities adopting technologically powered pedagogies.


Location | Industry

StudyDate is the most productive and practical social discovery app to meet new friends and build meaningful relationships by collaborating on job or graduate school applications together.


Location | Industry

All of your chats (imessage, discord, messenger, slack, etc) and emails (gmail, outlook, etc) in one app to unify all of your communications + the ability to summarize any missed messages/threads to reduce the amount of information overload that we encounter on a daily basis.


Location | Industry

Swamicus‘s mission is to help university students find meaningful connections among their peers. The application uses a matching algorithm to match students sharing similar personality traits with the end goal of forming lasting friendships.


Montreal, QC | Environment & Utilities

SWTCH is committed to improving electric vehicle (EV) charging accessibility in urban multi-tenant settings. Our AI-powered EV charging management platform optimizes charging accessibility through machine-learning-based enforcement, scheduling, and energy management.



Formerly Canadian Astrophysics Instrumentation Laboratory

Montreal, QC | Astrophysics is a Canadian deep-tech company bringing techniques developed for experimental astrophysics to commercial superconducting sensor applications. This includes next-generation arrays for terrestrial and satellite-based astrophysics, and a new paradigm of readout hardware for quantum computing.


Location | Industry

Tails is a personal lab assistant helping researchers run smarter rodent colonies. By doing so, Tails reduces animal waste in biomedical research, saving money, time, and lives.

Formerly Lifepack

USA | Environment & Utilities

We help global supply chains waste less by offering innovative packaging that is made from repurposed materials.

Th3rd PLace

Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

A platform that aims to fill a psychological need for affiliation and belonging. We promote meaningful human interactions, by facilitating like-minded people to meet offline in a micro group format.

The Health Currency

Location | Industry

The Health Currency is a program that helps patients and peer support engage in preventative activities and health promotion

The Soular Backpack

Montreal, QC | Social Impact

A backpack with a solar panel on it that enables children in rural parts of Africa who don't have access to electricity to study every night without the use, cost and health effects of the carcinogenic kerosene lamp. As they walk to and from school every day, they are empowered with a tool to take control of their own education and their own futures.

The Victor Dahdaleh Foundation

Montreal, QC | Education

Victor Phillip Michael Dahdaleh created the Victor Dahdaleh Foundation to support and fund various philanthropic initiatives.

Third Eye of Medicine

Location | Industry

Designed and use the device that combines US system diagnostic with an AI system. This device provides vision at the implant surgery and other surgery in the maxillofacial region.

TimeOptimize MD

Location | Industry

TimeOptimize MD is a smart appointment scheduler in which patients can get placed on an on-demand waitlist for cancelled appointments and get put their preferences for appointment time swaps

Toro Matcha Inc.

Location | Industry

Toro Matcha is Canada's ready-to-drink Matcha. Made with organic Japanese matcha green tea, it is an innovative option for those who want to fuel their life with healthy energy.


Montreal, QC | Fashion

Tote is a mobile fashion marketplace that seeks to ease and personalize the shopping experience through machine learning.

Transcriptomics Solutions

Location | Industry

I am proposing a high-resolution software that can characterize microbiome at high resolution and lesser cost. Users successfully applied it in chronic pain, cancer, human milk, and space science.


Location | Industry

With TROPIQUES, get high nutritional quality with our cold-pasteurized and vitamin-rich juices without added preservatives and enjoy the best possible taste experience ever


Peru | Retail

Turbodega is a software management tool that builds a network of small grocers in emerging countriesand tracks their daily-sales in real time to provide them: lower cost of goods, access to fairworking capital lines of credit, and data-backed business advice.

Taiga Motors
Gone Public on TSX

Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

Taiga Motors is developing the world's first production electric snowmobile.


Location | Industry

A fashion online marketplace where customers can create their lifelike 3D avatars and try on any product together in order to replicate the in-store shopping experience and reduce frictions.

Tennis Academy Pro

Location | Industry

Tennis Academy Pro is the first to provide a centralized platform that will support European and North American players of any level throughout their tennis journey.

