Preparation and workshops

The MBA economic landscape is highly competitive. Here’s what prospective students can expect when they join Desautels:

Career Advisors and Coaches

The Desautels MBA program has several full-time career coaches. Students are assigned a coach upon commencement of the program and begin working immediately with their coach to develop a clear sense of their strengths and target career path. Coaches continue to work with students over the course of the program, supporting key learnings from the professional development curriculum and providing personalized feedback and encouragement.

Stream Advisors

In addition to their full-time coaches, students have access to externally-focused stream advisors in various functional areas: Corporate Strategy and Consulting, Marketing, Business Analytics/Technology and Finance. Stream advisors spend much of their time engaging with employers to better understand their hiring needs and industry trends. Stream advisors transmit this information back to Desautels Career Management and provide consultations directly with students in order to support their professional preparation and job search strategy.

Professional Development Programming

Desautels Career Management has developed and implemented a comprehensive MBA professional development curriculum comprised of a combination of psychometric assessments, skill-building workshops and online resources, all of which are reinforced and supported by one-to-one coaching.

Curriculum elements include:

  1. Self-awareness and strengths-based psychometric assessments
  2. Industry and functional overviews
  3. Tools and resources for identifying target career paths
  4. Job search process training and resources
  5. Skills-based workshops such as Excel, resume, cover letter, interview preparation, building relationships, personal branding, structured thinking and communication, etc.
  6. Multiple rounds of mock interview practice
  7. Cultural adaptation workshops for international students

In addition to the core curriculum, Career Management offers several voluntary preparation streams including a 5-day Consulting Career Prep Program, a series of interactive business analytics workshops and an Analytics Ambassador program, and a series of specialized finance workshops in collaboration with the highly-regarded Marquee Group.

What makes the Desautels MBA different is that it’s a highly personalized program.

The MBA Career Management team meets on a weekly basis to discuss each student’s progress and how best to support them. That’s why we call ourselves the Desautels family, and that’s an important reason why our students experience such strong success in their internship and career search.

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