Special Guests at Schulich – Fall 2020

The Schulich School of Music virtually welcomes over 100 guests this Fall term! A new record.

Even with classes taking place remotely, we are proud to share that over the course of the Fall Term, over 100 guests will have taken part in remote masterclasses, conversations, and lectures with our community.  

A few of these 100+ guests include: 

  • Andy Williams | Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement 
    (Jazz Area’s Black History Lecture/Discussion Series; September 11) 
  • Nichole Rustin | The world of Charles Mingus Jr 
    (Jazz Area’s Black History Lecture/Discussion Series; September 25) 
  • Chris Lee | A discussion on the NY Times’ article about taking down the audition screen, diversity in symphony orchestras, and how to convince a jury at auditions 
    (Brass Area; September 28) 
  • Nathaniel Huard | Middle Eastern drumming  
    Music Education Area; September 30) 
  • Chris Washburne | Latin jazz 
    (Jazz Area’s Black History Lecture/Discussion Series; October 2) 
  • Roxy Coss | Improvisation 
    (Jazz Area’s Improv Class; October 5) 
  • Alexander Lloyd Blake | The Black Voices Matter Pledge and diversity considerations in programming
    (Choral Area - ReVoice; October 6) 
  • Pavlo Beznosiuk | 1st violin parts in Bach’s orchestral suites 
    (Early Music Area; October 6) 
  • Yoko Suzuki | Geri Allen 
    (Jazz Area’s Black History Lecture/Discussion Series; October 9) 
  • Dylan Robinson | On Listening Positionality 
    (Music Research Colloquium; October 9) 
  • Haley Marie | Money, marketing, social media & an online presence during the time of COVID 
    (Entrepreneurship Area – October 9 and 23) 
  • Karen Donnelly | Auditions expectations, committees, preparation, and repertoire selection 
    (Brass Area; October 12) 
  • Reginald Mobley | Singer’s Perspective: The 21st Century Singer 
    (Choral Area – ReVoice; October 13) 
  • Audrey-Kristel Barbeau | Sequencing, Integration, and Assessment 
    (Music Education Area; October 15) 
  • Barbara Hannigan | A discussion on singing, conducting, and the Momentum initiative 
    (Voice Area; October 16) 
  • László Rózsa | Social interaction in Italian 17th-century music 
    (Early Music Area; October 15) 
  • Chi-chi Nwanoku | The Chineke Foundation 
    (Strings Area; October 16 and November 8) 
  • Christie Sommer | Sports performance in relation to musicians 
    (Music as a Profession Course; October 19) 
  • Dina Cindrić | Balkan folk singing  
    (Music Education Area; October 21) 
  • Paula Chateauneuf | 17th-century Performance Ethos, Ornamentation, Embellishment, and Sprezzatura 
    (Early Music Area; October 22) 
  • Esteli Gomez | Navigating the Lifestyle of the Self-Managed Musician 
    (Choral Area – ReVoice; October 27) 
  • Tammy Kernodle | Melba Liston, Alice Coltrane, and Marie Lou Williams 
    (Jazz Area’s Black History Lecture/Discussion Series; September 18 and October 30) 
  • Parmela Attariwala | Equity, Diversity, and Music  
    (Music as a Profession Course; November 2) 
  • Lori-Anne Dolloff | Respectful Collaboration with Indigenous Artists 
    (Choral Area – ReVoice; November 3) 
  • Ric’key Pageot | From McGill to Madonna  
    (Music as a Profession Course; November 9) 
  • Sherrie Tucker | Women in early New Orleans jazz 
    (Jazz Area’s Black History Lecture/Discussion Series; November 13) 
  • Vanessa Codère | How to start your school Band 
    (Music Education Area; November 13) 
  • Phil Ewell |  How We Got Here, Where to Next: Examining Assimilationism in American Music Studies
    (Music Research Colloquium and Theory Grad Student Workshop; November 13) 
  • Ari Agha and Laura Hynes | The Key of T: Exogenous Testosterone and the Transgender Singing Voice
    (Choral Area – ReVoice; November 17) 
  • Bill Lowe | Tradin’ Fours: Jazz and Literature, An American Creative Conversation
    (Jazz Area’s Black History Lecture/Discussion Series; November 20) 
  • Aria Umezawa, Asitha Tennekoon, Marion Newman, and Teiya Kashahara | Amplified Opera 
    (Opera McGill; November 20) 
  • Brad Wells | Reimagining the expressive potential of the human voice 
    (Choral Area – ReVoice; November 24) 
  • Karen Burke | Singing Gospel Music: Technique and Performance Practice
    (Choral Area – ReVoice; December 1) 
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