Program Transfer and Readmission

If you are currently a student in a bachelor program from a faculty other than Music, and would like to transfer to a Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.), or to add B.Mus. as a second program, you may apply for an inter-faculty transfer.

If you are currently a student in a B.Mus. or Licentiate in Music (L.Mus.) program, and would like to switch to or add another major within the Schulich School of Music, you may submit an intra-faculty transfer request.

If you have not taken any courses in the B.Mus. or L.Mus. program for more than three consecutive semesters and would like to resume the program, you must apply for a program readmission.

Inter-Faculty Transfer

Who should apply?

If you are registered in a degree program at McGill and wish to transfer for the Fall term to the Schulich School of Music, you must fill out the Inter-Faculty Transfer form available in Minerva, as of December 1st. Applicants are required to audition on an instrument, and are asked to indicate their audition preference in the comments section, e.g.: “on campus” or “recorded”.

For audition information (including how to submit a recorded audition) and repertoire, visit our auditions webpage for details. In addition, the following materials must be submitted in support of your application:
*Please note that supporting materials are due by January 15th, except recorded auditions (if applicable) and reference letters, which are due by February 1st.

  • Complete the Music Applicant Additional Information [.pdf] ( [at] (email) to Undergraduate Admissions)
  • PDF icon 2024 Interfaculty Audition Request Form (audition fee to be charged to your student account)
  • Composition applicants: Submit 2 or 3 samples of your compositions (written score). Recordings of those compositions are  welcomed (mp3), if available. You can also provide other “composition-related” works like advanced harmony exercises, arrangements, orchestrations or papers written about composition (analysis, presentations, etc.). Samples must be submitted online through our music upload page. We encourage you to provide a short statement of interest describing yourself and why you would like to study Composition.
  • Music Education applicants: Please arrange to have a teacher or someone who can describe your potential as a music educator email their letter directly to: [at]

Admission is competitive, and students who meet the minimum requirements are not necessarily guaranteed acceptance. Decisions are made by the Schulich School of Music Admissions Committee based on the whole academic record, the audition evaluation, the Statement of Intent, and the availability of places in a particular instrument and/or program. In addition, please submit a Composition Personal Statement: prepare a brief written statement (1-page) or recorded video (max 3-minutes), that covers the following: discuss your musical background and the compositions you have submitted in your portfolio. Your personal statement should be submitted with your composition material (option of written or video).

N.B.: Students wishing to add a second degree (e.g. B.A. and B.MUS.) should indicate their intention to pursue two degrees in the comments section of the Inter-Faculty Transfer application form.

Intra-Faculty Transfer

Students currently registered in an undergraduate program in the Schulich School of Music may apply to transfer to a different program within the same faculty.

The Schulich School of Music considers program transfer requests once a year. Successful applicants will transfer to the desired program in the fall semester of the subsequent year following the audition.

Follow the instructions in the table below according to your program transfer preference.



  • Transfer request from one performance major to another (e.g. from B.Mus. Piano Performance to B.Mus. Jazz Performance – Jazz Piano)
  • Transfer request from a music research program to a performance major (e.g. from B.Mus. Faculty to B.Mus. Performance)
  • Request to add a second performance major (e.g. a current B.Mus. Composition student who wishes to add a second major in performance)
  • Transfer request to B.Mus. Composition or to add this program as a second major.
  • Transfer request to concurrent B.Mus./B.Ed. program
  • Transfer request to B.Mus. Theory, History, Faculty or Faculty Jazz
  • Add any of the above-mentioned programs (aside from concurrent B.Mus./B.Ed.) as a second major

Application Period

January 15 – February 15, 2024

April 15 – June 1, 2024

Application Procedure

  1. Submit an intra-faculty transfer application on Minerva
    Minerva > Student Records Menu > Faculty Transfer/Readmission Menu
  2. Complete the Audition Request Form.
  3. If using your April concentration exam (MUIN 283) for your audition (see below), you must complete the April Concentration Exam Application.

Note: Students who are seeking to transfer to a performance major or to add a second performance major, are required to pass an audition. There is an application fee for the audition, and this fee is subject to change each academic year. The current audition fee rate is found under Schulich School of Music fees on the Student Accounts website.


  1. Submit an intra-faculty transfer application on Minerva
    Minerva > Student Records Menu > Faculty Transfer/Readmission Menu

Audition Period

Students have the options to:

  1. Do the audition either during the official audition period: February 4 – March 9, 2024 (Audition dates by instrument are posted here).


  1. Use the April concentration exam (MUIN 283) as an audition.

In addition to following the application steps mentioned above, students who choose option (2) must also apply for the April concentration exam (MUIN 283) prior to the practical exam application deadline. If you pass the audition using the concentration exam, you do not get an automatic exemption from the first practical exam (e.g. MUIN 282) in the Performance program. This is a decision to be made by the Area Coordinator, upon recommendation of the audition panel.


