Graduate Coaches

As a Desautels graduate student (MBA, MMA, MMF, MMR), you have access to specialized Career Coaches and Advisors based on your chosen career path.

anne.challard [at] (Anne-Jennifer Challard)

MBA Career Coach

William Chan

william.chan4 [at] (William Chan)

MMA Program Industry Advocate, MMA Coach

Élisabeth Cyr

elisabeth.cyr [at] (Élisabeth Cyr )

Master Career Coach (MMR and MMA)


Danielle Dagenais

danielle.dagenais [at] (Danielle Dagenais)

Consultant / Masters, Finance Stream Advisor, MMF Coach

Zsolt Kekesi

zsolt.kekesi [at] (Zsolt Kekesi)

MBA & PMBA Career Coach

Fiona Macfarlane

fiona.macfarlane [at] (Fiona Macfarlane)

Consultant / Masters Stream Advisor and Business Development


Elaine Pelletier

elaine.pelletier [at] (Elaine Pelletier)

Master Career Coach (MMF and MMA)

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