From Ideation to Fundraising
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We support startups through every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

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1. Ideation

You have an idea to address a real-world problem. You aim to test the viability of your concept, explore your market, iterate your solution and create a business plan for launching your startup.

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2. Validation

You have a business plan with a clear value proposition. You are elaborating your go-to market strategy, iterating your MVP and validating product-market-fit with early users/customers.

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3. Acceleration

You have a functioning MVP, early traction, and a diverse founding team. You aim to grow your market, refine your business model and prepare for investor fundraising to scale your business.

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4. Fundraising

You have a commercially viable business offering and you are seeking external investment in order to scale and achieve your next growth milestone.

Tech & Social

Lean Startup

Entrepreneurial Women Lean Startup
A Lean Startup by Women, for Women, industry-agnostic

Bootcamp & Cup
Industry-agnostic workshops and a pitch competition across 4 streams: health sciences, technology, sustainability, and social impact.

X-1 Accelerator
Work Towards Investment Readiness

Mentorship Circle

Fundraising workshops

International Fundraising Tour

Life Sciences

Life Sciences Lean Startup
Taking Innovation out of the Lab

Life Sciences Bootcamp
Additional workshops for health sciences startups.

Life Sciences X-1
Emphasis on industry-specific topics for this stage.

International Fundraising
in Life Sciences


Weston Family Innovation in Sustainability Lean
Innovation to Address Major Global Challenges

Weston Family Sustainability Startup Challenge
Additional workshops for sustainability-driven startups and another pitch competition.

Sustainability Innovation X-1
Emphasis on industry-specific topics for this stage.

International Fundraising Tour
in Sustainability

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