Doctoral Colloquium (Music Research)

Open to the Public

The Doctoral Colloquium is a weekly lecture series organized by the Department of Music Research at McGill University aimed primarily at providing Ph.D. students with a supportive environment in which to: present their research; engage with peers, guest lecturers and faculty members; seek professional development advice and training.

Students from all programs and disciplines, as well as faculty, staff and the general public, are encouraged to attend.

All Schulich School of Music Ph.D. students are required to attend the series regularly (see Ph.D. program pages for attendance policy details). Ph.D. Students interested in obtaining credit for participation in events not listed below should contact the series coordinator, Prof. Liliana S. Araújo chris.harman [at] (()liliana.araujo [at] (subject: Doctoral%20Colloquium) (email)chris.harman [at] ()) for approval at least one week before the event.

Upcoming Doctoral Colloquium Events

There are currently no events available.

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