The Body Love Lab

Location | Industry

A virtual space that offers immediate access to evidence-based body image self-help tools. Now featuring an eating disorder recovery program inspired by clinical on-site eating disorder treatment.

The Hot Plate (THP)
Acquired by Tag

Toronto, ON | Information & Communication

THP is a leading creative and communications agency. We offer a uniquely transparent productized pricing model that lets you pay as you go. No Retainers. No Long Term Contracts. Our partners come back because we deliver exceptional quality and passion every single time.

The S'mores Box

Location | Industry

The S’mores Box sells gourmet s’mores kits made with handcrafted marshmallows. With four flavours to choose from, each kit contains quality s’mores ingredients, 50 conversation starters, and custom handwritten messages.


Location | Industry

The meta club 88 is a web-site that provides a marketplace for people to offer their time for profit and for users who look for paying mentors/someone for a cutomized chat.

Third Millenium Farming (3MF)

Mississauga, ON | Environment & Utilities

Third Millennium Farming (3MF) is an approach to urban agriculture that utilizes city bio-wastes (such as grey water and black water), to farm micro-crops (such as algae and grass), which serve as feed for micro-livestock (insects), which are then humanely euthanized, baked and pulverized into a new ingredient called protein powder.


Location | Industry

ThirdScope’s mission is to make advances in aerial imagery accessible to businesses. Our major focus areas include agritech (crop-health monitoring), defense (vision for drones), climate studies (change detection) etc.


Location | Industry

Together is a platform for connecting people and connecting people with the local community. People use Together to explore, find friends with the same interest, and participate in activities together.


Location | Industry

TopJobinn is an app that connects students with businesses and individuals in need of help with various tasks. It allows students to work on a flexible schedule and pick up tasks that align with their availability and skillset, resolving labor shortage for businesses.


Location | Industry

Traktour is a social business whose mission is to reconnect Canadians to where their food comes from through agritourism excursions to create more conscious, more educated, and more engaged eaters.


Montreal, QC | Manufacturing

TRAQC uses laser technology non-destructive and in-situ quality control of printed electronics fabrication. By evaluating the response of quality control patterns, our laser sensors remove the need for labor-intensive quality checks and costly manufacturing down time.


Montreal, QC | Health

We want to find drugs for kinetoplastid diseases that endanger lives of half a billion people. we will target RNA editing that is essential for parasites but absent in humans.


Ubenwa Innovations
Formerly Ubenwa Health

Montreal, QC | Health

Ubenwa is a cry-based diagnostic mobile app for newborns. It applies machine learning to analyse the infant cry in order to provide early, reliable diagnosis of birth asphyxia.


Location | Industry

unEarth is an interactive platform that educates youth through the lens of environmental systems thinking. Users explore ecosystems in a choose-your-own-adventure format while learning how local actions can have global impacts.

UTu Health Inc.

Location | Industry

Utu Health is a patient centric web and mobile health platform that aims to engage, empower and educate patients by enabling them to self-report their health care data, document self-management practices and action planning detailed in a patient journey map.

UBI Beef Inspection

Montreal, QC | Agri-food

UBI is a unique meat inspectors network for international meat trade that assures quality, tackles down Food Waste and improves Food Safety, working at half the price of competitors.


Location | Industry

An advertisement platform that seamlessly connects customers with local food, entertainment, and event venues through a mobile app that creates personalized activity schedules based on the user’s preferences.


VAE Labs
Formerly Nhance Neurotechnologies Inc.

Toronto, ON | Retail

Nhance's energy spray is a neuroprotective and cost-effective alternative to energy drinks and coffee. With the equivalent of 30 espressos per bottle, Nhance is primed to dominate an untapped market.

Vent Over Tea

Montreal, QC | Wellness

Vent over Tea provides a free active listening service that pairs people who need to vent with an empathetic listener to chat in a local coffee shop.


Montreal, QC | Agri-food

Canadians demand great quality food, and we want to provide it in an environmentally conscientious way. Our tech-enabled urban farms cultivate local, pesticide-free strawberries all year long.