Audition/Application Materials & Requirements

  1. Performance programs:

The audition repertoire material is the same as for Admissions.

Repertoire detail can be found here.


  1. Composition program:
  • 2 to 3 samples of composition work.
  • Email composition scores to [at] using one of these subject lines: “Intra-faculty program transfer – Composition” or “Add Composition as second major”


Music Education program:

  • A letter of reference from a professor, teacher, or former employer, attesting to your suitability for teaching
  • A letter of intent explaining why you want to become a certified music teacher
  • An interview will be arranged with Prof. Lisa Lorenzino, the Music Education Area Coordinator


Ensure to add your name and student ID on the supporting documents and email [at] (subject: Supporting%20Docs%20for%20Intra-faculty%20transfer%20-%20BMus%2FBEd) with the subject title, “Supporting Docs for Intra-faculty transfer - BMus/BEd”

Decision Times

Communicated by email before mid-May.

Communicated by email before late June.

Program Readmission

Seeking Readmission

  • Students who have been absent from a program for one or more academic term(s) is considered inactive, and therefore unable to register for courses. In order to resume your studies after a period of absence, you are required to submit a readmission request on Minerva.
  • Students who have been approved an official Leave of Absence are exempt from seeking a program readmission when they are ready to resume studies in the subsequent semester or academic year. Students currently on Leave of Absence should email [at] to reinstate the student status so they can register for courses.
  • Students seeking program readmission must be in satisfactory academic standing.
  • Students who are seeking readmission to a performance program, but have not yet completed the performance requirements (such as the practical exams) for the degree/diploma are required to audition. We only accept fall admission for applicants who are required to pass another audition.

Application dates

For all B.Mus. and L.Mus. programs

Those who are not required to audition Those who are required to audition
Winter 2024: Oct 1, 2023 – Dec 15, 2023

*Winter readmission requests from applicants who need to re-audition are not accepted.

Summer 2024: Feb 1, 2024 – April 15, 2024 *Summer readmission requests from applicants who need to re-audition are not accepted.
Fall 2024: March 1, 2024 – Jun 15, 2024 Fall 2024: Dec 1, 2023 – Feb 15, 2024

Application Procedures

  1. Submit a readmission request on Minerva.
    Login to Minerva and select: Students > Student Records Menu > Faculty Transfer and Readmission Menu
  2. State the reasons for your absence from the program under “Student Comments” on the Minerva application form. Supporting documents to validate absence, if applicable, should be emailed to [at] with the subject title, “Program Readmission Request”. In the email, clearly state your full legal name, the semester and program for which you are seeking readmission.
  3. If you are required to audition, you may only apply for fall readmission before the January 15th application deadline. Auditions generally take place in February or March.
    Audition repertoire material is the same as for Admissions, which can be found here.
    An audition fee (see Schulich School of Music fees) will be charged. Our office will email you the audition detail once you have submitted the Minerva application form.
  4. Check the status of your application on a regular basis. A final decision, “Faculty Approved” or “Faculty Refused”, will be entered on Minerva. If your application is approved, you MUST accept or decline the readmission offer on Minerva within two weeks from the date you receive the notification.
    The readmission application will be cancelled if you fail to respond by the deadline. No refund will be issued for the audition fee.
  5. You will receive a Program Audit (PA) detailing the courses remaining for the program after you have accepted the readmission offer.
  6. Once you are reinstated in the program, you may register.
  7. Please note you must clear holds on your records before you can register. The program readmission decision is made independently of the types of holds (e.g. outstanding fees & library fines, invalid immigration documents, etc.) you may carry.
  8. You will be subject to the revised tuition rate at time of readmission. Visit Student Accounts for fee detail.
  9. If you are an international student, please ensure your immigration documents are valid before you resume studies at McGill. Visit legal documents for more information. Contact International Student Services if you need advice on how to extend your study permit and the Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ).

Note: If you have problems logging in Minerva, consult McGill’s IT helpdesk to seek assistance.

Students in Unsatisfactory Standing seeking readmission

  • Students whose CGPA is below a 2.0, and/or have broken the program specific academic requirements, are asked to provide additional information on the Minerva form in support of the readmission request.
  • Applicants follow the same application periods and procedures as those with satisfactory academic standing. See “Application Dates” and “Application Procedures” above.
  • Under “Student Comments” section on the Minerva application form, state the following:
  • Describe the extenuating circumstances which affected your academic performance.
  • Explain how the problems you experienced would be under control or no longer applicable if you were readmitted.
  • Provide a summary of your activities while you were away and indicate whether you studied elsewhere during this time.
  • Provide supporting documents (e.g. doctor's letter, employer's letter, transcripts if you have studied elsewhere during your absence) by email to [at]
  • If your application is approved, you must meet with a Program Advisor before registering. Visit the Advising website to set up an appointment.
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