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Course Permit / Override Form

*Note: You cannot submit an override form for a course which has “TBA” as instructor, or for courses offered by another faculty other than Music.

Undergraduate McGill Students may use this Course Permit / Override Form to request permission for registration restrictions to be removed for Schulich School of Music courses.

  • This form is valid until the end of the appropriate add/drop period (see Important Dates).

Once permission is granted by all pertinent levels of approval (e.g. Instructor, Department, etc. depending on the type of override being requested), a member of the Student Affairs team will process the override in the system and then inform the student to return to Minerva to complete their registration.

Please note

  1. You must submit accurate information for the semester concerned, course instructor, course number, section and CRN number. If there is no instructor associated for the course on Minerva (e.g. if the instructor is “TBC”), DO NOT submit the override form by choosing a random instructor. Wait until the instructor’s name is published on Minerva before you submit the webform.
  2. Upon submission, the instructor will receive your webform. Therefore, you must ensure all information on the webform is accurate for the instructor to consider your request. Incomplete form will be disregarded.
  3. It is the student’s responsibility to make all record changes by the published dates.

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