Montreal, QC | Health

VitalTracer is a medical smartwatch that measues all vital signs continuously, including cuffless blood pressure. Our mission is to provide quality solutions that accurately capture vital signs to keep users alert and aware of their health at all times.


Location | Industry

An AI-powered processing system that can recommend further clinical tests if a throat cancer pattern is found in analyzed voice recordings

Voyant Media Solutions

Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

Voyant has invented state of the art computer vision algorithm that will reinvent the way online advertising is done. The AI powered solution operates in away that will generate new revenue streams to advertisers, media production companies as well as retailers without being intrusive to online users.

Valence Discovery
Formerly InVivo AI

Montreal, QC | Health

InVivo AI is using artificial intelligence to streamline the development of new drugs. Our algorithms will empower pharmaceutical companies to bring therapies to market in less time and for less money than it takes today.


Location | Industry

Vertidios is a consulting firm that offers a fresh perspective on ESG strategies, helping businesses create sustainable solutions for long-term growth and community development.

Vision Wear

Montreal, QC | Retail

Vision Wear is a lacrosse lifestyle apparel brand that embodies the grassroots culture of the lacrosse community through bold expression; made by a bro, for a bro.


Location | Industry

A relationship app that centralizes resources, vets values to increase compatibility and enhances emotional IQ.

Vope Medical

Location | Industry

Vope Medical developed an AI-driven software to clean lens contamination in minimally invasive surgery. Cleaning contamination is disruptive and inefficient. Vope provides premier vision in surgery so surgeons can focus on what matters.

VVector Bio

Montreal, QC | BioTech

The aim of the company is helping academic laboratories, hospitals, companies, and other institutions to bring faster to reality their innovative viral vector-based therapies in development.




Montreal, QC | Health

WeCanVax is a community initiative to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by promoting COVID-19 vaccine confidence in Canadian racialized communities. Our goal is to catalyze positive change by empowering individual actions to promote healthier communities.

WinAIML (association)

Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

Women in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (WinAI&ML) aims to bring women that are passionate about Creating New AI, Enhancing Current AI, Applying Traditional AI together. WinAIML is a group to allow women

  1. to learn from other women in AI/ML
  2. to share their pieces of knowledge in the field of AI
  3. to understand what is going on in the future of AI.

WinAIML aims to empower women to have an active role in the field of AI.


Location | Industry

Woshi aims to equalize access to offline experiences. Woshi empowers offline experience providers with the first B2B CRM SaaS tool providing logistic and retention services designed for offline interactions.


Location | Industry

Our company does both research and development of natural skin care products that both improve overall skin health and have therapeutic properties to treat some specific diseases.

World Wide Hearing Foundation International

Montreal, QC | Social Impact

WWH provides access to affordable hearing aids and services to children and youth in developing countries and underserved communities.



Xposure Technology Inc.

Montreal, QC | Information & Communication

Xposure Music is a marketplace that gives emerging artists exclusive access to receive feedback on their tracks from rising A&Rs (Artists & Repertoire, AKA music industry scouts) and other music industry pros.




Montreal, QC | Software

Your Kids Your OT

Montreal, QC | Health

Your Kid Your OT is an Occupational Therapy clinic providing services to children with disabilities and their families. We aim to provide a knowledgeable environment to train OTs in pediatrics.

Yumi Organics (YumiBox)
Formerly Yumitrition

Montreal, QC | Retail

A professional nutrition business offering a monthly subscription box and an interactive knowledge platform to provide continuous support, inspiration, and motivation for people with blood sugar control needs.


Uganda | Environment & Utilities

Poor sanitation is a major setback to development. Yonja is here to provide the missing link between waste management service delivery companies and households for efficient, affordable and quality services.


Montreal, QC | Services

Yuma is a service that offers meal plans at your work. When you need personalized meals delivered to your workplace at the best price, Yuma doesn't take it as a joke.


Formerly DefiSnap

Location | Industry

Developer of an asset management platform designed to facilitate relationships between financial entrepreneurs and end-users. The company's portal leverages the composability of open finance and token incentives to deploy and manage decentralized finance positions, enabling users to manage their capital in the finance ecosystem from a single user interface.


Location | Industry

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