Empowering Investors with Climate Intelligence: How Alter is Transforming Financial Management

Alter delivers critical climate intelligence data to improve financial management and investments.

Check out our interview with the co-founder of Alter, Cedric B. Robert, EP, CSR-P, MBA!


What motivated you to start Alter Climate?

Capital markets’ need for systemic climate risk information was undeniable. Investments are increasingly vulnerable due to insufficient insight into climate risks amidst the financial markets' volatility. Recognizing this, we identified a critical gap in understanding the multifaceted impacts of climate risk, motivating the inception of Alter Climate.

How did the Dobson Centre play a role in Alter Climate as we know it today?

The Dobson Centre was instrumental in catalyzing Alter Climate's development, exposing us to rigorous evaluations and critical feedback from seasoned judges. This process helped us refine our approach and strategy, enabling us to leverage expert insights effectively before engaging with venture capitalists, which helped shape Alter's trajectory.

What is the core internal capability Alter has utilized to develop its successful growth?

Our strategic advantage lies in the amalgamation of multidisciplinary expertise tailored to tackle the climate crisis comprehensively. Alter Climate's team, composed of individuals deeply committed to our mission, embodies a diverse array of skills and knowledge, forming the backbone of our innovative solutions.

What are some challenges you are facing while scaling your startup?

Scaling Alter Climate involves navigating the complexities of integrating climate risk data across diverse market sectors and regulatory environments. A significant challenge is continually adapting our platform to meet the evolving demands of global markets while ensuring our insights remain accessible and actionable for clients with differing levels of climate risk exposure.

What are you most excited about for WCEF?

The World Circular Economy Forum presents an interesting opportunity for Alter to engage with global leaders in sustainability and circular economy. We are particularly excited about exploring strategic partnerships to support our expansion into the European market. This forum will allow us to showcase Alter's capabilities in providing actionable climate intelligence, setting the stage for collaborative initiatives that drive global resilience and sustainable growth.


Alter, powered by Clearsum, stands at the forefront of climate intelligence, transforming asset management and investment strategies with our cutting-edge Climate Intelligence Platform. We provide systemic climate risk insights, empowering investors and corporations to make informed, resilient decisions. With Alter, understand the comprehensive spectrum of physical climate risks threatening your portfolio. Leveraging Clearsum’s expertise, Alter refines financial performance management and unveils new investment avenues through detailed climate analysis.

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