Finding a job

On-Campus Recruitment (OCR)

Each year, over 100 firms come on campus to recruit students for specific career opportunities. These opportunities can be for summer or permanent employment after graduation.

You can take advantage of On-Campus Recruitment by coming to the annual career fair, company information sessions, and other on-campus events.

Please sign-in to myFuture for a full list of details and to view the calendar.

Career Fair and External Events

Annual Montreal Career Fair - Every mid-September

The Desautels Faculty of Management annual Career Fair provides students with an excellent opportunity to meet with company representatives, gather information, find out about positions and career paths and develop personal contacts that can be critical in your job search.

Business Networking Trips

Depending on your Program of study, annual international and/or domestic trips are planned to help you connect with industry professionals over company visits, panels, and networking sessions.

Information Sessions

As part of Campus Recruitment, some companies will have representatives speak to students about their organization and their recruitment plans. These presentations usually take place in a reception hall, classroom, hotel or lecture theatre.  This is an excellent way for students to get insight on a company’s expectations before applying to a job and to learn more about the organization’s culture, goals and position profiles. Details are available on myFuture.

Online job postings

Career Management posts full-time, part-time and summer jobs on myFuture, the secure section of the Soutar Career Centre's website.  Students can view and apply on-line to jobs; upload documents such as cover letters, resumes and transcripts; view employer profiles; register for events, workshops and info sessions; sign up for interviews; and view announcements and alerts.

Interviews – on and off campus

Once you have applied for a position, you may be contacted by an employer for an interview.  Depending on the employer, your interview may be held either on-campus in one of our interview rooms, or off-campus. Students who are selected for an interview on-campus will be contacted by Career Management to set up the interview or directly by the employer.


The Desautels Faculty of Management has a strong base of alumni around the world who remain in contact with McGill University. These alumni share their career knowledge and experience to Management students, and the students benefit from firsthand knowledge that helps them to make more informed decisions. 

For more information, please consult your Career Advisor.

Negotiating, Accepting and Declining an offer

Once you have received an offer, you want to be sure that the offer is fair. Make an appointment with your Career Advisor to review the offer you have received to determine if it is fair, what some of the items are that you may be able to negotiate and how to make a decision between offers.

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