Career Resources

Career Management offers many different resources to help students conduct research on different industries and careers, market themselves effectively and compete for their target roles in the highly competitive MBA market.

Some of the career resources offered include:

  • myFuture: Career Management portal with detailed information about employers, job postings, upcoming events and workshops.

  • myCourses: Career Management provides students with a wide variety of career-related information and tools via myCourses, McGill’s online learning management system. Resources include workshop slides, industry research, resume and cover letter templates, job search tools, Vault guides, lists of top employers, FAQs, and more.

  • SuccessFinder and CareerLeader self-assessments: all MBA students receive invitations to complete two web-based self-assessment tools that help them identify potential career fits and brand themselves effectively.

  • Prior year internship presentations: Incoming MBAs have access to a database of presentations from previous MBA students about their internships: how they landed them, what they learned, and advice for students who would follow their path.

  • Big Interview: platform to help you practice your online interview skills via recordings that can then be shared directly with your Career Coach for feedback, and/or reviewed by the platform’s real-time AI feedback component. Anything from interview basics, how you come across on-screen, where to look, how you sound, and how to ace common interview questions... benefit from this self-paced, preparatory technology to gain confidence in your interview skills!

  • CaseCoach: MBA students have access to an interactive online training resource that provides a comprehensive approach to case cracking, case interview examples and one-on-one support.

  • DesautelsConnect: With alumni, students, and faculty and staff, the Desautels family is much more than the sum of its parts. DesautelsConnect is an online network through the TenThousandCoffees platform that helps students connect with alumni, share ideas, explore and validate career opportunities, and create new partnerships.

  • Career Intelligence Analytics (CIA): Career Intelligence Analytics (CIA) is the student platform that captures all data, information and insights related to internships and post-graduate employment. Students can contribute to the database by entering information related to their employment search such as interview questions, salary, job data and other career insights. This information is valuable to future students who are searching for relevant information related to a particular industry, role or company. The database is completely confidential and students can browse aggregate information from previous years, peruse interview questions and obtain general salary and job data information which can help them make informed decisions about their future.

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